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    MLB Baseball Star Kansas City Royal Brian McRae

    in Business

    The Total Tutor and GJ Reynolds will interview former Kansas City Royal Brian McRae. He will discuss life after baseball.

    Brian Wesley McRae (/m?'kre?/; born August 27, 1967) is a former center fielder in Major League Baseball who played for the Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Colorado Rockies and Toronto Blue Jays from 1990 to 1999. McRae is the son of former major league All-Star, Hal McRae, and was also managed by the elder McRae for four seasons with Kansas City. It was only the fourth occurrence of a major league manager managing his own son.

    McRae was a switch hitter and threw right-handed. His batting average was 38 points higher from the right side with a slugging average 24 points higher but his on-base percentage was only seven points higher. McRae was a leadoff batter far more often (47%) than any other position in the lineup (second most was 22% batting second). He had a good history of injury avoidance, playing 150 or more games in five different seasons. The only seasons he did not play at least 130 games were his rookie season and the strike-shortened 1994 season when he finished second in the National League in games played. McRae never played in the playoffs, enduring a few near misses.

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    Dr. Dan Christmas Special

    in Comedy

    Despite his best efforts at self-immolation following a hypocritical evening of smoking an e-cig and wearing his pants around his knees, I have managed to extinguish the flames and coax Dr. Dan to join in one more episode of the sometimes epiphanous, but most often downright ridiculous ASK DR DAN SHOW!!!

    This episode is something we are both giddy with excitement over, since we are finally able to tell people what we really feel. I don't want to give it away, but rest assured that tonight's episode is going to be different from any other, and if we don't manage to offend you, we deeply apologize and will make every effort to do so as well as we can in the future. Consider tonight's episode to be our little way of giving back.

    Tonight will be the last episode of our 2013 fiscal year as well as the final show for Dr. Dan in the year of 2013 on the Gregorian calendar, so let's all make it our effort to make this the best one yet. Your all-time favorite host, Ryan (me), will be not be back on the show until January 31st, as he will be on a quest to find his inner light. But fear not, for I will be back soon enough to drag the show down to the level of despair it rightfully deserves reside in.

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    FUN4daMental - Kali Kre (Kre Kre)

    in Books

    Kre-Kre, was born in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in Los Angeles, and Oakland, California. His first novel, "Piru Love," was released in August 2012. He will be releasing two other novels, "Thee All Mighty Dollar" and "The F.B.O.P" (Federal Bureau of Prisons).

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    ToyCast – Special Episode – NY ToyFair 2012 Recap

    in Hobbies

    2012 Has begun, and February 12th to the 15th was the New York Toy Fair. This kicks off the 2012 convention season. Join TFG1Mike and Spada the Baltmatrix as they recap the news from ToyFair!!!!  TF2012-Mattel-Master-of-the-Universe-Showroom Mattel – Voltron Displays TF2012-Mattel-DC-Comics-Showroom TF2012-Playmates-Showroom TF2012-Hasbro-GI-Joe-Showroom TF2012-Hasbro-Star-Wars-Showroom TF2012-Hasbro-KRE-O TF2012-Hasbro-Transformers-Showroom TF FOC: SHOCKWAVE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE PROPS TO ACTION ...

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    Being know as a 1 Hit Wonder. Is it worth it? Mr All Business & Dedan tolbert

    in Entertainment

    Let it be clear how you feel about thia. is it worth it being a one hit wonder. Explain.

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    the BIGGACHEEZ show episode 15

    in Music

    fresh from the bing, Bigga bringing u that ear crack,owwww!!!!!!!!!that bull Airplane Ace holdin ish down, philly style. the lovely Miss Porter with the verse of the week. exclusive freestyle from that BOY BANKS. KRE FORCH big on the show....the whole shabang boogie!!!!!!!!!

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