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    The Parker J Cole Show -- The Psychics: Can They Help You?

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    They can tell you what day to interview for the job. Using a scarf, they can tell you the name of your loved one. Give them your birthday and they can tell you what your life path will be. Psychics are seen as having the answer to everything. From relationship management to detectives who find clues to a crime, psychics have long been seen as both a doorway and answer to the pressing problems of our personal life and the world around us.

    Celebrities have advocated for them. Scientists study them. Common lay persons believe in them. But the question is this: Can they help us?

    Join me as I talked with returning guest, Marcia Montenegro from Christian Answer for the New Age as we discuss whether or not psychics can helps us. Call in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/8044757  Or, download the WLUV radio mobile app. Tune In!

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 10.23.15

    in Travel

    - Giai Thuong ky thi Am Nhac Quoc Te - Frederic Chopin lan thu 17 tai Warsaw - Ba Lan ve tay Seong-Jin Cho, Nam Han. Day la nguoi A Chau thu 3 duoc giai sau Dang Thai Son, nguoi A Chau dau tien doat giai nam 1980. Nguoi thu hai la Yun Li, nam 2000. 

    - Ngay cach mang mua thu Budapest 1956 voi tuong trinh dac biet cua Hoang Linh. 

    - Nhung chuyen di mua thu va mua dong cua AV Travel.

    - Hanh trinh tours Croatia - Montenegro - Slovenia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Italy.



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    Primal Combat Radio: w/CWC's Dex Montenegro and Amy Cadwell

    in Sports

    Tonight @ 7pm PST/10pm EST my guests will be fast rising MMA talent Dex Montenegro. Dex will be fighting on May 11th for CWC. Also on wil be Amy Cadwell, she making her Pro debut on the May 11th card also...
    @ 7pm Dex Montenegro
    @ 7:30 Amy Cadwell

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    Exploring Awesome... Host of Love ON the Air, Leslie Ann Montenegro...

    in Motivation

    Leslie is a no nonsense, cut to the chase personality. Married twice, dating Diva, mother of three and the product of an influential Chicago Labor Leader & her mother Kathryn, who knew she was destined for stardom.  In today's episode we'll talk about her own personal journey to live the awesome life.

    Leslie Ann Montenegro, sultry, sassy personality and talk show host of Love ON the Air has taken to the airwaves.  Leslie talks about matters of the heart, what's going on in the bedroom. Or, better yet, what's not.

    Find her show at http://www.starworldwidenetworks.com/index.php/Shows/detail/love_on_the_air

    Jim Kellner is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Comedy Stage Hypnotist, and an all around swell fella.  He has helped thousads of people lose weight, quit smoking, ease anxiety & depression, release fears & phobias, etc.  He's also entertained audiences for over 20 years as an actor, comedian, and stage hypnotist. JimKellner.com  - Facebook.com/JimKellner - My new book, 'Navigating Success at Amazon.com'

    Intro/Outro music was edited to include only the first 15 seconds "Awel" by stefsax.  Copyright 2006  - Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution http://ccmixter.org/files/stefsax/7785

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 10.09.15

    in Travel

    u?ng trình v? chuy?n di Tân Tây Lan và Úc châu m?i tr? v? v?i Simone Nga - Vi?t Hùng & Qu?nh Nhu.

    Gi?i thi?u v? nh?ng hành trình tours mùa xuân 2016.
    - Nh?t B?n - Singapore - Korea (21 Mar - 03 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n - Taiwan - Hongkong - Macau (21 Mar - 05 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n - Bali - Korea ( 28 Mar - 11 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n mùa xuân (02 Apr - 12 Apr)
    - Nh?t B?n - Bali - Singapore (03 Apr - 17 Apr)

    Gi?i thi?u Tour Croatia - Montenegro - Slovinia - Bosnia & Herzegovia - Italy. (16 Apr - 30 Apr) qua ph?n trình bày c?a Hoàng Linh v? V?nh Kotor Bay.

    Tìm v? cu?i ngu?n c?a bài ca Autumn Leaves mà tác gi? là Joseph Kocma, ngu?i Hung-gia-l?i qua ph?n trình bày c?a Qu?nh Nhu.

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    The Parker J Cole Show **SPECIAL EDITION OF WRITE STUFF** Paranormal Seduction

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    What is it about the paranormal that appeals to us? Those things that go bump in the night? Those brushes of unexplained cold air? What about waking up suddenly and sensing something is there although you can't see it? How about stories of haunted houses and lingering spirts? What about footage of the unexplainable?

    In some way we are spellbound by paranormal seduction. The movie, Paranormal Activity exploits our fascination with the unexplainable and titillates with our 'what happens when we close our eyes'? Movies like The Exocerist get deeper into the happenings of the spirtual realm. As adults, we watch these movies and we think on them. Perhaps we make decisions to go in deeper.

    However, there is an underlying sense of the occult in this paranormal seduction that whispers to us via books, movies, shows, or games. If it is strong enough to seduce the mature, adult brain, what about our children? How does this occultic seduction affect them?

    Join me as we talk about this issue with Marcia Montenegro. She is the author of the book Spellbound: The Paranormal Seduction of Today's Kids. The book's information comes from Marcia's many years of participation in New Age, Eastern, and occult beliefs; her practice as a professional astrologer for 8 of those years, including teaching astrology; extensive reading and research of New Age and occult materials; and experiences and contacts she had in the New Age/occult community for over 15 years. Additionally, since becoming a Christian, Marcia's knowledge in these areas has been supplemented by her contacts, reading, and research through her ministry, CANA/Christian Answers for the New Age.

    Call in at 646-595-2083 to listen in. Click the link here:  http://tobtr.com/s/7989043


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    in Spirituality

    Join "world renowned occult book writer", Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro for the Season Premier of "The Carlos Montenegro Hour of Power".....The power of prayer can cause miracles to take place and bring about amazing positive transformations within an individual and also to manifest one’s desires into the present reality. This process of change is called “spiritual self-transformation” and “destiny fulfillment”. The occult science of Quantum Interdimensional Meditation uses a technique that has been known to assist individuals in achieving their spiritual goals. This very powerful meditation prayer technique was discovered and developed by Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro in the year of 2010 and includes elements of Quantum Physics, positive affirmations, changing one’s core beliefs, visualization & astral meditation techniques and the incorporation of Ancient Kabalistic Laws of Spiritual Order and Gnostic Philosophy. 

    Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro will show you a very simple process which he developed about how to manifest your desires using the powerful meditation techniques and prayer rituals from his new collection of books published this 2014.

  • The Parker J Cole Show -- Can You Think Your Reality?

    in Entertainment

    There is a very popular gospel song by Karen Clark Sheard that says, "My Words Have Power."  A catchy tune, Miss Sheard explains through the message of song that if you want your situation to change, you have to use the power of your words to bring about the result you want. This is heavily propagated in the prosperity gospel of health, wealth, and prosperity.

    In the same way, in the secular world, there is the same thought on another tangent where you can create your reality if you think it into existence. It deals with the same concept as propagated by the prosperity gospel. A proponent of this school of thought was Wayne Dyer who recently passed away. 

    In either case, we have to ask ourselves the question: Do we have power to create our own realities by speaking or thinking it into existence? Does this give us the ability make our sphere of influence the way we want it to? If we can speak or think our reality, what is God there for?

    Tune in as we chat with Marcia Montenegro of Christian Answers of the New Age as well delve into this topic. You can call in at 646-595-2083, press one to be live on. Or, you can click on the link here: http://tobtr.com/s/7903881. Or, download the WLUV Radio mobile app today. Tune in!

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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 9.4.15

    in Travel

    - C?m tu?ng noi quý thính gi? g?i t?i chuong trình qua anh ch? H?nh & Lan Thy.
    - Simone Nga tu?ng trình v? nh?ng hành trình tours Âu châu v?a tr? v?.
    - AV Travel gi?i thi?u v? hành trình tour Nh?t B?n mùa thu lên du?ng t? ngày 2 tháng 11 d?n ngày 12 tháng 11 t?i dây cung nhu hành trình tours di Bali - Nh?t B?n kh?i hành t? ngày 28 tháng 10 d?n ngày 12 tháng 11 nam 2015.
    - V? nh?ng hành trình tours di Nh?t B?n di vào mùa xuân 2016 v?i AV Travel trên trang nhà ? d?a ch?: www.avtravel.com
    - AV Travel gi?i thi?u v? hành trình tours di Croatia - Montenegro - Slovenia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Italy lên du?ng t? ngày 16 tháng 4 d?n ngày 30 tháng 4 nam 2016 v?i AV Travel.
    - C?m tu?ng v? chuy?n di Croatia m?i dây tr? v? c?a ch? Mai Linh & anh Paul Tu?n v?i nh?ng c?m nh?n v? m?t t? di?m du l?ch m?i trong nh?ng hành trình tour v?i AV Travel.
    - Thi ca thính phòng: AV Travel xin gi?i thi?u l?i lo?t bài v? v? án Nhân Van Giai Ph?m nh? v? c? Nguy?n H?u Ðang, si phu B?c Hà không khu?t ph?c b?o cu?ng qua câu chuy?n c?a Vi?t Hùng v?i nhà tho Hoàng C?m. Cu?c ph?ng v?n du?c th?c hi?n vào tháng 2 nam 2007 ngay sau khi hay tin c? Nguy?n H?u Ðang ra di...

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    in Spirituality

    Welcome to !!!.. The Gnostic Oracle of Today... This is Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro of The Gnostic Book & Pagan Community Center of Los Angeles...

    I wanted to invite you to my new "Season Premier Radio Show" about the fascinating world  of the occult sciences, ceremonial high magick, the paranormal and the ancient Gnostic Mysteries from around the world.  

    To visit our online store & The Gnostic Book & Pagan Community Center go to:



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    Vong Quanh The Gioi - 08.07.15

    in Travel


    - Tuong trinh ve nhung chuyen di Au chau trong thang 7 trong cau chuyen voi Simone Nga - Quynh Nhu - Viet Hung.
    - Cam tuong cua chi Mai Linh ve chuyen di Croatia - Montenegro - Slovinia - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Italy voi AV Travel.
    - Hoang Linh gioi thieu ve Dubrovnik, vien ngoc bich cua bien Adriatic.
    - Ben Xuan cua co nhac si Van Cao voi tieng hat Bich Lien.
    - AV Travel gioi thieu ve nhung hanh trinh tours di trong thang 8, 9, 10 va3 11 nam 2015.
    - Thi ca thinh phong: Duong Ve Viet Bac cua co nhac si Doan Chuan - Tu Linh