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    Disability Destroyed! How to create a New Life Vision : Kristin Macdonald

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    Kristin Macdonald’s dramatic story is one of triumph over adversity.

    At  twenty-nine she was pursuing her vision of becoming an actress and a host in Hollywood when she learned her eyesight was slowly degenerating from a condition called retinitis pigmentosa. Despite the odds, Kristin went on to work as a producer on numerous television shows with some of the top people in Hollywood , including Aaron Spelling’s partner,  E. Duke Vincent.

    To overcome her obstacles and re-create her life, Kristin developed a system called Second Vision, based on what she calls “The Three Attitudes”: Acceptance, Appreciation and Action.

    Kristin works with a number of non-profits including the  Foundation Fighting Blindness, California Council of the Blind, and Center for the Partially Sighted. Kristin is on the Board of Directors for airsla.org, the first Internet radio service for the blind and visually impaired.

    With Kristin’s quick wit regarding her own disability, she helps you to:

    Embrace any situation and ignite a profound upturn in your daily attitude
    Get out of denial and identify what you can and can’t change in your life
    Uncover the gift of gratefulness and see your life flourish
    Find the positive in every adverse situation and develop your three best attitudes.
    Enjoy creating new goals for yourself, knowing you’ll actually reach them
    Learn dynamic, state-of-the-art techniques of energy management. It’s all about energy and when we can’t access it to meet the demands of the moment, performance falls short.

    Visit http://secondvision.net/

    Connect with Deb at:  http://www.DebScott.com 

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    A demonic cycle is when a person’s mind becomes subjected to demonic manipulation, and then strongholds are created to keep the mind constantly subdued and the person subjected to recurring predicaments. Demonic cycles are more than just bad habits. They can be more difficult to break because the person may not even realise that there is a mental stronghold involved in the recurring drama of his family, personal, business and spiritual affairs. You cannot break the power of something you don’t know does exist.


    Let's find out how, why and what to do by calling tonight; February 21, 2015: (323) 870-3977 @ 5:00PM PST ~ 6:00PM MST - 7:00PM CST ~ 8:00PM EST 

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    FREEDOM’S GATE: Has Race Baiting Destroyed Martin Luther King’s Dream

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    In 2015 Rev. Martin Luther King would be thinking about America the legacy of his struggles and if his dream were still relevant today. The celebrations that are being held in his honor throughout the nation are sadly tarnished by what race baiting has accomplished over the past several years.

    Rev. King and the leaders of the civil rights movement of the late 1950’s and 1960’s did not seek out individuals of questionable conduct and attempt to raise them up as heroes of a movement to free black people from racism and prejudice.  If he and others of that time had done that, the civil rights movement would have been dead on arrival.

    Join Lonnie Poindexter, national civil rights leader and celebrated host of the Freedom’s Journal Radio Show along with Darla Sutton Dawald, noted Tea Party leader, and head of One Nation Rising. They will be discussing the impact and effect of race baiting in America and how Rev. Martin Luther’s King’s legacy and dream can be recaptured.

    Later in the hour the guests will tackle just where in the world the traditional family hour in American homes has gone.  Has the absence at the dinner table had a damaging impact in families and in America?  Who or what is at fault and has its absence destroyed the fabric of home life and traditional values?  Is Hollywood, Gangster Rap music and violent video games part of the problem?

    We will discuss possible solutions to help lay the foundation for recapturing family hour in American homes on Freedom’s Gate, live Wednesday at 6:30pm EST and then available on demand. A production of Communities Digital News

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    The Gettin It In Show: The Story of ADAM & EVE ( WHY MAN IS Destroyed)

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    Before your awakening how did you view the story of Adam and Eve? Now that you are awakened what is your take on the story of Adam and Eve and who is Adam and Eve? We are going to breakdown parts of the story of Adam and Eve in the process we are going to explain how that story explains how we have destroyed ourselves as MAN and why we are at war with one another as black people (the black women and man).


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    Dropped, Damaged, But Not Destroyed ~ With Sonya Fire!

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    Dropped, Damaged, But Not Destroyed! Tonight's message by Sonya Fire. 

    Sonya Fire is a messenger from God who drops words of wisdom as the Holy Spirit leads her. She is an anointed vessel of God who holds no punches when it comes to speaking the Truth of God.

    This evening, if you have been Dropped or Damaged, tune in so that you can KNOW that you are NOT DESTROYED because God is on Your side! 


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    Broken But Not Destroyed w/J. Monroe

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    Join Destiny Empowerment Hour Radio's Host Ms. Cherise L. Riley as she sits down with Author, Career Coach, Empowerment Speaker and Consultant Ms. J. Monroe of J.Monroe Speaks.  

    At the age of 13, she was cleaning her mother's bullet wounds, by 18 she was doing the same for her boyfriend. At 22 she was kidnapped at gunpoint but by God's grace she made it out alive. This was not the end of the offenses that challenged her strength, sexual abuse, domestic abue, deception and grief were embedded into the fabric that draped her life. J. Monroes new book, Broken But Not Destoyed, gives assurance that although we may suffer through some things, we can still live a fulfilling and victorious life.  It is a testament that our downfalls, mistreatment and hurt don't have to have power over our lives, We can be restored to a place of peace and happiness if we have enough courage to do so.

    Through all of this, J. Monore has overcome some of lifes most terrifying obstacles and have acheived a satisfying career following her passion to help others in their development and career paths. Over the last 7yrs, she has strategically assisted colleges and universities with developing their career services departments. She is a certified personal and professional development coach thrugh the Professional Woman network who has developed professional development programs, faciliated workshops and been invited to speak at conferences and workshops while providing one on one personal and career coaching. J. Monroe also helps new and novice entrepreneurs with essential start up services such as market research, market plan development and pubic relations. For more info on J. Monroe, follow her on social media:

    website: www.jmonroeconsulting.com

    twitter: www.twitter.com/jmonroewisdom



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    Feminism: Has It Destroyed Families?

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    Has feminism destroyed families and brought down society? Has it caused woman and men to swtich roles. Feminists want to be treated equally except when it involves money. They still want men to pay for most things. Most want a man with a decent job. Why do we have a generation of feminized boys and girls that talk down to boys/men. This topic was inspired by a shocking article that I had read.  It was about this 22 year old woman who thinks that reducing the male population by 90% will solve everything! What is the world coming to with these ideas coming from these young girls? It will be a very interesting show indeed.

    Where is the link to the article:  http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/is-reducing-the-male-population-by-90-percent-the-solution-to-all-our-problems

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         JESUS was successful in His mission to destroy the works of the devil. Then works of the devil are carried out by his forces. We have the authority to bind the strongman and strip him of his armor. Israel was sent into Canaan to destroy the various nations. Those nations were pictures of kingdoms that possess the land and each of them represented a different stronghold GOd wanted His people to destroy. We must always remember that there are more with us than against us. The forces of light are far superior to the forces of darkness. CHRIST JESUS is LORD of the armies. Join us for powerful live prayer today and daily mon.-Fri. at 6:00 AM. Dial 714 459-3963.


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    Don't Give Up Radio: Not Destroyed with Antonio Neal

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    Don't Give Up Radio show is designed for people who have already over come great challenges but still have a way to go reaching their goals. The show speaks to the listener's soul via the words of guest, their life experiences and songs that pulled them out of the abyss. Jacquie wants the listener to be their own best hero, because the greatest hero of all, thought they were worth it and gave his life for them.

    Special Guest: Antonio & Shae Neal, Singer, Writer, Producer

    Featuring song from new CD: Live, Laugh, Love


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    1700 Year Old Bible Destroyed The African Human Indigent Civil Life

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    God of the bible don't want you to have intelligence therefore God did not give you any, the bible said the serpent gave Eve knowledge. History does not identify a God that the bible teaches. Is that a problem to you?

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    See The Enemy's Kingdom Destroyed.

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         Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (I John 3:8). Satan is rendered helpless when his forces are destroyed.. We have authority to bind the strongman and strip him of his armor. Israel was sent into Canaan to destroy diferent nations, which were pictures of kingdoms that posses the land. Each kingdom represented a different type of stronghold God wanted HIS people to destroy. The gates of hell shall not prevail. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fre. Dial 714 459-3963.

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