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    EVANGELIST CHARLETTE - "A Player - PRAYER - Another One Died"

    in Music

    EVANGELIST CHARLETTE IS even more encouraged to PREACH THE WORD using the method that the LORD HAS GIVEN.


    ANOTHER MAN HAS JUST DIED.  "I found out that Bro. Doug Moye Died in September of 2015- he died August 24, 2015."







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    Book Interview "Died Too Young" The Psychic Twins on Beyond the Gate Radio

    in Spirituality

    Is death the final stop for humanity?

    Not according to The Psychic Twins. www.psychictwins.com

    Professional mediums Terry and Linda Jamison--known worldwide as The Psychic Twins--apply their extraordinary intuitive skills and empathy to ask stars on the Other Side: What REALLY happened to you in death? In life?

    Asking tough questions about drug use, foul play, self-worth and stardom, The Psychic Twins invited eleven celebrities to engage in an Otherworldly conversation.

    And they accepted.

    Sharing poignant personal information, messages to fans, regrets to friends and family--and divulging secrets surrounding their passing--these stars featured in this book will take readers on a spectacular journey of despair, hope, redemption and forgiveness.

    Died Too Young--but never forgotten.

    Chapter 1: Lady Diana
    Chapter 2: Robin Williams
    Chapter 3: Michael Jackson
    Chapter 4: Natalie Wood
    Chapter 5: John Lennon
    Chapter 6: Gianni Versace
    Chapter 7: Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Chapter 8: Whitney Houston
    Chapter 9: Nicole Brown Simpson
    Chapter 10: Cory Monteith
    Chapter 11: Steve Irwin

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    Zeal for Your House (103015) We Died To The Carnal Mind

    in Christianity

    Zeal For Your House… with David Murry  

    Welcome. This night’s broadcast will take us into the Word to see out what occurred when we became children of God.  Specifically, we have died to the carnal-minded man and have been given the mind of Christ.

    I pray His truth and love may be found here tonight.

    God bless you all - David

    My name is David Murry. I was born and raised in NY, a state whose inception, history, and growth are linked to much that opposes the nature and desire of God.  It has been my honor to serve the Lord in the midst of such troubling times and in such a troubled state. Much love needs to be ministered here.

    One of four brothers and from a household who all love the Lord, I have grown up with my Savior since I was 5.  I enjoy the blessing of being the father of three. My dearest ally and soul-mate, Maija and I enjoy the struggle of raising our family in a born-again relationship with the Lord and not born-again religion with Him.

    The concept is not popular to many believers, but we don’t mind :)

    Our hearts desire is to give the love and peace and power that can come only through Him to our community and to the farthest reaches the Lord will permit us to travel.

    We are blessed with a fellowship of believers that meet in our home on a regular basis. The passion God has placed on my heart  is to see the church come together in spirit and truth and in unity. Together, and in our daily walk we are meant to seek greater and greater intimacy with our Heavenly Father

    In Him,




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    Can't sleep, missing someone who died, talk to us the Grieving Insomniacs.

    in Self Help

     The Grieving Insomanics show was created by Cristi Habermann and Crystal Blackburn both have had significant people in their life tossing their lives into chaos and grieving for years. One of the things missing in both of their grief journey's was talking to other people who understood and had experienced the loss of a child or the murder of a sibling. There are other shows about grief with other hosts interviewing people who wrote books or are professional speaks discussing their grief. What seemed to be missing was a forum for which people who were struggling could call to talk about their grief, the person had died, and other struggles they were having. This show is for those who want to call in to tell their story, to recieve support, and hear other's stories without ever leaving your house. 

    Today we are talking about how it is possible we can be angry at the person who died, but yet be so sad about them dying. How do we reconcile those two emotions? How do we stop feeling guilty for being angry? Tune in to talk about it. There is no one answer or formula which is going to fix it. Sharing those emotions helps heal them, and maybe someone has an idea that someone else can try. Join us in our community of Grieving Insomanics. 

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    Where Were You...When Tupac Died

    in Relationships

    Welcome everyone to The Don't Getcha Azz Kicked Radio Show, where the rants get heated and the haterz get seated! We keep it real around here and you can too...while we get the shyt off our chests thats piled on by the decline of our society. Lol

    #Dat Dude Slim and Reality #RealEyesRealizeRealLies Jones are about to kick the door in and rip the bandaid off ya wound with a walk down memory lane with one of the GOATs...TUPAC SHAKUR

    We have one question for ya...do you remember where you were...when you heard to news of the death of one of the most prolific rappers in our time, Tupac Shakur. 

    We are gonna share some facts, surrounding the life and death of Tupac, that will make your jaw drop and your mind expload. We are gonna rap about some of his beefs in the streets and how they were...OR were not... a contributing factor in his death. In the midst of it all, we wanna know:

    What rapper would you mourn for today, were the unthinkable were to happen, in the way that you mourned Tupac?

    Tonights musical line up is NOTHING BUT TUPAC!!!!! Walk down memory lane with the realest and funniest male duo on the net!

    Call in to listen live (347) 857-4326 and press 1 to share your question, comment or answer to the shows QOTD

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    Wake Up To Jesus, with Apostle Lonnie Stocks(Jesus Died So We can Live)

    in Christianity

    Thanks for tuning into  the
    Wake Up To Jesus Broadcast
    Coming to you from:
    The Jesus Ministry, Inc.
    509 Evergreen Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11221 USA
    24/7 phone: 1-213-992-4339
    with Apostle Lonnie Stocks

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 (KJV)
    13  But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.
    14  For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.



  • King Coy Dunston - "The Day Cancer Died" - Pre-Recorded

    in Lifestyle

    Jawanza4Life!! – Introduces Coy Dunston

    Tune in 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. est.

    Special Guest is King Coy Dunston principal owner of Secrets of Nature Health Foods located in Washington, DC. 

    Discussion - "The Day Cancer Died" - Pre-Recorded

    Don't Miss This Life Changing Show!

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    My Wife Died, I'm Being Stalked & I Have a Toothache. How's Your Summer So Far?

    in Current Events

    They call these "The Golden Years." I turned 60 last January. My wife died of sudden kidney failure in June. I've had Parkinson's disease for 15 years, and at the moment I have a hell of a toothache. Oh, then there's the websites that are harassing me, a crazy old man in Westminster, Maryland, who can not rest until he gets a peace order against me because I'm so dangerous and such, even though Westminster is 50 miles away and I can't drive. But other than that, it's been a great Summer. I bet you have things bugging you, too. I'm Bill Schmalfeldt. Let's unburden ourselves today on Schmal Talk.

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    Life After Dusk Live - "Racism Never Died, It Was On Life Support!"

    in Radio

    It's the start of a new week, so that means it's time for another edition of "Hot After Dusk Monday!" Ceddy J welcomes his special guest cohost, Uncle Chris talks about our featured topic "Racism Never Died, It Was On Life Support." This topic has been fueled by the media increasing in stories surrounded around race especially that of Black people. We also talk the past week's hot mess, hot news and even play some hot music. This we have a platter of controversies that people have been very vocal about. You brought them up, so we will talk about it. Feel free to call-in at 347-202-0389.

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    Robert Moss' Boy Who Died

    in Dreams

    When Robert Moss was three years old, after the first of his three “near-death experiences,” his parents were told, “Your boy died and came back.” The phrase “died and came back” stuck with Moss, who views it as more accurate than “near-death” — and testament to the fact that “soul or consciousness is not dependent on the physical body.” 


    Moss’s death experiences revealed reality to be layered and time fluid. Past and present, other worlds, and brilliant sources of wisdom were all accessible. As the creator of Active Dreaming, Moss has taught thousands to use their night dreams to improve their waking lives.  Now, in his most recent book The Boy Who Died and Came Back: Adventures of a Dream Archaeologist in the Multiverse (New World Library, March 15, 2014), he eloquently recounts how he has spent much of his present life walking between the worlds and helps readers discover truths that illuminate not just the nature of life but also the paths they walk here and now.

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