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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has "Re-Appeared" in St. Petersburg Russia looking a little weak and loss of weight, but he puts the Russian Navy on "High Alert". Also Russia starts a nationwide show of force all across Russia as United States Army is sending armored convoy 1,100 miles through Europe to off set Russia aggression in Ukraine. Also President Obama has confired that a 2-state solution is still the commitment in negotiations with Sec. of State John F. Kerry. Also Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may loose the election tomorrow in Israel making room for a new left wing leader Issac Likud. Also according to the Temple Institute has finished the "Brazen Alter" that would be used for scrificial services if the Third Temple is built. Also Cyclone Pam destroys Vanuatu leaving dozens dead and total destruction of the Island Nation. Also over 1 million protestors take to the streets to protest President Dilma Rousseff and the failing economy in Brazil. Also another train crash in Louisville Kentucky leaves 2 dead. Also more Solar Flares erupt on the Sun and a new "Crater" number 7 opens up in Russia. Also California's water supply is headed for collapse in one year. All these current events and much more including bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

  • 2014 Women Headliners- Year in Review

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    2014 was the Year of the Woman, whether the increase of women making the billionaires list to women CEO's to women in politics, women were frequently dominating headlines this past year.  Do you know all of these powerhouse women and their stories?  From Chancellor Angela Merkel, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil to richest woman in the world Christy Walton with $36 Billion and Liliane Bettancourt with her $34 Billion. Then there are the other notable headliners from entrepreneurs such as Tory Burch to Elizabeth Holmes, the youngest female billionaire under 30. We can't forget the women in business from Mary Barra, Meg Whitman, Ginni Rometty, Marissa Mayer, the women of Alibaba and women in sports and entertainment.  It's a full show with powerhouse women names to keep you motivated and informed for the new year.  

    Tune into our first news show for 2015 as we examine the women headliners of 2014, those we lost, and those we plan to watch for the new year.  Download our mobile app on www.ewnradionetwork.com/power-lunch and listen On Demand!  



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    Monday Morning Quarterback 06 October 2014

    in Politics

    The Monday Morning Quarterback is a person who passes judgement on and criticizes something after the event (the Oxford Dictionary).
    We take a look at the Sunday talk shows and much more.

    El lunes por la mañana El mariscal de campo es una persona que juzga y critica algo después del evento (el Diccionario Oxford).
    Echamos un vistazo a los programas dominicales y mucho más.

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    Women Entrepreneurs: Co-Working for Innovation

    in Entrepreneur

    Tune into this week's women headliners:  from the 4th most powerful woman in the world, President Dilma Roussef to Madeleine Albright's Twitter smackdown, the "Ebola Nurse" and support for Brittany Maynard and her Death with Dignity case.  The woman powerhouse interview of the week is for woman entrepreneurs, who are growing at record pace.  Meet the Founder of Hera Hub - Felena Hanson, who invented a franchise co-working space designed specifically for female entpreneurs in a spa-like setting.  Sound too good to be true?  It is and it works.  Tune into hear how Hera Hub small business owners are networking and collaborating more given the community of like-minded women such as themselves.  Felena Hanson is a notable headliner and has been featured in New York Times, Entrepreneur, Inc., Success and over a dozen entrepreneur segments with her innovative business model.  Don't miss Felena's success and Hera Hub's franchise model.  Download our mobile app to listen on the go!  

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    Mothers Who Head Countries

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about Mother’s Day and looks at several countries headed by mothers.

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    The Heartache of dealing with the Child Support System

    in Politics

    My guest, Attorney Denise Allen from Denise Allen Attorney at Law Office practice in the area of Family law which includes divorce, child support and other family related matters will give information and help to ease the pain of dealing with your Child Support issues. 

    A heartfelt dilma crippling Men in every race. Just because a man pays his support, and may even be paid up-to-date, there is no guarantee that they will be able to see their children for whom the support is being paid. In other words, when one buys a car, pays for a bag of groceries, or buys a house, you can see what you are getting, and where the money is going. While there are laws on the books mandating visitation rights in many states, those rights are seldom enforced by the courts--without a lot of expenses having to be paid by those already 'on the hook' for child support. America's child support system has been called by many: 'The modern-day resurrection of the debtor’s prison system.' Dozens have been jailed or imprisoned--for anywhere from six months to three years or more--over this type of debt, and have had FELONY convictions tacked upon their records. With an already tight economy, just try to apply for a job with a felony conviction on your record. More than a few attorneys have remarked: 'A murderer has more rights than one who is behind in his, or her child support.' More than a few new spouses have watched their spouses have to run back to court and wrestle with financial obligations from a previous failed marriages and relationships.

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    O Patriota: Sobre o Discurso da Dilma e Dez Motivos para Apoiar Bolsonaro.

    in Politics Conservative

    Nesse programa, irei comentar o discurso do Dia dos Trabalhadores da presidanta Dilma. Também irei dar motivos para apoiar a candidatura de Jair Bolsonaro para a presidência do Brasil.

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    The News in Ten 17 September 2013

    in Politics

    The News in Ten is an International news programme from Bostonred
    On the eve of the second anniversary of the Occupy movement, two video activists, have released a 10 minute short film providing perhaps the most detailed civilian account to date of the NYPD’s process of crowd dispersion during mass mobilizations. The video, shot on September 17th, 2012, during Occupy Wall Street’s first anniversary celebration action, details 10 arrests that took place over the span of 87 minutes. While at first glance many of the individual arrests appear to be arbitrary, careful analysis from the videographers illustrates a larger picture wherein the NYPD’s actions are calculated and designed to derail the protestors ability to effectively assemble.

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    The News in Ten 02 September 2013

    in Politics

    The News in Ten is an International news programme from Bostonred
    Notre envoyé spécial à Damas Georges Malbrunot a interviewé en exclusivité mondiale le président syrien Bachar el-Assad. Retrouvez ici des extraits de cet entretien.  

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    The News in Ten 24 September 2013

    in Politics

    The News in Ten is an International news programme from Bostonred
    Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff opened the U.N. General Assembly's general debate in New York Tuesday with a speech condemning a “global network of electronic espionage” -- a reference to recent allegations that the U.S. National Security Agency had intercepted her communications, hacked into the state-owned Petrobras oil company's network and spied on Brazilians over Facebook and Google.

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    Worldmeets.US Radio News: War Fever Edition

    in Politics

    Tune in at 11:00pm EST with your host, Managing Editor William Kern, as we examine the machinations surrounding a planned U.S. attack on Syria from the Syrians, British, Russians, Iranians and French, and continuing revelations about the mass surveillance being conducted by the United States - most notably from Brazil, where President Dilma Rousseff is considering canceling her state visit to the United States next month, after documents revealed by Edward Snowden showed that e-mails, texts and other communications between her and her aides had been spied upon.
    Worldmeets.US is a non-profit media project aimed at better educating the American people and creating relationships between Americans and people from other nations.