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    Healing Your Digestive Tract Naturally

    in Health

    Learn and discover God's natural remedies and solutions for your digestive health. Think of your digestive tract as your first physical line of defense against autoimmune illness, or any degenerative illness for that matter. From your mouth to your rectal pouch, the lining of your digestive tract is continuous with the skin that covers your body.  If you are suffering from an autoimmune condition, chances are good that your digestive tract is not as healthy as it can be, and that the effects of "leaky gut syndrome" and the formation of antigen-antibody complexes are contributing to your current symptoms.
    How can you know with reasonable certainty that your digestive tract lining is not as healthy as possible? Get the answers you need from the Prophetic Physician. Priceless solutions for your health as the Creator originally intended.

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    Health Liberty Dr Deb ND: Cleanse & Purify Part 2

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    As the colon is cleansed, it pushes undigested waste through your system, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption. If waste remains in the body for too long, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. A clean colon from a colon detox allows undigested waste to pass easily through your system.  The intestinal tract an digestive system serve as the hub of the entire body--all organs, glands, and even our brains, heart, and cells are totally dependent upoin a well functioning digestive system.  God made everything perfect~~  We will cover and discuss the 4 steps to overcoming dis-ease. If an angel came and gave a formula that would cure almost any dis-ease, it would against the law to claim its effectiveness. There is no such thing as a incurable dis-ease!

    Scripture for this teaching:  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2 KJV

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    Herbs Helping Health

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    Herbs are plants used as natural health foods or as alternative medicine. They are used for cleansing, for nutrition and support for certain organs and systems and as natural medicine. 

    Herbs can be consumed raw, with foods, dehydrated and made into tea or powdered in capsules, or made into an herbal extract or an essential oil, individually or as part of an herbal formula. 

    The phytonutrients in herbs have special benefits for improving health. Many of today's nutraceuticals contain herbs, and several common pharmaceuticals were derived initially from herbs. 

    Certain plants provide powerful compounds that can assist the body in correcting imbalances. Cordyceps tones organs and improves stamina. Turmeric has highly beneficial antioxidants, especially curcumin, to counter inflammation by free radicals. Aloe vera is soothing and healing to the skin as well as internal lining tissues such as the digestive tract. St. Johnswort calms the nerves and supports emotional well-being. Larrea tridentata interrupts the action of viruses and other invaders.

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    GAPS - Gut And Psychology Syndrome

    in Religion

    Gut And Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) is about improving the health of your digestive system by healing your gut, replacing harmful bacteria with beneficial bacteria (with probiotics, etc), and getting rid of toxins.  This way of eating is more about healing your damaged digestive system than simply changing what and how you eat.  One great description I found of GAPS is "completely pulling back from all those things that exacerbate our already over-loaded, tired, lethargic, toxin-ridden, out-of-balance and damaged system, so that our gut can truly heal."  Dr Pauline and Catherine discuss this almost mysterious syndrome and what it means for you in a Dunamas life.  


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    - Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?" is now AVAILABLE for purchase on our website!  This book makes a great gift for anyone who has had a baby or for anyone who knows someone who has had a baby.  So...it's a great read for everyone!  Order yours (and a few to give away) TODAY! 


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    Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. An Interview with Reed Davis, CNT

    in Health

    On Monday, April 11, 2016 at 8 PM Eastern, Dr. Jess Armine has the honor of interviewing the founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification Course, Reed Davis, CNT.

    Reed is a Certified Nutritional Therapist whose passion for healing lead him to create a certification course that can be accessed by laypeople as well as professionals. That is, the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Certification Course otherwise known as FDN.

    FDN training teaches functional lab assessments for hormone levels, bone density testing, adrenal function, digestive problems, immune system and detoxification issues and many related health problems. As a result, this health system has created natural protocols that are now known the world over.

    Tune in and learn how Reed became one of the most successful and experienced clinicians in the world today and how he has multiplied his wealth of knowledge with over 2500 trainees in 50 countries.

    Join us for this fascinating interview with the creator of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition!

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    Too blessed to be stressed?

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    I'm sure you have heard the "I'm too blessed to be stressed" quote before.  April is Stress Awareness Month.  Tuesday night we will feature Regina Queen, Stress Management Consultant with In The Flow Wellness and learn about strategies that you can use to help manage acute and chronic stress. Chronic stress can increase your risk of sleep deprivation, weight gain, digestive problems, and last but not lease anxiety and depression. Join Us!

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    HEALTH LIBERTY Dr Deb ND: Cleanse & Purify Thyself

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    The intestinal tract an digestive system serve as the hub of the entire body--all organs, glands, and even our brains, heart, and cells are totally dependent upoin a well functioning digestive system.  God made everything perfect~~  We will cover and discuss the 4 steps to overcoming dis-ease. If an angel came and gave a formula that would cure almost any dis-ease, it would against the law to claim its effectiveness. There is no such thing as a incurable dis-ease!

    Scripture for this teaching:  0 LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. Isaiah 25:1 KJV

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    Special Dr Ellen Cutler and Digestive Enzymes Interview

    in Health

    The First Hour Debby Talks About Homeopathy. The second hour, special guest Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 11:30AM Eastern Time for 45 minutes.
    Dr. Ellen Cutler has great expertise in many fields of health care and is a passionate advocate of natural health and healing. She is the founder and developer of BioSET(Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy), a system of healing that incorporates enzyme therapy with nutritional counseling, detoxification, and the identification and clearing of food and other sensitivities. Dr. Cutler has authored a number of books and articles, and has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous venues. Her latest book, entitled "Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness", provides an overview of the BioSET system, giving a number of case studies to document its effectiveness in a wide range of health problems. She also explains to readers how they can help themselves with proper diet, supplementation, and desensitization. Dr. Cutler continues her clinical work at the BioSET Clinic in the San Francisco Bay Area. Visit Homeopathy World Community to learn about Ellen, links to fecal transplant, bowel nosode, etc. HWC founder, Debby Bruck, homeopath, blogger, radio and video show host will ask your questions and welcomes listener participation via the chat and calling in. So many people have allergies, fatigue, indigestion, burning and gas. Learning about enzymes and other release mechanisms may relieve you of discomfort. 
    Please send in your questions. Share the show on FaceBook & Twitter. Join us on the LIVE CHAT this week! 

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    Making the Commitment to Yourself that Will Save Your Life

    in Self Help

    Shelby Molchan
    "Would You Change to Save Your Life?" (book 9)

    Shelby Molchan is a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and medical intuitive. For the last eight years Shelby has worked in alternative medical clinics performing her specialized Colon Hydrotherapy treatments for degenerative disease patients. Using her intuitive gifts along with her vast and varied knowledge of digestive health, nutrition and detoxification she holistically coaches her clients through the changes necessary to overcome their illnesses.



    Larunce Pipkin and Rich Perry are your hosts and personal coaches for Bankrolling Your Mind!
    Get FREE training for your leadership and team plus watch their webinar at:

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    Vicki Jessop - Acupuncture Center of Southern NH, LLC

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Vicki Jessop of  Acupuncture Center of Southern NH. Acupuncture Center of Southern NH, LLC (formerly Wei Qi Acupuncture, LLC) in Nashua New Hampshire, acupuncturist Vicki Jessop, RN, Lic. Ac. offers an integrative form of medicine for a wide range of issues such as chronic pain, allergies, digestive and reproductive. Experienced as both a Registered Nurse and acupuncturist, Vicki understands and works with both forms of medicine.

    Find out more about the Acupuncture Center of Southern NH by visiting their website at http://bearingneedles.com/

    To learn more about the Friends of Kevin Networking Group go to http://friendsofkevin.com/

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    Dr. Josh Axe: Eat Dirt!

    in Women

    Are you excited about the prospect of eating dirt? Well… according to Dr. Josh Axe, a little down and dirty in our diets is just what our bodies call for.

    Join the nutrition and food expert as he shares the latest scientific research as well as his innovative views on why our guts need a little dirt to make our digestive system healthy and happy.

    If you want to age well, reclaim your vitality and feel great, you won’t want to miss this show!