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    Flashback Tulsa and The No Mas Nation

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    ***Join B*tchy Mitchy and his partner Krip on Monday at 6:30PM Central***
    Do you long for yesteryear? Can you remember your first date? What about the music back when you were first driving your parents station wagon up and down the "Restless Ribbon"? Or was TV your gig? Do you remember those shows from the 60's, 70's and 80's? Gunsmoke, Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show and so many more. Great rock, country and blues music blasted from the 8-Track players. The sounds of Motown and folk music filled the airwaves along with rock and tear jerker country western. The sounds all come alive again as we reminisce with our special guest "Joe Radio Riddle". Joe has been on Tulsa radio for a few decades and worked in production, sales and just about everything else. He also has his own social media fan pages and he is going to take us back to a simpler place and time.
    Join Joe, Mitch and Krip as they cruise the "Restless Ribbon" once again on Monday night beginning at 6:30PM central. Call 888-409-6298 if you have any questions or comments.
    Later in the show, they topic will turn to "sequester" and the fur will surely fly and the madhouse escapees are turning the guns onto the dufus dingleberrys who are running this country into the ground. This is not a donkey versus and elephant type of sabre rattling but rather (as Mad Mike likes to say...). "The Status Quo - Has Got To Go"
    Join the "Men From Mayhem" as they "Navigate The Ocean of Krap" and "Attack Political Correctness One Byte At a Time". Click the link or follow the social media chatter on Twitter (@crippledshark) or Facebook (No Mas Nation).
    Whatever you do, don't miss out on the fun and the frenzy!
    Rumor is B*tchy Mitchy is working on his next "No Apologies Tour"

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    Open Stance...After hours

    in Sports

    -Tom contemplates divorce from the Mets -Johnny Damon going to Japan? -Aroldis Chapman another trophy arm for Dusty Bakers mantle -NFL Picks (What games Mike will wager and lose on this week) -Brand New "What Am I an Asshole?" w/Theo Epstein -Avatar in 3D IMAX review