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    GCL Crew Dives in on Dez Bryant Controversy

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    Tune in Wednesday as the GCL Crew discusses the latest headlines in the sports industry.
    Join us at 7pm EST for A New View from the Sideline.

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    Reese Dismukes Out for Auburn; Dez Bryant Gets New Rules

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    Ian Berg and K.C. Whitten cover all things that are breaking in the world of sports. 
    Star center Reese Dismukes is out for at least the first game for the Auburn Tigers. The Tigers are putting together a line that is mixed with veterans and new comers--some being true freshmen. 
    Without Dismukes leadership at such a vital position, can the Tigers start the season off like they expected?
    Lance Armstrong gives up the fight against yet another round of doping allegations. Is this the end of the amazing story that came from his Tour De France reign?
    Dez Bryant receives a new set of "rules" that will determine his moves is Dallas. Can this help keep him out of trouble?
    Boston and Los Angeles drop a huge trade. How will this effect the Dodgers search for the playoffs?
    Magic Johnson got a lot of heat for purchasing the Dodgers--who's laughing now?
    Check back for specific show updates as air time approaches. 
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    Will the Knicks Keep Lin; Dez Bryant Accused of Beating Mom

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    Ian Berg and K.C. Whitten cover all things that are breaking in the world of sports. 
    The Parkway Radio will highlight NFL, MLB, NBA, College Football and NHL.
    Will the New York Knicks keep Lin? They have tonight to make the decision, but can the Knicks afford the lengthy investment?
    Dez Bryant has been accused of beating his mom. Really? How will the Cowboys react? How should the franchise react?
    Are NCAA sanctions headed in the direction of Happy Valley and Penn State? Mark Emmert--NCAA President--hints at possible recourse. K.C. and Ian opine on whether it is called for. 
    Much more to come tonight on the Shug Jordan Parkway Radio Hour brought to you in part by Will Stewart with the Will Stewart Farmers Agency. 
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    Rick Carlisle, NBA Free Agency, Team USA, Dez Bryant, NFL

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    "Sports Talk from a Fan's Perspective"
    www.RFSportsRadio.com or Follow us on Twitter @RFSportsRadio
    Rick Carlisle talks about his new team and summer league play. We breakdown the NBA free agency moves and Team USA vs Brasil. We look at the  NFL signings of Brees, Forte, and Rice. MLB trade deadline talk and of course Dez Bryant, the truth about the incident. The Presidential kissing incident!
    #1 Sports Show/Podcast on the World Wide Web! Join us as we break down all sports. Special guests in the past have included Mark Cuban, Kobe Bryant, Von Miller, Dirk Nowitzki, Jason "Jet" Terry, Jason Kidd, Blake Griffin, Derek Rose, Chris Paul, Phil Jackson, Tim Duncan, and many more...

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    How 'Bout Them Cowboys?

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    The narrative around the Dallas Cowboys is undergoing a complete makeover as they've pulled out not one but 2 road victories in December.  That's including one in the city of brotherly love against the Philadelphia Eagles, avenging their loss against the Eagles back on Thanksgiving Day and putting themselves in the driver's seat for the NFC East division crown.  It was the Dez Bryant show, but our Diehard Football Radio panelists will discuss the primary reason for the Cowboys unexpected success this year.  We will also debate whether the Cowboys or Eagles will pull out the NFC East, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals aka the Bad News Bengals in the AFC North and much, much more. 

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    Dallas Takes a Step Forward while the Pack Takes a Step Back! : INtheZONE

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    Welcome to another edition of INtheZONE! Week 15 saw the Dallas Cowboys take out their division rival Philadelphia Eagles with a dominant performance from Dez Bryant. On the contrary, the Green Bay Packers were dismantled by the Buffalo Bills and now find themselves in a tie with the Detroit Lions for the NFC North. The playoff picture is somewhat clearer in the AFC, yet still muddy in the NFC. Join Ed Lindsay and Kevin Hill as they breakdown all the action from week 15, complete with predictions for week 16.

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    Inside the War Nest #9

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    There was no deja vu for the Philadelphia Eagles and their fans, as the Birds set up for a rematch with the Dallas Cowboys in week 14 for the Sunday night game...With a very different result! You KNOW Jim Williams and Mike McShane have just a few thoughts or more, over the Birds performance on the latest edition of Inside The WarNest.

    The Eagles lost to their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys at the Linc on Sunday night. This loss hit fans and the team hard, with a win meaning a secure spot of the NFC East. Now, everyone must root for an Indianapolis win against Dallas this coming week to have a shot at the playoffs.

    The night started off rough for the Birds, when the special teams made an error on the opening drive of the game. This error allowed the Cowboys to score early.

    As against the Seahawks in the previous week, the Cowboys dominated the time of possession on the field. LeSean McCoy was once again held, with only 64 yards on the night. Though the TDs for the Birds came from Polk and Sproles. Mark Sanchez threw 2 picks, and Dez Bryant of the Cowboys showed all the holes in the Eagles secondary with some big touchdowns.

    This loss has many fans discouraged and anxious about the playoff future and leaves many questions: Have good teams like the Seahawks and the Cowboys showed a chink in Chip Kelly’s armor and the weaknesses of the team? What QB is the future of the team? Without a playoff appearance, can this season be called a success?

    Next week, the Birds take on the hapless, dysfunctional Washington Redskins, and a chance to regain some footing in the NFC East. The guys break down that upcoming games, and the challenges the Birds face to make a playoff run.

    Join Jim & Mike, as they debate and engage the hottest Eagles topics . . . AND, take your calls at 347 - 826 - 9964.

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    Dez Bryant Chatter on The Dallas Chatter Show

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    Oh man! Write one article and start a riot! WOW!
    My article on examiner.com was met with some anger from Oklahoma State Compliance people! 
    Liten to the interview I had with compliance people. Hear the anger in their voices at lil ole me, regarding Dez Bryant situation, and my audasity to write what I knew.
    Well—answer you calls, or messages—is what I say! But I will be following up that aricle with more.
    Also Dallas Mav fever! Dirk, Jet, J.J., Kidd, and more.

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    R&H Sports Live: Dallas Cowboys vs Jacksonville Jaguars Postgame Show

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    Rattle and Hum Sports talk LIVE: Dallas Cowboys Postgame Show

    Hosted by Bryan Houston with guest Matthew Postins

    RattleandHumSports.com host Bryan Houston is joined by Dallas Cowboys writer Matthew Postins to review the Dallas Cowboys' victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in London Sunday. 

    The Cowboys appeared to get back to busines as usual led by quarterbackTony Romo, running back DeMarco Murray and wide receiver Dez Bryant. 

    Dallas handed Jacksonville another defeat 31-17. 

    How about Romo's big day in his return? 

    Tiight end Jason Witten and Bryant caught Romo's three touchdown passes.

    Bryant gained all of his 158 yards in the second quarter.

    Murray ran for 100 yards on 19 carries to begin a new streak of 100 yard games.

    Joseph Randle scored on a 40 yard run in the second half. What could this mean for his future with the team?

    How important is getting to 7-3 to the Cowboys entering their bye week?

    A look ahead to games against divisional opponents and the Cowboys' end of season schedule. 

    Join Bryan and Matthew LIVE at 7 p.m. CST to discuss.

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    Dallas Cowboys Pre Game Show Week 16 vs. Colts

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    Even the most optimistic of Cowboys fans hesitated to predict more than 8 wins going into this season, but Dallas has a chance to pick up their 11th win of the season Sunday afternoon at AT&T Stadium. A win that would also give them the NFC East crown for the first time since 2009.

    Dustin Copening, Jeff Bowers and Jeff Feltman take you back to last weekend's exhilerating victory over the Eagles, and get you up to speed on all of the details you need to know for the biggest game that no one saw coming four months ago.

    The Chalkboard, the Numbers, and the predictions are coming your way.

    Thanks for listening, and let a few friends know about the best damn Dallas Cowboys pre game show in all the land.

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    The Romero Factor: Episode 9 "Cowboys vs. Colts"

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    This week Romero takes a look at the big matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys. Also, Romero will tell you what the Colts have to do in order to make a long playoff run. All this plus your calls on this week's Romero Factor!

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