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    Teresa Wright Johnson, Founder, Mommy Care, Inc.

    in Women

    Tune in Monday, March 3rd @ 12 Noon Eastern as host and business success coach, Trina Newby interviews featured guest, Teresa Wright Johnson, Special Needs Advocate and founder of Mommy Care, Inc., a company that helps moms balance parenting and life.

    She is also creator of Making Money Out of the Box, a workshop that teaches moms how to make supplemental or full-time income from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule.

    Know as "The queen of balance", she has worked at places like Parent to Parent of GA, DFACS, Georgia State University, SCIES Program, Women About Biz, Mocha Moms and more.

    She is now using her energy to travel the U.S speaking and encouraging women to step forward and pursue their dreams. When she is not speaking she is advocating for and mentoring parents with Special Needs Children.

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    Domestic Abuse "When It Kills Children"

    in Self Help

    Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence seems to be on the rise...but most recently there has been several deaths involving children being abused to death.
    DFACS notifications made and these children were returned to the homes where they were abused and unfortunately killed.
    Who are responsible for the "innocent" children and lives being taken so soon?

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    10 Year Old Girl Pregnant

    in Religion

    The drama began to unfold when The Department of Family and Children Services learned that the 10 year old girl was pregnant. What followed was the arrest of two 19 and 21 year old brothers for various sexual offences. The brother’s aunt was also arrested on incest charges.
    Please feel free to phone into the Virtual Living room with your comments or questions.  We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    Never Give Up! Families in Crisis!

    in Lifestyle

    Today’s show is about families in crisis featuring our host and Kristi Strickler.
    Music by: "Ordinary People" -John Legend
    Description:  Update on Nekesha's homelessness status. A three year foster care case to hit the public air waves that deals with children being held hostage by the Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) in Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia through the Superior Court. The case plan, counseling, and parent class certificates are complete. Kristi Strickler will be the guest speaker and is the Mother of four children who has been fighting for her children since May 26th, 2008. The children's world and her world has been turned upside down. She is a survivor of domestic violence.

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    TheFacts about DFACS (CPS): Foster Care, Adoption and the African-American Family

    in Family

    This episode will discuss the facts about Dept. of Family and Children Services (CPS) and their role concerning removal of children, displacement and foster care. It will also discuss what you can do about getting your child out of foster care and losing your parental rights. For children in foster care, it will discuss their legal rights. (Sherri Jefferson)

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    Child Abuse, PseudoAbuse, CPS, Fathers' Rights...It's ALL here! Let's Talk About It!

    in Legal

    Supercharged issues...supercharged episode! Does Child Protective Services (CPS,DFACS, ETc.) really protect the children from child abuse? What is pseudo-abuse? Have you or any one you know been accused of child abuse? What should you do? In the first half of our show, we will speak with Marguerite who was first a child victim of the system, before becoming a social worker and experiencing the frustration of trying to change it. We'll also speak to Former US Attorney (President Carter appointee) and former Judge Hal Hardin Of Hardin Law firm and hear answers to some of those questions(www.HalHardin.com, 615-369-3377). Then in the second half of the show we will talk about fathers who have lost custody of their children through divorce or are fighting for them in custody battles. Is the system balanced? Do fathers get a fair shake? How do these custody battles affect the health of children? How do they affect the men enmeshed in the battle? Are you facing such a battle? What can you do to have access to your kids? Hear Alexis S. Kivi III from Father's Rights Legal Office talk about his perspective as the adult child of a father who successfully fought to regain custody of his son and reconnect with him. Tighten your seat belts! This is guaranteed to be an emotionally charged show! Bring your baggage and Let's Talk About It!
    An interactive health and wellness program featuring informative bytes on nutrition, fitness,image management, psychosocial interactions, sexuality, preventive health and disease management, featuring exciting guest interviews and lively and informative discussions with you our guests! This is YOUR show!

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    Day of Outrage Radio

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    Join Day of Outrage Co-Host Brother Majestic, as he talks about the Lonnieta & Marvalene who were Wrongfully Convicted of 3 counts of cruelty to children (and facing 30yrs) which is stated as follows: did willfully deprive said child of necessary sustenance, to-wit: nutrition immunizations, and failure to seek adequate medical attention, to the extent that the child's health and well-being was jeopardized, contrary to laws of said State, the good order,peace and dignity thereof. Lonnieta & Marvalene have documented proof from a Judge and Doctors and Georgia Department of Family and Children Services that these allegations were not true but the evidence was not allowed during trial, there were perjuries made by Dafford D.Madison my ex husband/abuser , Keisha Hilliard DFACS worker, Dr.Janice Loeffler DFACS Doctor,false documents, and Dr.Brian Griner DFACS Doctor/ STATE. There are a lot of forged & fake documents,molestation,rapes and false imprisonment,illegal search and seize,and police harassment, suppressing of evidence and abuse by Valdosta Judicial System,
    Sunday 1PM eastern time
    Call in 914-338-1049

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    Precha Severe in Dept on HLT

    in Entertainment

    Bennie "Precha-SEVERE" Foster or "Da'Precha-Man" has a purpose to educate and empower by any means or media necessary. After leaving the public school system in the Spring of the year 2000, Precha made an oath to God to reach out and empower the youth and their families through Hip-Hop, Drama, Audio & Video Production, Spoken Word, Media, & Motivational Speaking Events.
    He has worked in the position as Coach, Consultant, Coordinator, Director, Assistant, Facilitator, Host, MC, and sponsor. With these titles, he has taken them into the arenas of Rehab Programs, Juveniles, DFACS, Lock-Ins, Youth Events, Open Mic Nights, Outings, Sports Events, Transitional Programs, Gang Conferences, and Violence Prevention & Intervention.
    Precha also speaks at a vast array of events and is not just an empowerment speaker but also a "Life Skills Coach". His mission is focused on "EMPOWERMENT". He is a long-term partner with several youth & family organizations & facilities who share the common mission of change & empowerment.
    He is... "The Drum Major for Da'StreetZ"- Precha Severe

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    "The Corrupt Business of the Child Protective Services"

    in Politics Progressive

    From the Legislative desk of Senator Nancy Schaefer, 50th District of Georgia. This subject needs more attention and awareness from the public. Our children deserve better.