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    KiwK Dying with Dignity

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    Today's show is a tough one, as I have a very special guest on the show to discuss her feelings about the controversial Death with Dignity program offered by Oregon as an option to terminal patients with 6months to live or less. It is a lethal dose of barbituates self administered by the patient who is looking die when THEY say, around the people THEY choose and without the pain they most certainly would face, otherwise. My guest, a close personal friend, is the widow of a man who had the same disease Brittany Maynard had, only unlike Brittany Maynard, her husband did not have that option. We will take a very emotional and painful look at the weeks leading up to and the day of her husband's death.


    I will take calls, even if you oppose Death with Dignity. HOWEVER, you better be respectful or your off air, no warning given.


    Thank you for listening.



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    Death with Dignity Movement – A Catholic response

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    True death with dignity is trusting in our Lord God that He is seeing to the perfect timing of our personal death. We find dignity in God’s will. Nowhere else!

    I’m afraid the so-called “death with dignity” movement has the potential to become a rapidly growing problem. We Christians and all those who wish to follow the truth of Jesus and His Church or even just the truth of natural law have a duty to do all we can to bring the light of truth to the culture on this vital life issue.

     Jesus literally put the death we fear so much to death so we can be happy with Him forever. Nothing good comes from trying to take shortcuts form the cross. 

    Our heavenly Father is bringing a great good out of our pain and suffering when we unite it to Jesus on the cross.

    As very horrible as it was I thank God for my cancer. It was a gift like no other gift that had the efficacy of bringing me closer to God than I ever would have any other way. It also brought my family closer to God. And there is no price too high to grow in union with God. I can frankly say that I would not trade my cancer journey for anything.


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    Dying with Dignity (with Wanda Morris)

    in Education

    Support our sponsor:  http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist

    This week's special guest is Wanda Morris, CEO of the organization, "Dying with Dignity." 

    Wanda has been on the front lines of the Right to Die Movement in Canada for many years, educating the public, challenging government officials and fighting for patients' rights regarding end-of-life choices.

    In this podcast, we explore death, the fear of death, and the question of how humanity should approach life, death, suffering, compassion and dignity.






    Speech at IMAGINE NO RELIGION 4:  http://youtu.be/M3-6BIMkjRA

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    Thriving With Dignity

    in Spirituality

    How do we move beyond survival and enjoy thriving, and do it with dignity?

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    DIVORCING WITH DIGNITY with Amber Rogers.

    in Self Help

    Thursday, July 10, 2014 @ 1pm (CST) Healthy Mind & Body radio is pleased to present DIVORCING WITH DIGNITY with Amber Rogers. While divorce is a painful transition, it does not have to lead to suffering.

    Amber Rodgers () teaches sales and entrepreneurship. She is the C.E.O. and Founder of D.I.V.A.S (Divorcing Independent Very Able Survivors,) an educational support organization. She has built several successful businesses including as a top producer for Re/Max for 8 years. As a Speaker/Author she has been featured on FOX, CBS, and NBC television, USA Today, About.com, Biz Link, Digital Journal, and many more.

    Amber’s website - http://www.divastogether.com/

    Speaker Coop - http://speakercoop.com/amber-rodgers

    FaceBook - www.facebook.com/divastogether

    I look forward to talking to Amber about this topic to discover what insights she can share with you.

    If you have questions for the guest – 818-668-5406

    Leave a voicemail question – 214-702-3774
    send an email question – drm@drmichaelharris.com

    Talk to you then,


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    THE REAL DELIA (Smith) - Brittany Maynard/Death With Dignity

    in Radio

    On November 1, 2014 29 y.o. brain cancer patient, Brittany Maynard, ended her life. She took advantage of the Death With Dignity Law in Oregon to end her life on her terms. Her action was reported in media including People.com and on NPR. There is lots of controversy ever since Dr. Jack Kevorkian assisted terminally ill patients many years ago. Today we will be discussing Ms. Maynard's case specifically and Oregon's law as well as the reaction to her death. 


    Part two of the show we will be doing the first in our new 3 part segment: Getting To Know You. . . .Today, the newest member of The Real Delia Show, Lady Tee, will join me in interviewing co-host extraordinaire Mr. DLW . . . . AKA Darkwing. . . . AKA Darryl L Williams. 

    Lady Cab Driver takes the turns and spills on the conversation road, to take lights of green and yellow on the TALK BOULEVARD, yet there is no caution here.  All systems go - and with her co-host, they are ready to explore the open roads of speaking candidly about everything.  347-205-9366, the number to reach out and share the traveling, for there is no telling where your destination will end up.  Are you ready for some game debates and more - right here on the JKN with the REAL DELIA SMITH.  Enough said!

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    Dignity and Healing Part 2

    in Spirituality

    We must have our dignity in order to see our rightful positions. And, when we find our rightful positions we can see things happen that would not otherwise of happened. 

    Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled. (2 Cor. 10:5-6)

    Therefore, strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees. "Make level paths for your feet," so that the lame may not be disabled, but rather healed. (Hebrews 12:12-13

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    The Church and Assisted Suicide: Does one have the Right to Die with Dignity?

    in Christianity

     Recently, 29 year old Brittany Maynard, who went on social media discussing her plans to end her own life because of her terminal illness, reopened the discussion of assisted suicide. Several years ago, some evangelical clergy and politicians fought to keep Terri Schiavo alive on life support for over a decade. Many churches have clear stances on issues regarding life, but there is still some unclarity on where the church stands regarding assisted death. Does the Bible address the issue of assisted death? How should churches approach dying with dignity without creating more fear and distress for individuals and families of those struggling with terminal illness and the desire to die? Join Pastor Neal for this empowering and enlightening topic.

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    Where is Your Dignity?

    in Self Help

    Our world is changing drastically and people seem to have less pride and dignity.  There was once a time when relationships were valued and respected.  Unfortunately, today.... relationships are more like a fashion statement.  One day with this person, the next day with another.  How did we come to a place of no dignity, respect or morals/values?  Could it be because of the shows such as "Love and Hip Hop," "The Bachelorette or Bachelor," or all of the reality shows?  What are some of the wrong messages being sent by these shows?  Are these shows a real view of our world or just entertainment?  What can we do to help the young people and some older people understand that lack of respect or dignity will not produce a healthy or strong Godly relationship?  This will be a live and raw conversation about relationships.  Please be advised if you have young ears listening. Join me and a guest on Thursday, October 16th at 9pm EST as we talk about these issues and how we plan on having a positive change.

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    Honor, Pride and Dignity

    in Family

    Honor, can you say that it is an honor to play the different roles that you play? Do you treat your most important roles as if they are an honor to play?

    Pride, can you say that you take pride in the different roles that you play? Do you treat your most important roles as if you are proud to play them?

    Dignity, can you say that you treat the different roles that you play with dignity? 

    What would your life be like if you treated everything you do as if it were an honor to do it? What would your life be like if you treated everything you do as if you were proud to do it? What would your like be like if you saw the dignity in what you do and who you are?

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    Dignity and Humiliation: Evelin Lindner

    in Self Help

    Don't call Evelin Lindner homeless. Yes, she claims no physical address. The world is her home and, as a global citizen, she is forwarding the message that the key to our collective survival lays in equal dignity for all.  Please join us as as Evelin shares the story about how growing up as a displaced person has inspired her perspective on humiliation, equal dignity and being at home in the human collective.

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