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    The Digestive System Part III on Herbal Prepper Live!

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    The Digestive System, Part IIl
    The Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
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    This episode wraps up our discussion of the digestive system and herbs that you an stock up on or grow to help you face digestive system illnesses and complaints when modern medical care is not available. We wrap up this three-part series with chronic illnesses, specifically: Crohn’s Disease, Celiac Disease, and stomach ulcers.

    To learn more, tune in to this week’s broadcast of The Herbal Prepper Live, to learn all about antibiotic herbs, various anti-inflammatory diets , such as “Traditional Foods” and GAPS, and nutritional supplementation can help improve “gut health”, why sometimes these diets don’t always work, how to tweak them, and herbal remedies that can help get you through the worst of the symptoms with much more comfort.

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    Understanding Your Digestive System & its Role in Disease Prevention

    in Nutrition

    The proper functioning of you digestive system is critical and vital to optimal wellness. It is the place where 70%-90% of your immune system resides. In this episode, Dr Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, will be discussing how the digestive system works and how to maintain its delicate balance.

    He will be covering questions such as:

    Why cleaning up your diet is important?
    What role does the stomach play in the digestive process?
    What is the difference between bad bacteria and good bacteria?
    Why you should consider a probiotic supplement and how to choose the right one for you?
    What roles do enzymes play in regulating metabolism and how they aid weight management?
    How to eliminate acid reflux and indigestion?
    What foods to avoid and what foods promote good intestinal flora balance?
    ...and many more!

    Join us as we explore and examine new avenues of viewing the 25 feet of your insides and its importance to your well being.

    Meanwhile, head on over to his blog on www.weiserliving.com 


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    How do LifeWave Patches Support A Healthy Digestive System

    in Health

    Are you suffering from constipation and diarrhea and are looking for an alternative to drugs or injections?

    LifeWave Doctors Dr. Karen Kan and Dr. Dennis Lobstein will be discussing how all-natural acupuncture patches - LifeWave patches can be used to relieve pain from digestive issues, and how it can support a healthy digestive system. 





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    Dr. Heather Clark: Your Digestive System and Good Health

    in Health

    Find out about the relationship between your digestive system and maintaining good health. You’ll also learn about the importance of a healthy detoxification system with my guest, Dr. Clark.
    Dr. Heather Clark is a licensed Clinical Pharmacist in Kansas & Missouri. A certified Functional Medicine Specialist, she’s an adrenal fatigue expert with over 15 years of clinical experience.
    Dr Clark is the CEO and Founder of Vibrant.She treats individuals, creates innovative group programs and educates not only about the causes and treatment of adrenal fatigue and damaged stress response systems, but the very real cost to businesses and individuals when those issues remain untreated.
    Her teaching credits include appointments as an Adjunct Professor at University of Missouri-Kansas City College of Pharmacy and she'sappeared on ehealthradio.com. 

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    Life Tree Station: The Human Digestive System

    in Health

    Life Tree Stationtopics will cover a wide range of issues ranging from diabetes, elevate blood pressure, weight management & diet, nutrition, health, exercise, checkups, available resources in the community and more. We believe that many of the problems our community members face is the result of nutrition and/or the lack thereof. We will change habits. We will educate. We will live healthier lives. We will continue to expand.
    1st Half Hour FEATURED GUEST:1st Half Hour FEATURED GUEST: Dee Dee Shaw, Certified Weight Loss Coach & Wellness Counselor, Real People with Real Results. This Week's Topic: The Digestive System: a complex series of organs and glands that processes food. In order to use the food we eat, our body has to break the food down into smaller molecules that it can process; it also has to excrete waste. Contact info: Also http://lifetreestation.myxmstory.com/registerfor how to purchase the amazing nutritional mix, miracle tea and XM3 and for additional information visit www.lifetreestation.com.
    2nd  Half Hour FEATURED GUEST: Continues with Emilio Williams, Call in Guests and Discussions on Honoring Men’s Health Month, recipes, spices and other surprises. Tune in and feel free to send in your topic requests.

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    Melanin in The Digestive System & The Excretory System

    in Culture

    Listen to "The Per Ankh Hour Show Q & A" with Bro. Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (aka Booker T. Coleman) of “Hidden Colors 1 & 2” and Michael Imhotep on The African History Network, Wednesday, June 26th, 10pm-11pm EST for “The Shabaka Stone: Biology: Melanin in The Digestive System & The Excretory System"!!!
    Visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/235026669974477/#
    Bro. Kaba Kamene will broadcast his LIVE Streaming teaching session on http://www.townzonetv.com/channel/view/dr-kaba-kamene-27 from 9pm-10pm EST every Wednesday. The cost is $10 to view his LIVE Broadcast and helps to support him in what he does. We will do Questions & Answers right after his LIVE Streaming broadcast on “The Per Ankh Hour” on The African History Network and it’s FREE to listen to the Internet Radio Show. Call in with your questions at (914) 338-1375. Listen to “The Per Ankh Hour Q&A” with Bro. Kaba Kamene, Wednesdays, 10pm-11pm EST at www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow or by phone LIVE at (914) 338-1375. Archived episodes are also available for you to listen to as well.

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    Dr AE Wilder-Smith - Digestive System

    in Religion

    While the stomach has the need to digest and break down food into its component nutrients, so also the mind is a digestive system designed to break information down into satisfying informative components. As food is flavored by salts and spices for our pleasure in just the right amounts, so also our conversation ought to be seasoned by just the right amount of salt. As Christ told the disciples to not waste a bit of the bread he broke, so also he wastes nothing in our spiritual upbringing. Jesus was perfectly efficient. He cares about efficiency in his creation. Smith explains how the human digestive system is obviously the product of incredibly careful thought and intention. He also explains how the theory of evolution is quite simply wasteful, and inefficient. Wilder shows that where the digestive system is hungry for nutrients, so also the mind is hungry for meaning. 


    Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com and send us a friend request on face book @RemnantXRadio ThePride!

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    Radio Show: Digestion – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [Encore Presentation]

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    What a healthy digestive system looks like
    What happens when digestion goes wrong
    Tips on things you can include with your meals to help your digestion


    We’re talking about the digestive tract today. This is a timely encore presentation in light of the fact that tomorrow is Christmas, and a lot of people are going to be putting a lot of stress on their digestive tract. If you have any kind of health problems at all, you want to make sure your digestion is healthy before you can make any headway on correcting any other conditions.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie as she teaches you how your digestive system works. A healthy digestive system is actually somewhat rare. There are many things that can make your digestion go wrong, between toxins in the environment all the way to the toxins in your food.The quality of your food combines with all of these components to put a burden on your digestive system.

    Conditions such as leaky gut, diabetes, and thyroid issues - these are all symptoms of the things that happen when your digestion is in need of repair.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play in your hormone and skin care health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    The Investigators Report, With Special Guest: Michael Tellinger

    in Spirituality

    In this final edition of 2014, best-selling author and activist Michael Tellinger returns to discuss his latest book: "Ubuntu Contributionism: A Blue Print For Human Prosperity, and Exposing The Global Banking Fraud".

    Michael has shaked the very foundations of our world with his first 3 books (Slave Species Of God, Adam's Calendar, and Temple Of The African Gods).  

    In 2014 Michael has once again shocked the world with a book that is sure to challenge the way we look at our every day lives under a system that was created to enslave.

    We will also take an "in-depth" look at the Ubuntu Movement which Michael has founded, and is trail-blazing this monumental effort across the globe...

  • wealth money show

    in Education

    Byron Dale and Greg Soderberg explains the difference between debt-based money and wealth-based money.  They also explain the consequencs of using a debt-based money system.

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    Holiday and Winter Vitality Secrets

    in Health

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as she shares the secrets to staying well this winter through purposeful self-care.

    The holidays can be marked by festive excitement. They can also overwhelm us. We overextend and overindulge.

    The nourishing of both body and emotions is the epicenter of well being.

    Tune in and learn what you can do to boost your immune system and fight the effects of "Old Man Winter."

    Call into the studio with your questions and /or comments: 347-945-7433.

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