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    Seasoned & Sassy Radio Show - Jesus Is A Difference Maker

    in Family

    Elder Cassaundra & Min Challina Roberts the mother/ daughter make up the Seasoned & Sassy Show.  The Seasoned & Sassy bring the word to life for bring understanding because God's word is the same yesterday, today & tomorrow.

    Jesus is a dfference maker whose empire was based on Love.  The word, difference means a significant change or effect.  Your yes to God has caused a significant change.  As we come to understand the character of God, we see the His power to shift our lives in a new direction.

    Psalm 119:14, Ephesians 1:2

    We must have an unshakeable bond of trust with God.   

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    Is love enough?

    in Spirituality

    For most of us with actual troubles and projects to deal with, love seems like a bandaid at best, a pollyanna attitude that won't help anything in the end, not in a substantial way. But what can love actually do? What sort of real-time, real-life dfference does it make? In this episode, we say to love, "come on, baby, show me the money!"

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    Follow the Money!

    in Finance

    Are you wondering what is happening to the world we live in? As you look around the world what do you see? I see so called terrorist attacking everything and everywhere you look. But who are these terrorists and what do they want? As my dad would say, If you don't understand the things that are happening around you, follow the money! Who and what is controlling the money today?
    How many times have you wondered what's a central bank? Have you ever thought what's the dfference between the on the corner bank, a savings & loan and a central bank? The problem is I never got any answers. So I started to research and dig for answers. Join me and the Finance Guy Network and we'll discover things that you amy not have known.Start using financial optimism as a tool You'll be amazed at what you will achieve! How would you like to start  understand inflation so you can benefit from it instead of being hurt by it?
    Get the FGN e-magazine,and  you wont remain a member of the"BOHICIAN TRIBE,"(Bend Over Here It Comes Again) Follow "the Finance Guy Network" and you'll begin to understand how this stuff effects YOU! Order your "Charter Subscription" to a "Wealth of Knowlege" with the FGN e- financial magazine. The launch in 01/01/2014 The time is counting down...     

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    in Spirituality

    YOU EVER WANT TO GET INTO A REAL ARGUMENT OR DEBATE OVER SINFUL LIVING, JUST SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SIN IN THE PRESENCE OF MANY OF THE PREACHERS NOW A DAYS!!   Many,  most vigorous debaters are the pastors of the churches who are now most concern with the quantity and the financial status of the ministry rather than the souls of the people in the congregations.  They prefer talent and the skill of the music department even moreso than the character of those individuals.  The scripture clearly states that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; but it never states that all are supposed to daily sin and fall short of the glory of God. BTW; there is a difference in fallen down ,and intentionally laying down with the intentions to sin willfully!!!  Sorry if no one ever told you the dfference!  Many of the people of the churches who live outright sinfully on a daily basis, never change because of the pulpit support. The leadership have almost made the churches of none effect in the world; the church is taken as a joke, no longer a serious thing, even at funerals!  So; sinner-man; sinner-wman; are you going to heaven anyway in your sinful state?  Perhaps you've taken the idea of loving the sinner a bit too far?  You should never love the sin or rather be accepting of the actual sin, lending support to the one that sins with no desire to stop the sin to which they actively living in!!  It's too bad that many wont like this particular topic; unless God told you that He has changed His mind concerning the scripture, you shouldn't be preaching a message that doesn't agree with the scripture. The wages of sin is still death!!  The gift of God is still eternal life; but only to those that receive God's gift to the World in the person of Jesus Christ!!  Preacher you're supposed to be free and clean from living the lifestyle of a sinner.  Let's talk real support........

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    Super size me

    in Social Networking

    Ladies does the size a man's love stick make a dfference in the bedroom.

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    Dominant vs Domineering

    in Lifestyle

    This episode will be discussing the dfference between Dominance and domineering. These words are very different in their meaning but at first glance a lot of people mistake them as one in the same.
    Come join me for a discussion and bring your mind, i would love to hear your thoughts, for you never know what will happen in The Power Exchange.

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    Is there a dfference between white power and white pride?

    in Culture

    A look into how we as society look at things differently.  If we do this open and honestly maybe we can get an understanding of what makes us different, and realize that we are not so different at all.

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    Father's Day vs. Mother's Day

    in Entertainment

    Now this may be one of the most heated discussion we will have so far but this show is bound to be epic!! Father's Day, how do you view it? We all know how Mother's day is viewed....so....why the huge dfference in outlook? You want to say why, you want to know how we feel...Tune in this Wednesday Night 8pm-10pm to Controlled Chao Radio (CCR)
    Gemini, S Dot, SNS -- The Triple Threat

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