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    Is Juicing good for your Digestion?

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    Geeta has a good friend Sam Bearfoot come over form her Health radio show to give use all a little taste of what juicing can do for your digestion system.

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    Radio Show: Digestion – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly [Encore Presentation]

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    In this show you’ll learn:

    What a healthy digestive system looks like
    What happens when digestion goes wrong
    Tips on things you can include with your meals to help your digestion


    We’re talking about the digestive tract today. This is a timely encore presentation in light of the fact that tomorrow is Christmas, and a lot of people are going to be putting a lot of stress on their digestive tract. If you have any kind of health problems at all, you want to make sure your digestion is healthy before you can make any headway on correcting any other conditions.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie as she teaches you how your digestive system works. A healthy digestive system is actually somewhat rare. There are many things that can make your digestion go wrong, between toxins in the environment all the way to the toxins in your food.The quality of your food combines with all of these components to put a burden on your digestive system.

    Conditions such as leaky gut, diabetes, and thyroid issues - these are all symptoms of the things that happen when your digestion is in need of repair.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play in your hormone and skin care health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    Curtis Harwell Discusses How Digestion Affects Fat Loss or Gain

    in Fitness

    Having a healthy digestive system ensures your weight-loss plan will be successful. To improve your digestion to lose weight, make sure to consume adequate fiber and fluids and increase your physical activity if possible.

    Fiber -- Feel Light and Regular

    Eat more fibrous foods to increase weight loss and prevent constipation. Fiber resists your digestive enzymes, meaning it is not broken down but stays intact as it passes through your digestive tract. As it travels, it forms a gel and absorbs some excess fat, cholesterol and sugar, which is passed through your stool. Only plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seed, beans and legumes provide fiber. Nonstarchy vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, broccoli and eggplant are good low-calorie options for weight loss because they contain only about 25 calories per 1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked.

    Many Nutrients Contribute to Metabolism

    A healthy metabolism is critical for successful weight loss and digestion. Many high-fiber foods are more nutritious than their low-fiber alternatives; whole grains, example, offer more nutrients than refined white grains. High-fiber foods contain more vitamins and minerals important for your metabolism, including B vitamins. This family of vitamins is involved in many metabolic processes, such as the breakdown of food into energy.

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    How To Improve Your Digestion In 5 Steps

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    Today's show is all about digestion - we're going to talk about the connection between good digestion and good health. I'll also share some easy steps you can take to improve your digestion.

    During the show, I'll teach you about foods you should include, foods you should avoid and how to use food to actually heal your digestive tract. 

    I'm also going to share a few other tips that have more to do with the mind/gut connection. We're going to talk about how to improve your mental and emotional health so that your digestion can finally heal as well. 

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    Dr Carri Drzyzga - Improving Digestion

    in Health

    Guest: Dr. Carri Drzyzga, The Functional Medicine Doc 

    Naturopath  ·  Chiropractor  ·  Author  ·  Speaker 

    Functional Medicine Ontario

    Author, Reclaim Your Energy & Feel Normal Again

    Learn how to fix the root cause of your digestive troubles.

    Hosted by The Real Food Revivalist, Erin Chamerlik

    Get Better Wellness, Inc.  www.GetBetterWellness.com  Brentwood, TN

    As the Real Food Revivalist, I believe that many of the "modern" diseases of our society are the result of factors that we can influence or control. On this show we talk about real food for real life. How to make changes that matter. It is time to get back to an ancestral way of eating and stop taking our nutrition advice from those who are not science-based. 

    One-on-one consultations provided local and long distance, in person or via the telephone or internet.

    My plan will help you uncover hidden food sensitivities, detect candida overgrowth, dysbiosis, and leaky gut. You will have a solid plan to heal your digestive tract and restore health and vitality.

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    Your Digestion and Your Mood with Dr. Shawn Soszka, ND, LAc

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    Did you know that your gut could be messing with your mood?  Factors such as:

    Lack of Nutrient Production
    Lack of Nutrient Absorption

    Can have a dramatic effect on your brain health, causing anxiety, depression, even bi-polar patterns

    Come learn about this poorly understood pattern from our guest Dr. Shawn Soszka, ND, LAc.  

    Learn how to heal it your gut at the upcoming Digestion Sessions online event!  Dr. Soszka will be a presenter at the event, plus many other digestive experts.  Sign up here.

    Schedule an appointment with Dr. Soszka from anywhere in the world here.  Choose the 'distant client' appointment type if you are not local please.  

    See Dr. Soszka's personal website here.

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    #ChatAutism with Our Diet & Digestion Expert Kristin Selby Gonzalez

    in Caregiving

    Join us October 2nd for our special LIVE Q&A with Kristin Selby Gonzalez, as we chat about diet, digestion, and the benefits of digestive enzymes! 

    Learn about why diet is so important to consider for autism, tips for picky eaters, how the wholefamily can benefit from an allergen-free diet, and why digestive enzymes are crucial to the plan.

    A leading international spokesperson, educator, radio show host and writer within the autism community, Kristin Selby Gonzalez is also the mother of a boy with autism. Kristin has been working with her son for over nine years and has seen him progress from very withdrawn with no language, to a playful and interactive boy who now speaks in five word sentences. She possesses an extraordinary body of knowledge and experience with both educational and biomedical interventions for autism, including enzyme therapy, dietary intervention, sensory integration, and play therapy.

    Passionate about helping all children on the autism spectrum and dedicated to the recovery of her own son, Kristin Selby Gonzalez is an inspiration to mothers everywhere, constantly reminding parents that “Recovery for our children is not just a hope, it’s a reality.”


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    Don't Let Digestion Distress Destroy Your Day

    in Health

    Your digestive system runs day and night and if it is not working correctly you can’t work and you can’t sleep.  Over the counter medications bring some relief, but the older you become the more attention you need to pay to the system keeps you right, regular and raring to go.  Today we will share with you how you can keep it all running smoothly with the help of  essential oils.

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    How to Improve Your Digestion through the Color Yellow

    in Spirituality

    Digestive problems from ulcers to kidney and liver problems, to floaters in your eyes can come from a certain way of dealing with life.  Yellow holds some clues for healthy digestion of everything you take in. Join hosts Arlene Arnold and Leslie Romine for tips to shift a sluggish digestion. 

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    Improving Your Digestion

    in Health

    My guest tonight is Dr Carlos and he discusses the importance of good digestion.

    He gives plenty of adivce and tools so we can take to improve the effectienenss of our digestion so we have better health and well being.

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    Holistic Nutrition: A Road to Healthier Digestion

    in Health

    The importance of Digestive Health and how GI health impacts your overall health.  

    In this very informative interview, Michele Bryan of Asheville Natural Wellness, speaks with Dr Elizabeth Pavka about: GERD, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Digestion, and Acid Reflux 

    Asheville Natural Wellness Shows air every Wednesday at 10pm eastern.  

    This show contains general information about medical conditions and complementary treatment, and is not to be considered expert advice. Always consult your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before beginning any new treatment, diet, or fitness regimen.

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