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    The Writer. The Poet. The Spoken Word Artist. An introduction to Dichotomy. Dichotomy is a man with simple dualistic complexities with a passion for life, eternal love and all that is in-between.


    Engineer by day writer, poet, and spoken word artist by night, creative writing and expression is his 

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    Musings of a Quantum Physicist on Dichotomy

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    Dichotomy: A pair of categories that are mutually exclusive, and exhaustive.

    Dichotomies are so useful; however, a false-dichotomy can be quite harmful. 

    As a mentor and a coach, it is my aim to bring the arts into my scientific teachings, to help transform my clients as ‘whole brained’ instead of right or left brained.

    Do you see a goblet or two human profiles looking at each other eye to eye? 
    Do you see a Young Lady or an Old Woman?

    An optical illusion — demonstrating a surprising feature or limitation of our visual perception system — causes us to see either the vase (Young lady) or the faces (Old woman) at any one time. 

    We cannot see both at once and we can voluntarily see either one at a given time. 

    Quantum physics elegantly describes how light is both wave and particle. 

    The view that you must be 'against' us if you are not 'with' us, can obscure a grander unity.

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    Blackman Gods and Goddesses VS. Whiteman God Jesus Christianity

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    Basic read of world history, illustrates the coherent manner of the human origins for 200,000 years. The intelligent presence of life on earth, consisted of the Gods and Goddesses; in addition was the newly wise wise Homo Sapiens Sapiens hybrid human beings. The two entities coexisted and out of that experience, springs other types of intelligent humans. That form of life flourished in the B.C. paleolithic Big era-- until the advent of the Romans European fiasco, of the unnatural and foolish Christian imposition on most of the intelligent world. This has created a dichotomous state of conflict and thwarted the natural and healthy process of the people. The D.A. Anno Domini "In The Year of Our Lord," becomes Christianity God vs. Gods &Goddesses Pagan Polytheism, and it has destroyed the human population. The primodial eliments of intelligent origins, is the basis of all human sobriety, which is to be noted, and no other foundation can ever substitute or usurp, the nature given to the Black People by hybridization of the most high Gods and Godesses.   All nations of people will think wrong, live in error and then ebb and atrophy as a result of the God Jesus and Christian practices. Caution: take careful note of the aberration cause by the dichotomy, between natural and unnatural forces, so you understand the effect from the  A.D. Anno Domini criminal evils.      

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    Rodd Klever Joins JaVonni Discussing Black Business Etc on PopGlitz Radio Ep 206

    in Current Events

    Today, LGBT blogger and self-proclaimed "bottomist" Rodd Klever of RoddKlever.com joined PopGlitz Founder JaVonni Brustow for the latest in current events including reality star Bethenny Frankel allegedly suggesting black business owners use white males to be the face of their company to be more successful, etc. This LGBT special offered a great dichotomy between conservative media personality JaVonni and bottomist ideology of Mr. Klever, (pun intended). You'll have to listen to hear Rodd's uncut definition of the term.

    Make sure you tune in as we are live each and every Sunday at 3pm on BlogTalkRadio.

    This show is sponsored by Washington based media consulting firm VM3 Media, operated by the company's Principal, JaVonni Brustow.

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    The Release of The DOLCE ARDOR PROJECT

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Andrea Saenz and Dave DTO Kemp to the show!  They are excited to announce the release of The DOLCE ARDOR project: An exotic fusion of an aria from a 1770’s opera with an accompanying Music Video. This project is a collaboration of singer/actress Andrea Sáenz and composer DTO in which they have shed new light on an aria from an opera of the 18th century while melding it with electronica creating an exotic fusion.  The idea is to bring this aria to life with elements of the 1700's when it was presented for the first time in Vienna.  We will take you on a journey back in time creating an inter-blend of 18th century elegance with an ultraviolet experience. The story follows the quest in search of love of the central character played by Andrea Sáenz.  The fire that fuels her throughout the quest is represented by the rich piano melodies played by DTO. She appears adorned in full 18th century attire, but as her quest becomes increasingly urgent and the dichotomy of passion and pain escalate and collide, she then begins to literally dismantle before the viewers’ eyes. She is left with no choice, but to seek within and bathe in the fountain of her origins, which is visually relayed through a UV body paint transformation.  The video culminates as the central character emerges anew in new-found divinity and freedom.  Come take this journey with us by tuning into www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio or you can listen in by calling (347) 850-8423.


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    The Writer. The Poet. The Spoken Word Artist. An introduction to Dichotomy. Dichotomy is a man with simple dualistic complexities with a passion for life, eternal love and all that is in-between.   Engineer by day writer, poet, and spoken word artist by night, creative writing and expression is his 

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    The reality of TRUE REVOLUTION IS AFROCENTRISM in every sense of the word, but what is Afrocentrism. How do we define the action, because it is truly an action of resistance and resistance to the status quo is TRUE REVOLUTION. TONIGHT we ill discuss “THE AGE OF AFROCENTRISM”  chapter 5 of “Judas Factor The Plot to Kill MALCOLM X” by Karl Evanzz.   

    “We have said that the colonial context is characterized by the dichotomy which it imposes upon the whole people.  Decolonization unifies that people by the radical decision to remove from it its heterogeneity, and by unifying it on a national, sometimes a racial, basis. Frantz Fanon “THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH”

     Are we going to continue to pivot on the edge of being colonized or are we going to center our selves around the African political system of our Ancestors of self sufficient people?

    “Two new devices for political organization and rule over foreign peoples were discovered during the first decades of imperialism. One was race as a principle of the body politic, and the other bureaucracy and a principle of foreign domination.” Hannah Arndt “Imperialism”

    We live in an Imperialist society in the world today governed by the Illuminati and the World Bank two of the most defendant systems ever created. How do we bring them to an end is the question?”It may be said of them (the Dutch) as of the  Spaniards, that the Sun never sets upon their Dominions.”  Thomas Gage  “New Survey of the West Indies”

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    Christmas is ruling white men's way to entertain believing Christian fools on De

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    Aha aha, Christmas in and of itself can't get any more absurd and rediculous, when you take a look at historic reality. it is very sad to see millions of well read people, clinging to the biblical fictional Jesus Christ,and bluntly disregard the account of historical fact of human origins. It has to be that the Italian and Indo-European white men knew something about telling gross lies to people under certain condition they just can't tell the difference between the truth and their lies, however obvious they make those lies in the bible. World history with Alkebulan religion is 200,000 years old, in every form of its practice was done under the jurisdiction of the Goddesses and Gods. The Italian Romans E g., from their primival experience they only knew the worship of polotheistic Gods and Goddesses-- the same worship as all other civilations. To the extent it was all they knew and able to do, in Constantine preparation to administrate monotheism Christianity the Roman emperor was still under state polytheistic worship to their gods and goddesses. Their major gods at the time were Juno, Minerva, Jupiter and Mars. So it was a major transition form polytheism to monotheism. Ditto for the Indo-European who never broke ranks with polythesim as recorded Vedic age  shows, 1500 BC to 500 BC their Brahmins priests surpassed popular warriors in prestige, because the priest important role was to performed ritural to please their gods.  That is a clear sign the Italian and European turn criminal nomads, knew nothing about monotheism, until Rome decided to make that religious dichotomy of two opposing practices. You now have choice of the origional fact and new lies of the white bunch. 

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    Why Women Are Still Being Criticized for What they Wear...or Don't

    in Women

    Women in the headlines this week span the divide between what is right and what we think may be wrong? You decide.

    The most powerful woman in the US, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen breaks the seven year drought and raises interest rates a quarter of a point.  Did it even matter to the world markets? In business news, Avon CEO Sherilyn McCoy agrees to a $435 million equity stake by Cerebus in hopes to keep her company alive, power house woman Padmasree Warrior, former CTO of Cisco Systems finds a new home at NextEV as CEO, will her jump from corporate america to entrepreneurship prove successful as well? And we discuss the dichotomy of cover stories, Bloomberg Business Week's cover of Elizabeth Holmes, Founder of Theranos Labs and Serena Williams on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Both have and continue to be criticized for what they wear or not wear, have we progressed past our clothes as a defining moment for women in the headlines?

    We also have more updates on women headliners in business, entrepreneurship, sports and the media.  Listen to our newest episode On Demand!


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    in Spirituality


    The SPELLBREAKER is a wisdom mind transmission

    from the Heart of Lotus Speech, Primordial Purity,

    to Heal & Liberate Spiritual Sickness, Disease and Disturbances

    that bind the body, trap the mind, limit the spirit, waste the wealth

    and impoverish the heart

    through the energy of anxiety & fear. These often occur thru the affliction of curses, spells and negative soul contracts created and generated out of past-life karma and spiritual agreements that bind spiritual energy through the maternal and paternal bloodlines for generations, creating havoc in the dimension of the spiritual house that translates in the world of flesh as the calamity of adultery, sexual and physical abuse, divorce, addiction and the pervasive mentality of scarcity. Thus the dichotomy of the victim and victimizer is empowered in the perpetuation of the endless machinations of co-dependent behavior and thought that keep generations bound in spiritual infancy and its attendant immaturity, searching always for an answer and/or solution, sometimes called God, outside of themselves. The SPELLBREAKER puts an end, summarily, to this dichotomy and empowers the liberation of the spirit, transforming the HARM-GIVER of your mind into the GIFT-GIVER of your mind, revealing the real blessing unto yourself that you are.


    event QUESTION: what is the SOURCE of BLESSING in my LIFE?