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    Tara Grinstead Disappearance on WHERE ARE THEY? with Linda Crystal

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday December 2, 2015 on WHERE ARE THEY? with Linda Crystal, 6:30pm EST we will be investigating the Tara Grinstead Disappearance. It has now been 10 long years for the family and Tara is still not found. What happened?  Where is Tara?  Was Tara in her death zone?  Where were her danger zones, signs and directions for that day. What do the charts say?


    There is a $200, 000 reward now for Tara!  This should spark some interest in finding her! This is similar to the reward for Holly Bobo!

    There are answers in her chart and the chart of the day. Tune in for an in depth look at how a person can be found through Forensic Astrology with Linda Crystal.

    Terry Lynn Newcomb, Co-Host, a Hailey Dunn searcher from Texas.

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    Timmothy Pitzen Disappearance, WHERE ARE THEY? with Linda Crystal

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday January 13, 2016 at 6:30pm EST

    In 2011 Amy Pitzen went to her son's elementary school and signed him out early. Timmothy Pitzen was taken to water parks, thre zoo, bought clothes and toys, has been seen on video surveillance last on May 13, 2011. After that he has never been seen or heard from again. Amy Pitzen then went to The Rockford Motel and killed herself by slashing her wrists. She left a note that Timmothy her son was giving to loving people in an effort to keep the son away from her husband who was threatening divorce at the time.

    I have profiled Timmothy's chart and we will discuss what I found on the show. 

    Tune in and listen, his family deserves knowledge of his where abouts. His father and grandmother miss him dearly. Where has Timmothy disappeared to?

    This year 2016 Jupiter moves into the sign of Libra, which Timmothy is and this could help his case. It could help justice for this boy and his family.

    I have also profiled Amy Pitzen and worked on her chart to reveal more about why Amy did this.

    If Timmothy is alive someone could be charged with Custodial Interference as his father has the right to custody under the law.

    I noticed that Amy threw something in the garbage as she entered the grocery store. I also noted how tightly she was hanging on to Timothy every time they were together.

    Timmothy would now be 11 years old. 

    Star Signs 2016 this week for ALL SIGNS

    Celebrity Profile:  Billy Brown, Alaskan Bush People

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    Tammy Leppert Disappearance 1983 on WHERE ARE THEY? with LINDA CRYSTAL

    in Spirituality

    Show for week of November 4th, 2015 has been postponed to November 11th at 6:30pm EST. THANK YOU FOR BEING LOYAL FANS

    Tammy Leppert was an actress, model and appeared in various films Scarface and Springbreak, Video Darlings and Video Wars. Tammy did over 300 Breauty Pageants. On July 6, 1983 she went to meet a boyfriend and was never seen again. However she did tell people that someone wanted to kill her prior to going missing. Tammy was 18 years old.

    Now Linda Crystal, Forensic Astrologist, BA Forensic Psychology  investigates the case. 

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    Ray Gricar Disappearance, WHERE ARE THEY? With Linda Crystal

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday June 3rd, 2015 at 6:30pm EST, RAY GRICAR DISAPPEARANCE on Where Are They with Linda Crystal.

    In 2005 Ray Gricar's red mini cooper was found at an Antiques Mall, his cell phone on the seat. The doors of the Mini Cooper were locked. His laptop was found in the Susquehanna River, the hard drive on the bank. Ray's keys and wallet were missing and so was Ray.

    Ray Gricar was the DA that refused to bring charges against Jerry Sandusky the Penn State Coach that is now a convicted child molester serving time

    Additional profiles for Deborah Deann Poe, missing from Orlando, Florida 1990.

    The Murder of Susan Negersmith, Wildwood 1990.

    Tune in to see what Forensic Astrology and Linda Crystal has to say about that day.

    Co-Host Terrye Lynn Newcomb

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    BITTER REMAINS-Diane Fanning

    in Entertainment

    The bestselling author of Under Cover of the Night recounts Laura Ackerson’s disappearance and murder in North Carolina, the discovery of her remains in Texas, and the aftermath…
    On July 13, 2011, Laura Jean Ackerson of Kinston, North Carolina, went to pick up her two toddler sons. It would be the last time she was seen alive...
    Two weeks later, detectives searching for the missing mother made a gruesome discovery on the shores of Oyster Creek near Richmond, Texas—the dismembered body parts of a young woman whom they were able to identify as Laura Ackerson.
    Laura’s ex, Grant Hayes—the  father of her two sons—and his wife, Amanda, the mother of his newborn daughter, both pointed the finger at each other as the one guilty of murdering Laura, cutting up her body, and then transporting and disposing of the remains.
    This is the hauntingly true story of a devoted mother, a disturbed couple, and how these horrific events came to pass.. BITTER REMAINS-A Custody battle, A Gruesome Crime and the Mother Who Paid the Ultimate Price-Diane Fanning

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    Blessing Circle... clarity through presence and contemplation

    in Women

    Our intentions are pure...

    SImply Grace honors diversity in faith and experience by providing a sacred space of kindness, compassion, love and hope for humanity. The Blessing Circle is a divine interruption, a gentle reminder of the abundant grace present in our lives. Faith is when we close our eyes and open our hearts...to be vulnerable, to surrender, to trust as we lean back into the arms of grace and God.

    Welcome Simply Grace Founders Mikki Lessard and Nancy Feth...

    Clarity can sometimes be elusive.  In one moment we feel we attain it, only to notice its disappearance in another. What if we were able to embrace the non-permanence of our mortal experience and step into the eternal nature of our divine self?  How might life be different? Today we will contemplate the nature of presence, divine love... in the present moment.  Take a few moments to notice the mystery of grace showing up in life... embracing, loving and guiding, moment by moment.

    The moment faith becomes a reality in our vision, we begin to see the invisible, believe the impossible, and do the incredible...breathing grace into our hearts and our very being. Grace is the light, the love, the hope, the faith that fills each of our souls with peace. Moment by moment notice the extraordinary, life is a beautiful wonder...feel its divine miracle.  This is Simply Grace...

    Simply Grace Community
    Simply Grace

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    The Italian Voice Radio Show!

    in Current Events

    I Wanted to Do a Broadcast for a Friend that is Missing Since May 2015 Karen Bosta here is the Link http://studio.stupeflix.com/v/9uQiP9QBPtLq/?autoplay=1 Check that out and Spread it Around The Web including Facebook Make it Public and Keep it Going till she is Located,It's Extremely Important That She is Found,So i will do a show for a half hour and hopfully it helps out and someone can maybe give some info to The Police that is involved with This Investigation,http://www.ncmissingpersons.org/karen-rae-bosta/

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    2016 Jobs For All Signs, How To Find, Where To Get Them! Where Is Noah?

    in Spirituality

    Wednesday, January 20th,2016 at 6:30pm EST.  JOBS For ALL SIGNS 2016. Where are The Jobs, How to Find Them, What Jobs Are in your Charts for 2016!

    BREAKING NEWS, NOAH CHAMBERLIN DISAPPEARANCE, Pinson, Tennesee. Missing January 14, 2016 while hiking with his grandmother and 4 year old sister. Profile Tonight!

    We will go through all the signs and see what the lucky spots are for you, the directions they may be in and any other clues that will help you find jobs. People need work and jobs to survive. There are at least 2 directions for all of that will be lucky in finding jobs. Not to mention that you also have opportunities locked in your original charts that you should explore!

    While Mercury is retrograde  right now, it is the time to do research behind the scenes, build a plan of attack and go after it.I will also give suggestions on how to get these jobs.

    Tune in and see how this can help you locate work, jobs that lead to money in your life. Don't miss this episode.


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    We talk with author James Renner

    in Books

    Renner is the author of The Serial Killer's Apprentice and several other works of nonfiction. His true crime stories have appeared in The Best American Crime Writing anthology, as well the Cleveland Scene and Cracked.com. His method of using social media to solve cold cases was the subject of a CNN profile, in 2015.

    The Great Forgetting (2015 Sarah Crichton Books)

    In The Man from Primrose Lane, James Renner fused time travel with serial-killer thrillers, resulting in what the Associated Press called "a superbly crazy and imaginative story." Now, in The Great Forgetting, he blends science fiction and conspiracy thrillers with a touch of pure fantasy, and the result is just as crazy and imaginative.

    Follow him on Twitter

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    in Politics

    With the disappearance of Black History classes in our schools today, on the elementary education through higher education. I have said our children will be at a loss as to who they really are. The only person who has listened to me on this subject is Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz, who has constructed an on line University of Black studies. As a people we are quick to look for problems but not provide real Solutions for this problems.  The key to our freedom is Education and economic growth through our own promoting our own businesses. Therefore I set forth this Proposal to the BLACK PEOPLE OF AMERICA: I put forth this proposal to the UNITED NEGRO College Fund , all Fellowships and Grants be diverted in part from schools that are not traditionally Historically Black Colleges and the remaining asserts be donated to the efforts of developing this University.  For the benefit of all of our future Generations the development and staffing of this online University will be developed in the best interest of our Youth.
    Our Core curriculum will be unmatched by any other Scholastic Organization thus far created by our predecessors.
    On reflecting the cost of our efforts shall be for the first four years $150,000.00 per year including cost of site setup  operations and maintenance, machines, administration, and staff.  Student tuition will be used to further insure certificate and degree programs, for future generations.
    The following pages give our investors a full view of what guidelines we must follow in order to become a school of higher learning with Accreditation  approved by the Secretary of Education and the Ministry of Education. 
    The University of Black African and Ethnic Studies, Shabazz, will prepare our student for employment in the international community.  Allowing our graduates to live not only in America but to be able to relocate in any country and have a career of substantial means. 

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    Kathleen Durst Disappearance, Linda Crystal Forensic Astrology

    in Current Events

    "The Jinx" is now playing on HBO, featuring Robert Durst the heir to the Seymour Durst Fortune. Years ago I did a profile on Kathleen Durst , Robert Durst's wife. I have the original notes and will be discussing her disappearance from 1982. Along with new approaches that I learned during the time period that Kathy has been missing like maps, locations, death and danger zones and the number of the day. WHAT HAPPENED TO KATHY DURST? What happened to Robert Durst's mother? Charts reveal these myasteries very clearly.

    I will reveal the mystery behind Robert Durst and some of the things he said during the interviews with the producers of The Jinx. Why some of the things he said are so important.

    I have also told you that souls recycle and come back to their families and I believe we may be seeing this in the McCormack Family as proof. Listen in and see what I am talking about Wednesday March 18, 2015 at 6:30pm EST. You will be fascinated in the information.