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    Bunny Man, Ape Men, and the Mysterious Disappearance of Percy Fawcett

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    On tonights Post-Halloween show, I'll be discussing Virginia's urban legend about the murderous Bunny Man, Strange cryptid Ape-men from around the world, and the mysterious disappearance of explorer Percy Fawcett who was searching for the lost city of "Z".

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    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Tabitha Tuders Disappearance

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    Tonight, September 17, 2014, 6:30pm EST, COLD CASE TABITHA TUDERS DISAPPEARANCE

    For the first time I will work a case right on the air to document the case. Tune in Tabitha has been missing since 2009.

    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Numerologist, Radio & TV Personality working on Missing Persons, Doing Charts & Parties For over 30 years. Psychic Fair Promoter, BA Forensic Psychology From State University of New York, www.lindacrystal.com Over 185 Artices Published on Yahoo Voices, Author of 3 Books:  "Who Killed Mandy?" and "Mary Broad" and "Leichia Reilly, Your Family Is Waiting", (Reincarnation. Producer of Calendars, Tapes, all artwork and production.

    Call In Now. Speak with a Professional REAL Astrologer! Linda Crystal

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    The Disappearance of Debt thru HJR-192 and the A4V Process w/Rob Johnson

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    Drowning in debt? All work and no play? Barely keeping your head above water?? Want debt relief NOW? Join us for another 2hr Law Jam Sesh with Master-At-Law, Rob Johnson as he explains the remedy-in-law that all Americans have available and should be informed about, but hardly anyone has ever heard of it. Why? Because the Congress hid it in an obscure House Joint Resolution that became law, providing a guaranteed procedure for debt relief. (HJR-192). Knowing America was quite literally Bankrupted in 1933, these career politicians devised a to cover their own assets, but the best part of the story, the same remedy is available to you and me~!

    Topics to be discussed:

    ~ A4V (Accepted For Value) Does it really work?

    ~Liability and Remedy Maxim

    ~Remedy for Debt: House Joint Resolution 192 and Executive Order 6102

    ~ Your SS# is Your Proof of Exemption from Levy

    ~What is Legal Tender

    ~ What are Promissory Notes

    ~ What are Negotiable Instruments

    ~ What is Protest for Non-Acceptance

    ~ Why or Why not become a "Secured Party Creditor"?

    ~ How Your Wet-Ink Signature Creates Real and Substantial Value

    ~ Prepayment to Americans

    ~Accessing Treasury Direct Accounts

    ~Abusing the Process and Criminal Intent

    ~ A4V: How it is done precisely

    Please share this episode with all your amazing friends:

    The Disappearance of Debt thru HJR-192 and the A4V Process w/Rob Johnson


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    Sui Juris- Law for Beginners (https://www.facebook.com/groups/suijurislaw/308173456034487)


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    The Disappearance of the Universe, with author Gary Renard

    in Spirituality

    The Disappearance of the Universe, with author Gary Renard

    What would you do if you were sitting quietly in your living room when two mysterious strangers appeared from out of nowhere-and then told you they were 'ascended masters' who had come to reveal some shocking secrets of existence and teach you the miraculous powers of advanced forgiveness? Would you call the cops? Call a psychiatrist? Call out for pizza? When two such teachers appeared before Gary Renard in 1992, he chose to listen to them (and ask a lot of questions). The result is this startling book: an extraordinary record of 17 mind bending conversations that took place over nearly a decade, reorienting the author's life and giving the world an uncompromising introduction to a spiritual teaching destined to change human history.

    To purchase Gary's book from Amazon.com, click here

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    Jeff Joseph - Missing Since 6/21/14
    On June 16, Jeff traveled from New Orleans to Los Angeles. His plans were to visit family, travel up to Northern California to his farm, return back to Los Angeles, and then return home to New Orleans on July 1st.
    He arrived in Los Angeles, spent the week in the city, and then left on June 20th to drive up North. He left his uncle's residence mid morning, saying he was going to stop in Arcata to do some business by making a big purchase, then head to the farm. Jeff said he would be back into the city the following week. We have understood that Jeff never made it to the farm. He did not make it back to Los Angeles, and missed his return flight home to New Orleans.
    His cell phone records indicate activity evening of June 20th. There was no activity or internet browsing from midnight that evening through 6am the next day, June 21st. On the morning of 6/21, phone activity began at 6am. There were two phone calls made and two texts were sent. He did some internet browsing and he checked some emails. The calls and texts that morning were to people from out of state, no connections to California, and none of the conversations were out of the ordinary. After 8:10 am there is no cell phone activity. No social networking sites or emails have been accessed since. We are hopeful you can get us more tower information. We have very limited data information about Jeff's last location(s)Jeff's farm is located in Hoopa / Weitchpec area.
      Did Jeff ever arrive at the farm? Did He take a wrong turn and meet up with danger. Since he went missing, there has been no sign of him, his vehicle or belongings. Jeff seems to have just disappeared. JOIN US on SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 at 8 P.M. EST. Jeff's family will be on the air Live to discuss this case, dispell the rumors and set the picture strait. LET'S BRING HIM HOME.

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    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Hannah Graham Disappearance

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    You heard it first here on last week's show that I said there would be breaks in Leo cases including Morgan Harrington. Then I mentioned that there could be a connection to the Morgan Harrington Case and the Hannah Graham Case. This broke Monday, 9/29/2014 that there is in fact a DNA connection.

    Tonight Wednesday October 1st, 2014, 6:30PM EST, we will dicuss the case of Hannah Graham, Virgina Tech Student missing from Charlottesville, Virginia. Join us. Thank you.

    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Numerologist, Radio & TV Personality working on Missing Persons, Doing Charts & Parties For over 30 years. Psychic Fair Promoter, BA Forensic Psychology From State University of New York, www.lindacrystal.com Over 185 Artices Published on Yahoo Voices, Author of 3 Books:  "Who Killed Mandy?" and "Mary Broad" and "Leichia Reilly, Your Family Is Waiting",(Reincarnation. Producer of Calendars, Tapes, all artwork and production.

    Tonight we are looking for Hannah Graham. If you have information, a tip, please call in.


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    Books of Excellence with Author Bonnie Kaye

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    Tonight Bonnie Kaye welcomes guest Michael Williamson who has published the book Secret Betrayal. Willaimson is originally from California, but he currently lives in Montana where he ranches between writing. He is working on his next novel Now is Forever: Indochina which is due out next fall. This will be the first in a series of books on the topic.

    Tonight we will be discussing Secret Betrayal. Here's a summary:

    The desperate act of a young girl, on the cusp of womanhood, to lose herself in the mean streets and cabarets of 1930s Berlin, and years later, the disappearance of a key American general shortly before D-Day in 1944 are links in an ingenious plot to gain the secrets of the Allied invasion.

    Through a series of traumatic events Reichsletter Martin Bormann, the man more than any other that truly ran the German government toward the end of World War II, sets in motion a deadly gambit that ricochets across half the world and gains Bormann possession of the Normandy invasion plans. In the double dealing, back stabbing chaos that was the Nazi inner circle, this climactic information is the currency that will buy Bormann the one thing that he has desired above all others: the right to be the next Fuhrer.

    So unfolds the dynamic pages of Secret Betrayal. This novel is a testament to the redemptive power of love, the evolutionary power of kundalini yoga and the war within a war waged by Reichsletter Martin Bormann and Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler for the mind of and influence over Adolf Hitler.

    This show is a program for independent authors. It was created for the authors in the Books of Excellence Coop found at www.BooksofExcellence.com; however the show welcomes independent authors and entertainers as time permits

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    ArrowTalk Podcast - Episode 57 - S3 Ep 10 LEFT BEHIND

    in Television

    THE TEAM DEALS WITH OLIVER’S DISAPPEARANCE — In the aftermath of Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) fight with Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Arsenal (Colton Haynes) continue to protect the city in the Arrow’s absence. However, after three days without hearing from Oliver, they begin to fear the worst may have happened to their friend. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) refuses to believe that Oliver could be dead until Merlyn (John Barrowman) pays the team a surprise visit. Thea (Willa Holland) suspects there is something more behind Oliver’s disappearance and asks Merlyn for a favor. Meanwhile, Ray (Brandon Routh) tests a part of his new suit and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) takes up the mantle of the Black Canary. Glen Winter directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Erik Oleson (#310). Original airdate 1/21/2015.

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    Program Summary date: Jan. 19, 2015 Hear Rep. Bill Otto and "the Lineball Sisters" discuss all manner of Kansas smalltown life in the second hour after these news stories.

    Counterspin (30 min.) Produced by FAIR.

    Description: This week on CounterSpin: Coverage of the recent state visit from Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto didn't avoid mention of violence in Mexico, including the disappearance of 43 student teachers in September. But the explanations of that violence (and of the US relationship to it) hid more than they revealed. We'll talk with Laura Carlsen from the Americas Program and the Center for International Policy about the desaparacidos and the nature of violence in Mexico.

    Also on the show: Before the movie even opened, there were high-profile criticisms of the movie Selma, particularly around the well-received film's depiction of Lyndon Johnson.

    Free Speech Radio News (30 min.)

    As many as two thousand feared dead after Boko Haram attack on Nigerian town

    Cross-border Boko Haram attacks displace students in Cameroon’s Far North Region

    Senate set to pass Keystone XL bill; Obama vows to veto

    Previously defeated cyber-surveillance bill is back before Congress

    New York City to reform policies on solitary confinement for prisoners

    Gaza engineer has a plan for rebuilding homes without scarce cement and steel

    Co-hosted during the second hour with Rep. Bill Otto, formerly of the 9th district, in the Kansas legislature listen in to conversations with "Traditional Republicans" who have lived small town life in Kansas across the generations.

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    My Walk with God Through the Disappearance of My Sister

    in Family

    In light of events that took place yesterday with the search for Kristy Kelley and her being found, I promised this broadcast.  Someone, won't name who, made a comment on Kristy's page "see prayer DOES NOT work".  Well, I'm here to tell you, YES IT DOES!!  This is my testimony.

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    Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, Mark Ysasaga Disappearance

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday April 2, 2014, 6:30pm EST, Mark Ysasaga Disappearance

    Mark Ysasaga Disappeared from Lubbock, Texas June 13, 2012. Mark was 15 years old at the time. His friends were the last people to see him alive. Mark was staying at a friend's house the night he went missing. He was last seen on a Walmart camera shopping with these friends. The friends say Mark left and was walking to his step father's house. However, he never arrived. This is Mark's story. His mother Anna Joins me as my guest to tell you the details of Mark's Disappearance. We need tips to help find Mark. He is just a child. Listen in, maybe you know something. The community is the eyes and ears. Help us find Mark.

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