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    GET LIVE AFTER DARK! Sitting In Studio w/ZACK! - Can We get Together? #ZNATION!

    in Romance

    Let's Get LIVE!!!!

    ...After Dark!!!

    It's FRIDAY Night, and we, the LOVELIES of the LIVE Mic, AMY GREEN! of Burlesque About Town, and ONYX!!!! of Conversations with ONYX, and of course... yours truly, Diamonds are a girl's BEST FRIEND!!! Diamond Ryan!

    ...have right here... in studio, none other than national touring artist, ZACK!... in the house!!!

    Zack has been working on some very exciting and interesting projects, this month, which he will share with us here tonight, as well as his completion of a HOT, NEW, SEXY Single... ummm, aptly named... "Can We Get Together"...

    We will be dropping a little sumpthin, sumpthin' ...a little later in the show... so, stay tuned, pull up a chair... get that call in number ready... Annnnnnnnnnd,


    YOUR LIVE HOSTS: Amy Green, ONYX & Diamond Ryan!

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    Old School Music & Romance Grown Folks Sexy Style! What Makes You Ready For LOVE

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    Let's Get Sexy LIVE!!

    After Dark.

    Tonight sitting in studio are your hosts with the most ONYX of Conversations with ONYX! And, yours truly, Diamond Ryan. Our sister host, Amy Green is out  on the scene in the DFW area covering this weeks biggest burlesque shows...She will return next week.

    Tonight, we get GROWN & SEXY with that laid back, pillow talk and sack music of the OLD SCHOOL era...

    Remember when?

    When all it took was for the right song to come on and set the mood for the evening. What song did it for you?

    Was it a Barry White song ... that did it for you? A Teddy Pendergrass? Lavert?

    Or, did you... Stand Accused... with emotions when the late great Issac Hayes sang from his heart... pouring out his soul?

    Join us tonight as we get.... LIVE AFTER DARK!


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    Let's Get LIVE After Dark! Relationships & The All About Me Factor.When 2 Let Go

    in Romance

    Welcome to LIVE AFTER DARK!!!

    Let's get busy! Dealing with clingy non-productive partners tht seem to literally drown the relationship.

    Does LOVE win out every time? can communication save a drowning relationship? Or, should one cut the cords, and save themselves?

    Do we take time to invest in our relationships these days, or are they disposable due to inconvienences in our current lives, or worth the re-investment when things get a little boring under the roof or the sheets?

    WE will ask the questions tonight that some are afraid to mention, and try to find a resolution to a time worn dilemma.

    Do we stay and play? Or do we make a get away?

     Call in with the answers! If you think you have the answers.



    YOUR HOSTS: DIAMOND RYAN & The ONYX! of Conversations with ONYX!

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    Get LIVE! Online Date Scams - &."Is Romance Dead" I Need A Man With A Slow Hand!

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    Let's Get LIVE!

    Hello! Good Friday night to you! Hope you are easing into a sexy eve! It is FEBRUARY!!! Lovers Month! And we are going to cover it all this month. Tonight we start with our first half of the show.. "Online Dating Scams!!"

    What to look out for...

    What are the RED FLAGS, AND... the sly lines!!! "Women" Listen up! Too many ladies out there jumping the gun with blinders on!!! All that glitters... (well, let's just say...) It could turn your hand green!! Shelling out those dollars!!!

    And, on the second half of the show...

    What DO Women Want?!!

    We have said it before... We will say it again! No "Wham Bam Thank You Mam!" NO!!!! Love making is like a fine dining experience. You must take your time to release all the seasonings...and flavor! 

    Now, we MATURE women can get as busy as the younger ones... go strong and just as fast! Even... put a little spin on it!

    But, sometimes ....you have just got to take your time.. to savor that flavor!

    Our theme on this one is...

    " I Need A Man With A Slow Hand!" ...

    Let's talk about honeys!!! 

    You've got Diamond in the house, warmiing up this mic!!! And the lovely ONYX! From Conversations..with Onyx!

    Join us!!

    As We Get LIVE!!! After Dark!!!

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    LOVE!! Relationships & The Oscars Black Snub Debate - Let's Get LIVE After Dark!

    in Romance

    Talk Time Internet Radio, Tonight we get LIVE!!! After Dark on Love & Relationships. As Valentine's Dayeases upon us, tonight we will tackle the ups, downs and the down lows of dating.

    As well as.... touch upon the Oscars Black Snub debate. With the impending boycott, where will Black programming, film and television go from here? Promises of change, have been placed on the table... as snubs continue for the cast of Straight Outta Compton.

    How will we ...Black America respond to the backlash?

    Will the boycott affect box office sales? Or, will it blow over with the next great movie?

    Join us tonight, as we get...


    After Dark!

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    White lipped pythons with Ryan Young

    in Pets

    Episode #233

    In this episode we will be talking to Ryan Young from Molecular Reptile about his approach to keeping and breeding White Lipped Pythons. He has successfully bred this species 3 years in a row. White lipped pythons are a more advanced species of python that are being kept in the reptile hobby today.

    We will talk in depth about his approach and what really makes this species tick.

    Molecular Reptiles- website


    Molecular Reptiles facebook page


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    Free Readings with Melissa & Ryan

    in Spirituality

    Melissa and Ryan from lightworkersconnect.ca will be teaming up and giving readings live on the air to callers. We will be offering mini readings, but can be found at www.lightworkersconnect.ca for more in depth readings. We look forward to a great evening of love and light!! 

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    Low Down and Dirty 2/8/2016

    in Radio

    Three generations of drivers in one family is not an everyday thing in motorsports. It is with great pleasure to have nice guy number one on the show this week. Out of the hills of Schuylkill County PA. Mr. Colt Harris. A steady campaigner at Big Diamond Speedway in the modified division, Colt’s family has a long history in stock car racing. We will catch up on all of that along with what Colt has planned for the upcoming season.

    Nice guy number two has the repetition as being old school. Some would say along with being a nice guy he is also crazy. LD&D met this guy last summer as he towed his USAC AMSOIL Non-Wing Sprint Car into PA on a open trailer all the way from Iowa. Also known as the "Colfax Comet" we are looking forward to having Mr. Robert Bell on the show. Robert is the 2015 Speedway Illustrated Ken Schrader Real Racer of the Year Award winner and we know there is a story behind that.

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    Bantering The Blueshirts Ep. 2: Rangers Defensive Woes

    in Hockey

    In the second (and really first official) episode of Bantering The Blueshirts (Blueshirt Banter's official podcast) Joe Fortunato and Mike Murphy tackle Ryan McDonagh's concussion, Dylan McIrath being an afterthought and the new roles Dan Girardi and Marc Staal will have to take on without McDonagh. 

    We'll also talk about what the Rangers could do to fix their problems on defense, what the timeline should be for a Keith Yandle resolution, how the Dustin Byfuglein contract impacts that sitation and what the Rangers should do with the defense. 

    All right here, on Blueshirt Banter's official weekly New York Rangers podcast! 

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    The Night Time Fiasco Welcomes Back Helion Prime!

    in Rock Music

    Helion Prime was first conceived from a common love of metal and all things science. The band was founded when Jason Ashcraft (of Dire Peril) asked Heather Michele (of Graveshadow) to form a project with him. Between the two, they had worked with such artists as Mark Briody (Jag Panzer), Brittney Slayes (Unleash the Archers), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Ralph Scheepers (Primal Fear), Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon/Star One), and Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil). The concept; power metal with themes based on actual scientific theories with the occasional sci-fi tribute. The name Helion Prime was borrowed from an alien planet featured in the film "Chronicles of Riddick," a movie the two were great fans of. She accepted the exciting proposition without hesitation. The two recorded their first demo track in June of 2014, and with the help of members from Dire Peril and Axiom, Helion Prime debuted their first live performance in August 2014 at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. The dynamic duo then released their first EP on February 26th, 2015 with a full length album in the works. Helion Prime’s lineup was completed after bringing Jeremy Steinhouse on bass and Justin Herzer (of Axiom) on drums. In August of 2015, Helion Prime set out on their first tour, playing shows in Oregon, Nevada, California, and Utah. Their debut album will be out at the end of February, and the band (who payed us a visit early last year) will be back on the show to premiere some new songs for all of you to hear, so be sure to tune in!!!

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    GBBLive Podcast: All-Star Game, Trade Deadline, Memphis Grizzlies Questions

    in Basketball

    It is amazing how fast time flies when you're having fun...or something like that. The Memphis Grizzlies are approaching the All-Star Break, and as they get ready for a much deserved break GBBLive breaks down potential deals and Grizzly questions on an all-new episode Tuesday, February 9th, at 8:00 PM CT.

    The first segment will feature Host Joe Mullinax and Managing Editor of Grizzly Bear Blues Chris Faulkner talking about "Grizzly Bear News." Recent games for the Grizzlies and Marc Gasol's injury woes will be focuses of the conversation. In the second segment, Ben Hogan of 92.9 ESPN Memphis' Eric Hasseltine Show will return to GBBLive and talk about Ryan Hollins' role with the Grizzlies and potential trade deadline deals. Joe and Ben will also preview the All-Star Game and Memphis' game against the Brooklyn Nets.

    All this, and Fan Essential Trivia for a shot at a month membership to FanEssentials.Net, on an all-new GBBLive on BlogTalkRadio! Follow the show on Twitter @GBBLive and subscribe to the podcast on ITunes! "See" you Tuesday night at 8:00 CT!