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    Diamond Dallas Page, Founder of DDPYOGA

    in Business

    Diamond Dallas Page is our guest on the CORE Business Show with Tim Jacquet. Diamond Dallas Page, Founder of DDPYOGA, Fitness Expert and Former WWE and WCW Superstar.
    A vast majority of teens struggle with poor body image and ADHD an outside the box approach that can be used to help teens deal with these issues is DDPYOGA. Teen issues can be overwhelming to someone in between childhood and the adult world, and an applicable workout regiment can work wonders on their emotional state.Teens face risk of suffering from health related diseases at a young age and the battle to regain their health generally continues well into their adult years. DDPYOGA is a healthy alternative for Teens and it offers parents a potential solution while providing a fun and challenging workout experience, combined with yoga techniques designed to help create a healthy lifestyle, help parents bond with and open up a line of communication with their teens.

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    DIAMOND SHOW On Football Recruiting

    in College & High School

    The Diamond Show hosted by Robert Denson.The real deal on college football recruiting around the nation.

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    Do We Gotta Be On The Same Page? Daily Gogetemism #489

    in Lifestyle

    Compatibility is a great thing to have in a relationship but is it the end all be all? 

    Does a couple have to be on the same page with most things in order to have a harmonious relationship? Which things do you have to be on the same page with? Love? Marriage? Kids? Religion? Politics? Career? Sex? What else? 

    Does it work without these things being present?

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    in Health

    Your life is directly impacted by and is a result of the decisions you make. In order for you to experience optimal health and awareness, you must take self-inventory of what you are 'taking in', not only physically, but spiritually. Jamie English will be joining us again to discuss the benefits of of utilizing natural solutions in our daily routines. You don't want to miss this discussion. It can (and will) change your life!

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    Diamond Show- Florida "Choice In Sports" Bill (SB 684)

    in College & High School

    The Diamond Show hosted by Robert Denson.The real deal on college football recruiting around the nation.

    This bill would allow athletes to attend and play for any Florida school. What do y'all think?

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    Greg Dwyer's Diamond Mind Transformation Travel with Peter Mingils

    in Business

    Greg Dwyer and Peter Mingils  host a regular segment on Building Fortunes Radio.
    Greg Dwyer explain his Diamond Mind Transformation Travel program on this radio show.

    On this Building Fortunes radio show with Greg Dwyer, Greg will talk about Transformation Travel.
    How Transformationbal travel can challenge your filters/ perceptions. Getting out of your comfort zone. 

    You can keep up to date on his websites: www.gregdwyer.com and www.gregdwyer.net. 

    Listen in to previously recorded shows on Building Fortunes Radio:  http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/gregdwyer.

    Greg Dwyer is a sales trainer, a great mentor, coach, entrepreneur and minister.

    It's pretty obvious to anyone that works with us... we really do everything we can for our customers.
    And bringing Greg Dwyer together with our Business in A Box is key to your success.
    He is "doing" two coaching sessions as part of the business in the box training, so you will want to get started right away.www.networkleads.com/business

    Greg Dwyer's a contributing author on MLM News www.mlm.news and Youmongus Ads www.youmongusads.com.

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    Under the Mat Radio: At What Cost?

    in Wrestling

    Next time on Under The Mat Radio: "At What Cost?" at date & time of January 19, 2016 at the time of 11 PM EST!

    We will have Director and Producer of wrestling documentary “At What Cost?: An Anatomy of Pro Wrestling Mark Chevinsky. This documentary features the likes of Diamond Dallas Page, Jake ‘the Snake” Roberts, Greg “the Hammer” Valentine and other legends. Mark Chevinsky has worked as an editor on such shows as The Apprentice, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and more.


    Hear as Mark Chevinsky tells us what makes this documentary different from the others, his inspiration for doing this documentary, his idols in the business, how it is to be an editor for other hit shows and much more.


    We’ll also discuss WWE Royal Rumble 2016 and if anyone is even interested in this year’s installment. Royal Rumble memories and Best/Worst Rumbles will be discussed also.

    We all want to take your calls to discuss these topics! Call the show at 347-677-1862.

    Also, we will be discussing the latest news in wrestling, pop culture, and random shoutouts!

    Listen LIVE at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/underthematradio


    (Available on your mobile device)


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    Diamond Recap Show Of The AFCA Convention

    in College & High School

     The Diamond Show hosted by Robert Denson.The real deal on college football recruiting around the nation.

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    REELTalk: Allen West, Diamond and Silk & Gen. Paul Vallely

    in Politics Conservative

    Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk -  Humiliating our Navy, releasing Jihadists back to the battlefield to kill our troops, taking our tax dollars and bring potential jihadists to our neighborhoods. Is this what a President's lame duck year should look like? We'll get that answer from ALLEN WEST! Plus, should Donald J. Trump be our next President? Two ladies will be with us that say he's it! DIAMOND & SILK will be with us! AND, The EU is falling apart due to the fecklessness of their elitist leadership. Are we headed in the same direction? The recent humiliation of our Navy, by Iran…and displayed to our enemies…begs the question: Will we ever have a leader that will repair the damage inflicted upon our Military and therefore our national security? We'll get the facts with Gen. PAUL VALLELY!! In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Come hang with us... 

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    REAL SIDE RETURNS! Slade Sludge and MEAN Mitch Page

    in Entertainment

    Tonight One of the hottest New comers in the Mid South scene Slade Sludge joins us during the first hour.  Topics will be his coming to the IWA, workingh is first TPI and what his plans are for his furture in the business.  


    Following Slade is a man who needs no introduction.  His career speaks for itself.  He has won the King Of The Death Matches and the IWA World Title.  He has competed in Japan and for various indies all over the United States.  Tonight we sit down for a one on one candid interview with the one and the only MEAN Mitch Page!!!!

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    HRExaminer Radio: Steven Rothberg, President & Founder, College Recruiter

    in Business

    Steven Rothberg is the president and founder of College Recruiter, which believes that every students and recent graduate deserves a great career. We believe in creating a great candidate and recruiter experience. Our interactive media solutions connect students and grads to great careers.

    Steven grew up in Winnipeg, Canada and likes to say that he moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the weather. He founded the company back in 1991 as a publisher of campus maps and employment magazines. By 2000, the business had morphed into the interactive, recruitment media company that it is today. In 2015, College Recruiter helped almost two million, one-, two-, and four-year college and university students and recent graduates find internships and entry-level jobs.

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