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    The Madhouse Radio Network **LaLa's Big 35th B-Day R-O-A-S-T Special!!**

    in Entertainment

    Tonight ladies and gents....join Donnie Mnemonic, CD aka Crazy Dirk, Crispy Creame, E-Saint (POSSIBLY), and our "GUEST OF HONOR" LaLa........as we not only celebrate her 35th birthday LIVE......but ROAST her Wal-Mart Roasted Chicken built ass!!!! LMFAO!!!! See.....I am getting started already!!! Also, there will be a couple of suprises up our sleeves...JUST FOR HER!!! You don't want to miss out on the LIVE Roasting action!!! Happy Birthday..LaLa!!! YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! LOL!!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of the Madhouse Radio Network!!!

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    7th Episode of the U.P. Schlock Show: Barbara Shelley & Ingrid Pitt

    in Film

    It's still Scream Queen Week at U.P. Schlock and tonight the Shrieking Ghoul will be talking about two famous ladies of horror: Barbara Shelley and Ingrid Pitt. The first part of the episode is dedicated to Shelley and the second part is dedicated to Pitt. During the episode the Shrieking Ghoul will be talking about their fims, some fun tidbits, and more about what is going to happen for next week's show. So join the Shrieking Ghoul at 10 p.m. central time for the show and every Saturday at that time to hear some classic horror trivia!

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *BUSTED "Yotashiko A. Outlaw EXPOSED" with host CD*

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    **WORLD PREMIERE** Tonight...The Madhouse Radio Network premieres a NEW hot show entitled "BUSTED"...in which people will be exposed for the LIARS....FAKES....SNAKES....and STUNNERS....THAT THEY INDEED ARE!!! The 1st host for tonight's festivities will be none other than Madhouse Radio Network Co-Founder himself.....CD aka Crazy Dirk!! He will be exposing his ex girlfriend Yotashiko Tay A Outlaw and OOOOOO WEEEEE.......NOTHING WILL BE OFF LIMITS OR HELD BACK!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of the Madhouse Radio Network!!!

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    The Madhouse Radio Network "PUT DAT ASS ON BLAST!! *OMG..Bitch is You Stupid*"

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    Ladies and Gents!!! Tonight marks the return of an all out....fuck yo feelins....just don't give a shit...type of program that we like to entitle....PUT DAT ASS ON BLAST!!! THE "OMG.....BITCH IS YOU STUPID!!" EDITION. Tonight's broadcast will be lead by none other than CD aka Crazy Dirk...along with the rest of the crew. CD and the crew, plans on letting "SOMEBODY" or "SOME PEOPLE" have it!! Strongly suggest that you all tune in and listen to the fireworks fly!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of the Madhouse Radio Network!!

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    American Daily Review: Texas Declares War On Baby-Killers

    in Politics Conservative

    Another Barack Obama Potemkin "invasion" of Iraq; D-Day: 71 years (and one week) later; 28 years (and a day) after "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"; Josh Duggar, no relation to Dirk Diggler?; Barack Obama brings us Border Crisis: The Sequel; John Kasich as Jon Huntsman, Jeb Bush is confused, Ben Carson is imploding, Blacks attack Hillary Clinton, and behold, the first biker president; The Atlantic Coast Pipeline following in the exiling footsteps of Keystone XL?; The evil of "transgenderism," the chaos of sodomarriage, and the courage of North Carolina; Cleveland repeals the Fifth Amendment, Marilyn Mosby goes Homer Simpson, and the Baltimore PD says, "We told you so"; The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy returns - just ask Bill Clinton; California's anthropogenic drought; Get ready for the "utopian" Obamavilles that the old Soviety Union made famous; ChiComm hack attack the long feared "Cyber Pearl Harbor"; Net neutrality is heeeeeeeeere; Obama's Trade Promotion Authority bill goes down in flames - at the hands of House Democrats; Democrats vow to shut down the government (again); and the beginning of the ObamaCare "death spiral".

    Then, in hour number three of the Saturday Afternoon Extravaganza on Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM (4PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific):

    Pamela Geller plants a hundred Garlands in St. Louis; The fall of al Qaeda is the rise of ISIS, and neither Barack Obama nor Rand Paul will fight either one; Iran reneges on another "preliminary" nuclear agreement while the Israelis are forced to peek through the keyhole; NATO members refusing to fight while the TSA is hiring dozens of jihadists; and Texas moves to shut down all abortuaries.

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    Loco That's Entertainment Rundown June 12th 2015

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    Welcome to another edition of Loco That's Entertainment Rundown, This week Miley Cyrus has a pig or took a picture with one states she is not a boy or a girl. Kanye has a birthday. Brad Pitt does Netflix, Raven is joins The View, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have Bad blood or crazy white girl syndrome. Amy Schumer says he is 160 pounds but can get any penis she wants. All this and more on the Loco That Entertainment Rundown. 

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *Bye Felicia "No More Games ALLOWED!!!"*

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    Ever been treated unfairly by the opposite sex??....Stood Up, Looked Down On, Passed Judgement On, Skipped Over, Got Head Games Played With You, etc....??? Well....tonight on the program....The fellas will be sharing horror stories on real life experiences with trying to find true love and demanding answers!!! Donnie Mnemonic, CD aka Crazy Dirk, and Crispy Creame will NOT be holding anything back and nor will they be bitting their tounge. They will be keeping it real and if you don't like what they have to say......then you are obviously GUILTY of playing head games and claiming that you know what you want...when all the while.....YOU REALLY DON'T!!! If the shoe fits......WEAR THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! BYE FELICIA!!! NO MORE GAMES ALLOWED!!! NO feelings will be spared tonight!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The Madhouse Radio Network!!!!

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    The Madhouse Radio Network *100% RAW "W.T.F"

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    Ladies and gents of internet radio land!!! A lot has been going on since the show has been on a much needed break....that will make your mouths drop and have you like "W....T....F"!!!! Tonight....CD aka Crazy Dirk and Donnie Mnemonic are BACK!!! The fellas will be breaking down all of the latest and crazy things that have been going on ranging from the stupid all the way up to the McKinney, Texas situation. You will want to listen. Its going to be MAD!!! Enjoy the show and Welcome Inside of The Madhouse!!! 

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    Happy Birthday, Angelina Jolie, Joyce Meyer and Beverly Nadler

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    Let us celebrate the birthdays today of Angelina Jolie, Joyce Meyer and Beverly Nadler. These three extraordinary people have a lot in common. Joyce Meyer is a charismatic Pastor, speaker and author. She is the Founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries.  Her net worth is $25 million.

    Angelina is an award winning actress, one of the most popular film stars in the world. She is married to Brad Pitt and her net worth is $425 million.

    Beverly Nadler is an extraordinary writer, poet, speaker and Health Guru.  Her net worth is incalculable because you can not place a value on the countless lives she impacted with her wisdom and advice to make people healthier and to live longer lives.

    We will hear from Celebrity Psychic, Peter Marks about the significance of June 4th.

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    Byron Mann Interview

    in Entertainment

    Actor Byron Mann talks with us about his role in the upcoming 5th and final season of AMC's Hell on Wheels.

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    Graphic Policy Radio Talks Mad Max: Fury Road

    in Pop Culture

    This Monday Graphic Policy Radio goes to the movies to discuss George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. 30 years have passed since the last Mad Max movie, but Miller has returned to his apocalyptic world with new leads, in one hell of a movie. Joining us to discuss the film are Steven Attewell and Dirk Lester.

    On the show we're excited to discuss not just the visual extravaganza, and practical fx, but also what the film has to say about women in action movies, its handling of sexism and slavery, and the global climate apocalypse.

    Steve Attewell – A political & union activist, Steve holds a PhD in History from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the founder and writer of Race for the Iron Throne as well as The Realignment Project
    Dirk Lester - The world’s 3RD deadliest #ComicbBook geek, film fanatic, political junkie, music nerd, #digital sherpa, #HumanRights activist – and yeah, it is all connected. You can see what Dirk has to say about the film here.

    So listen in and Tweet us your thoughts about the film to @graphicpolicy