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    Living Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Social Media Minder Sherri-Lee Woycik

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    Sherri-Lee Woycik is a Facebook Marketing Expert and Local founder of Social Media Minder.

    Since 2010, Sherri-Lee has worked with a variety of companies from book authors to auto detailers to gourmet grocery stores to international hotel chains. Sherri-Lee works with her clients to create powerful Facebook marketing funnels that generate leads and then uses the power of Constant Contacts services to turn those leads into raving customers for her clients.

    Sherri-Lee is a sought after speaker and trainer, having spoken at Buildex 2014 and provided training for many local businesses. She also hold webinars for small business owners who want to learn how to do it themselves with the guidance of an expert.

    She is a single mom of two kids who she homeschools and enjoys creating adventures for them all to experience.



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    Sailors belong on ships, Ships belong at sea!!

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    Been on Shore Duty for more than 24 Months?  You may be headed back to Sea duty!!  We will talk about the new NAVADMIN and discuss how it may effect you.

  • Discovering The Best Auto Detailers

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    Reading a few reviews about a certain shop should help you decide whether its a good option or not. There shouldn’t be stories of careless employees. Fantastic detailers will take care of your vehicle as their own. Attention and regard will be displayed at all times. In the event of a windshield break or worse, most companies will do whatever they can to resolve the issue. It can be a frustrating thing to clean up. Be sure to find businesses that provide satisfaction guarantees. Whether or not mishaps happen, commitment to resolve them can make a big difference.

  • Discovering The Best Auto Detailers

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    As a client, feeling totally at ease with the services you’re spending money on is essential. All of the auto detailers in Kansas City approach the market in different ways. A few businesses will utilize the best products in their shops, while some manage with common resources. Whenever arranging the upkeep of your vehicle, no corners should be cut. Anyone concerned about the environmental impact of toxic chemical substances ought to be ready to ask essential questions before signing any contracts.

  • Saving Money With Effective Automobile Detailers

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    There are lots of needless things that can complicate the process. Getting your car into the shop ought to be pretty straightforward. Any friends who have had detailing done should be able to offer relative information. Searching on the internet for evaluations will display an impartial viewpoint. Once some queries have been made, it ought to be easy to keep away from bad circumstances. Having some inside info is a huge help when looking for detailers. Take some time and energy to find the best company for your needs. Make sure to only pay for services that you really need. Don’t be talked into paying for a lot more.

  • Benefits Of Using The Best Automobile Detailers

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    Finding the best place to bring your vehicle doesn’t need to be complex. Asking around can be a good way to find trustworthy detailing services. Almost everyone has found stores and companies that they love. There are many websites where clients can write about their experiences. This provides for a balanced perspective that offers a clear picture of what to expect. As soon as some queries have been made, it should be simple to stay away from negative circumstances. Possessing some inside info is beneficial when looking for detailers. It is beneficial to wait until you have found the perfect situation.

  • Locating The Best Automobile Detailers

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    There is no excuse for automobiles getting ruined during the detailing process. When choosing auto detailers in Kansas City, you ought to be in a position to entrust them with your important vehicles.Auto detailers in Kansas City must have shining track records that speak volumes about the way they’ll deal with your vehicle. Once the workers take your keys, you ought to be able to notice care and attention. Cracks on front windshields, or even worse can be horrible things to have to endure. Search for offers of satisfaction guarantees, as its safer to be over prepared. With the very best detailers, there’s no reason to worry. If accidents do take place, they’ll repair the problem instantly.

  • Saving Money With Reliable Auto Detailers

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    With such a huge number of detailing companies to pick out, it’s really a headache to find the best one. look out for a few specific services which can alter the entire experience for the better. Some projects take a long time to complete. You could find yourself without a motor vehicle for some time. Some excellent Kansas City car detailing companies will offer you extra services, like collecting and dropping off customers. Many people, especially those with just one car, are reliant on services like that. Select the companies that think of every detail, permitting a pleasant experience.

  • Discovering Detailed Automobile Detailers

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    Many mechanics use a number of cleaners and items on their vehicles. Nearly all clients do not know about what sorts of products are getting used on their cars. Most people just drop off their vehicles and then leave. There are so many products on the market that can sometimes be damaging to paint jobs or coatings. Be a responsible automobile owner, and perform a little research into what products work best with your vehicles finishing. It is advisable to avoid errors before they take place. The advantages of visiting great auto detailing businesses, are that they’re fully aware of how their treatments will impact a variety of automobiles.

  • Advantages Of Choosing The Very Best Automobile Detailers

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    It’s generally a good idea to fix a problem immediately. Nicks or paint blemishes will only worsen with time, causing more difficulty. Many folks wait to take care of demanding problems. Make sure that your car is in the best state it can be. Auto detailing in Kansas City can offer all the answers. Take action now, and spend more time enjoying your vehicle that feels brand new once more. When you sit in the driver’s seat, you’ll realize that there is nothing like the open road in a spotless vehicle. You’ll be surprised when you see how fantastic your vehicle can look and feel. It’s not too late to make a change, and take pleasure in a beautifully neat and sparkling vehicle.

  • Best Places To Track Down Fantastic Automobile Detailers

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    Does the detailing industry grab your attention? For more facts about Kansas City auto detailing check out this website.

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