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    The Dysphoria Project's Christina Marie & "Vomit Comet" participant Kevin Halle

    in Entertainment

    Christina Marie discusses The Dysphoria Project, an anti-bullying initiative, using art/photography to raise awareness and funds to combat body-image and body-shaming issues.  We'll discuss what Dysphoria is and how you can help.

    Kevin Halle spent a lot of time on G-Force One, AKA the Vomit Comet.  What is it like to be weightless and to interact in zero gravity?  How did he get involved and how awesome was that experience?

    Call in and ask our guests anything you'd like.

    J-Dub and Joel Casey will be around as well to discuss music and Hollywood.

    It's going to be another fun and entertaining episode of Talk34!

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    Wrestling It Factor Radio WWE Survivor Series review show

    in Wrestling

    reviewing WWE survivor series 2015 show.Discussing thoughts and opinions. Also favorite survivor series moments in the pasts.Hosted by Wayne Benitez and Tommy 2 Chips.

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    Oh You Didn't Know Radio: NXTNA!

    in Wrestling

    On tonights episode of Oh You Didn't Know Radio we discuss the brand new TV deals of ROH and TNA respectively. Lucha Underground Season 2 News as well as backstage news on certain TNA talents that have been spotted backstage at the most recent NXT tapings. S.Series predictions are up on line for discussion as well. Join Toph, JCD & Nate as we shoot the breeze in a special 1 hour 30 min edition of Oh You Didn't Know Radio!

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    The Star Chamber Show #61, featuring Glenn Porzig

    in Books

    Wednesday night at 9pm EST, author, artist, and screenwriter Glenn Porzig enters the Star Chamber to visit with co-hosts Stephen Zimmer and Michael West!  He will be talking about his latest projects, upcoming projects, art, and a whole lot more!  Come and meet a multi-talented creator this Wednesday! 

    About Glenn: 

    Glenn Porzig is best known as the creator of the comic book heroine Ace of Diamonds. Glenn grew up reading comics, pulp novels, and watching too much TV. Glenn and his wife Carly have written three screenplays together. They live in Indiana with a menagerie of both furry and scaly pets. Since 2005 he has been the co-host of PodCulture.com a weekly fandom podcast.

    Glenn has worked over twenty years in the television industry including two highly rated specials for SCI FI Channel; The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence, and The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed. He currently, literally, has his head in the clouds as a videographer on a TV news helicopter.

    Recently he has turned his attention to writing short stories and novellas. Glenn's first short story, Master of the Dead, was published by Destroyer Books in More Blood: A Sinanju Anthology. His debut occult horror novella Darkness Unbound: Lady in Black was released last Summer. The sequel Darkness Unbound: Terror of Night will be released on Halloween. You can learn more about his writing projects at DarknessUnbound.com.

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    Jehovah versus Yahweh and Id... the true story of our existence as human beings

    in Paranormal

    Science tells us thaat we are millions of years old. Religion tells us that this planet is only six thousand years old. What is the truth about life lived humanly? Four religions have a creator, what brings to life the created, and a destroyer God, but are they all beneficial, or is the destroyer God antithetical to our design? Fear is what ends what is created, just as love creates everything from beingness to experiences according to faith, desire, and intention. Find out what this all means in the overall scheme of things. Welcome to my point of view.

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    From bad to worse, with worse yet still to come

    in Politics Conservative

    Update: Bad as this week's events in Congress have been, we'll likely open this program by connecting the dots provided by some of the recent anti-gun rhetoric from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While only hints have been dropped so far, the an outline may be emerging on how they think they'll pull off gun confiscation in the not-to-distant future. 

    By showtime on Friday, Paul Ryan may have been chosen as the new House speaker.

    And John Boehner's worst budget betrayal yet may have been given a thumbs-up by Quisling Repubicans in the House.

    Why's the budget deal such a betrayal? 

    Because it assures full funding of Obama's fundamental transformation of America through the end of his second term. It will allow Obama and his agenda to dash forward in his final months, with Congress pretty much muted for the rest of his term. 

    Meanwhile, Obama sent a navy destroyer into waters where China lays a disputed territorial claim. 

    Nice timing. Obama 'wags the dog', apparently hoping to distract Americans from the favors Republicans in Congress are doing for him this week. 

    Heavan knows what other betrayals from within await America and its Constitution in the coming days, weeks or months. 

    At this rate of betrayal, what's going to be left of the Republican Party by November 2016?

    Care to assess or speculate? 

    Join us at noon (new time) on Friday. 


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    Unity America Radio Veterans Free Enterprise October 27, 2015

    in Current Events

    Unity America Radio Veterans Free Enterprise Fighting the Information War

    The new commandant wishes Marines a happy 240th birthday
    U.S. Navy sends destroyer by man-made islands in challenge to China's claims
    Commandant approves M4 as standard weapon for Marine infantry
    EOD tech, double amputee runs for Congress
    Why the Air Force Must Adopt the Navy's Lethal New Weapon

    We interview Veterans and Americans Proactive in Leadership. VPL's and APL's can be nominated. If you are conducting to benefit our community and/or provide a service you may also; Submit a written request entry according to a particular Interest by emailing our Program Director. If you would like to attend an event or be a guest on our show then please provide details to us in an email. We categorize all entries and talent is welcome exclusively. We welcome Independent artists as well Your nomination will take effect immediately and work into our program.

  • Will War Happen in less than 24 hours? China & U.S. Show down looms

    in News

    Join me tonight as we delve into the latest in breaking world news headlines matching bible prophecy! 
    - U.S. Destroyer to pass Islands in South China sea within 24 hours. Will China retaliate as promised?
    - Russia ships near data cables to close for U.S. comfort
    - Israel emerges from another bloody weekend of stabbing attacks
    - More than 200 killed as powerful quake hot Afghanistan and Pakistan
    - Earth quakes in past 24 hours
    - Canada whale watching boat called "Leviathan II sinks killing 5
    - Gunman opens fire near marine recruiting office in Iowa 
    and more!

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  • Destroyer God, Creator, and what brought us to life!

    in Paranormal

    People do not realize that What Created us and brought us to life differs from what returns to destroy those who are actively practicing Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The art of self-service is conquering, enslaving, and destroying. The warlord god Jehovah/Shiva/Allah/YHWH will return to complete what started 11,000 year ago. The unsuspecting do not realize what is actually going on with three of the four major religions practiced by over four billion people. The destroyer god worshipped in those religions is antithetical to human being-ness through the traditions of science, religion, education, business, politics, law, and medicine. These are the systems theories of the invader culture mindset perpetrating war, greed, and class distinction composing every civilized nation on this planet. This war God returns to destroy the faithful. Welcome to my point of view! 

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    God The Creator & Man the Destroyer

    in Religion

    This evening we will discuss God the Creator and Man the Destroyer during the era of Noah & his family.


    Please Tune In for a Spirit-Filled Show.

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    Erica Joseph Shepherd Christian are suffering needlessly because of demons

    in Christianity

    At one time I believe that Christians could not possibly have demons. However I now know for certain that Christians can and do have demons. I have also discovered that the biggest infestation of demonic influence with the body of Christ has come through the Transference of spirits. Through my experiences over the past 30 years of casting out demons, dealing with exorcisms, deliverance, inner healing and seeing spirits departing from within the souls and bodies of Christians and non-Christians  I know without a shadow of doubt that not only can Christians have demons, evil spirits, unclean spirits and familiar spirits they also have many other types of spiritual bondages as well. I believe people have translated the Bible and they have used a word called possessed, when people had problems with demons. To explain more about possession, let me do a word study with you. The Greek word;daimonizomai, has been translated into the word possessed and this is not totally correct if you look up this Greek word, you will find that it also means to have a demon, or to be under the influence of a demon. The Amplified Bible has translated this better than other translations. When evening came, they brought to Jesus many who were under the power of demons, and Jesus drove out the spirits with a word and restored to health all who were sick. Matthew 8:16, The word possessed means to have full control or dominion over, totally controlled by and not have our own will anymore. Christians can't be possessed by demons as such. But Christian can be under the power of Influenced and oppressed by demons, I also know that many Christians today are suffering needlessly because of demons. The Good News Christians can be healed and delivered from them also. 1-877-795-7110