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    What's all the buzz? Why so much talk about the IoT right now?

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    Everyone is talking about the IoT right now. Rutgers is offering a Mini-MBA program at the end of this month. A former J&J exective will be teaching one of the five modules. If you work in the supply chain it is vital that you take the program, he says. 

    It's not just retailers who are building e-commerce platforms, the Iot can bring customer satisfaction in many ways.

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    Buzz Kanter - American Iron

    in Automotive

    Buzz Kanter is Editor-In-Chief and Publisher of American Iron Magazine, American Iron Garage, and Motorcycle Rides & Culture magazine. He was inducted into the AMA’s Hall of Fame in 2002. Buzz is a true lover of vintage motorcycles. He launched the Stamford Connecticut based TAM Communications ina spare bedroom in 1989 publishing “Old Bike Journal” and then two years later bought the nearly dead 2 year old American Iron Magazine which focuses on American bikes such as Harley Davidson and Indian brands. In 1993 he added RoadBike (renamed Motorcycle Rides & Culture a couple of years ago) for riders of all makes and those who enjoy cruising. I met Buzz (#15) on the 2014 Cannonball Ride as he rode his 1936 Harley VLH from Daytona FL to Tacoma Washington.

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    Pet Radio-Buzz the Fuzz and Friends

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    Buzz the Fuzz is a 20 pound six year old ragdoll who was rescued from a tough living situation, and is now  working as a therapy cat visiting hospitals in New York.  You will hear the whole story of Buzz including his rescue and his new and foreever home.

    Also joining us is Pet Tree Houses, the indoor cat tree that looks like a real tree! Healthycoat, a dog food suppliment and hairball preventative for cats is also here to speak to us.


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    Along Came A Writer--Books, Authors and Buzz

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    ALONG CAME A WRITER Radio Show, formerly the Gate Beautiful Radio Show, airs on the third Thursday of the month from 12:00 pm--2:00 pm Central, featuring four hosts, and four fascinating guests, which include both traditionally and indie-published authors, speakers and publishing industry professionals. Our hosts are: Linda Kozar, Jeane Wynn, Lena Nelson Dooley, and Carla Hoch. 

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    Season 1 Madden16 Week 10 "There's A Buzz In The Atmosphere"

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    The myEcon League is forever changing and this week is no different. Last week the Vikings took down the undefeated and 3x champ Rams by a TD in a defense battle among 2 elite teams who will be vying for a place in the Super Bowl when the playoffs begin. The Broncos still rmain the only undefeated team with a 31-28 victory over the Colts, while the Falcons continue to impress with only 1 loss. The Panthers also remain one of the only teams with 1 loss after defeating the tough Packers. The Bengals dropped a tough one to the Browns with their new coach taking over, while the Chiefs quietly is making his mark back into the Elite 11. The Titans remain tough, and the Bucs are the team that scares many even with 3 losses. The newly founded Bills coach had an impressive win, and after scrimmaging him, he's going to be a tough out if he lands in the playoffs, so the AFC just got that much harder. The league is getting tougher by the day, no easy wins, so if your not making adjustments, you are going to have a rough season. Play hard, and play smart. 

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    November 18: Name Recognition

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    Another week equals more craziness in college football. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo soak up all the asinine chaos better than anyone.

    Clemson remains at the top, but can will they even stay in the top four with a loss? Is Ohio State destined to lose a game? Does Oklahoma have an advantage no other Big 12 team has had in two years of the college football playoff rankings? Think. It's in their name (wink). How can Florida climb the standings? Mike continues to bang the Notre Dame drum.

    In somewhat shocking NBA news, the Rockets fired Kevin McHale as coach. Was this firing fair or foul? What is the Hall Of Famers future in the league? What could have triggered this abrupt move so early in the season? Do the Golden State Warriors have a legit shot at the 95-96 Chicago Bulls 72 wins record?

    While the season is about at its halfway point, there are still some teams waiting to get fully healthy. The Dallas Cowboys will finally see Tony Romo return. At 2-7, has the season already been lost or can Dallas benefit from a mediocre NFC East? Romo returns, as Manning exits. Could this injury mean the beginning of the end for the illustrious career of Peyton Manning? If Denver wins in Manning's absence, should the Broncos keep their declining all-time great on the bench?

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    Kids about everything with Cameron Foster

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    New sports, action and puzzle games that you would under your Christmas tree.

    About me:

    I am a 7 year old expert on all things in gaming. 

    To stay connected, email me at Hoyalawya10@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook at Facebook.com/Cameronbarackxavier

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    November 12: The Power Of Solidarity

    in Sports

    When sports and social issues collide, things can surely get asinine. That's where Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo come in handy.

    On the campus of the University of Missouri racial tension sparked a hunger strike and protests by the football team. This was all fueled by wanting the school president to resign. In light of the protesting, now former Missouri President Tim Wolfe did decide to resign. Could this create a dangerous "slippery slope" effect? What does this say about the power of college athletes, especially football players? Is there more controversy ready to erupt with this story? A connection between recent social issues in the NFL is made.

    From drama for one college football team off the field, to drama on it. It's another edition of the college football playoff rankings. Did LSU drop too far after a loss to Alabama? Does Notre Dame deserve to be among the top four? Will the Big 12 be destined to be left out again? How should Iowa be properly viewed? Mike goes off on the hypocrisy of the committee.

    George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins continue their battle of immaturity and Kristaps Porzingis proves the critics wrong.

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    Late Night Zone Out With Pun the Psychologist at 130 am est 1030 pst

    in Entertainment

    Tonights edition of the late night zone out hosted by Pun the Psychologist

    Back From Hiatus!!!!!

    Pun talks about what hes noticed from a far distance as of late

    Holy items in the store

    History and its ability to always repeat its self

    -People will always pry if you leave the door even unlocked

    -Same issues over and over with seperation of avitar and personal life

    -Misery loves company

    As some good companies die out others emerge what is new and what is the buzz about these companies

    People always go after the low hanging fruit, easy wins........

    Group attacking and why the instigaTOR IS THE COWARD

    plus anything else that comes up during the show 




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    Robb Pair Talks Real Estate On Harlem World Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Get some tea, and listen to Harlem real estate man, Robb Phair, Robb is founder and president of Harlem lofts, Harlem Lofts is As President and Founder of Harlem Lofts Inc., Robb Pair possesses 30 years of experience as a successful real estate developer and broker, and expertise in sales marketing. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in New York, North Carolina, and Virginia, and a licensed contractor in New York. He combines an uncanny ability and unique passion for connecting buyers and sellers with an unsurpassed knowledge of the Harlem New York real estate market. Since 2001, Robb has lived in a Harlem brownstone that was developed by his firm. He and his wife are raising their family (four boys) in Harlem - he talks abut the new  3rd quarter Market Report for Harlem and Upper Manhattan real estate and more! Today's show was taped live with Danny Tisdale on Harlem World Radio. www.harlemlofts.com