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    Prayer is essential to be able to stand the test of times and it meets the needs of so many people around the world it is so powerful that it can touch people across the globe and here at T.L.O. Ministries we believe without a doubt in the power of Prayer.

    That is why we are sending out a call to pray and sit in the prophetic flow of God so that you can receive power, Healing and Restoration to overcome life.

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    John Carver Show - Marital Expectations (Andy Stanley)

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    Andy Stanley has a way of sharing insights on so many subjects.  This talk on marriage is no different.  In this talk he shares:

    New husbands and wives and dreams and goals for their marriage, what roles they will fill, they desire a great marriage even what the wife wears to bed.

    There are financial goals...all these desires have "I" in common.  Every bride and groom walk down the aisle with a box of desires.

    Once the marriage happens, and without really knowing what's happening, married people take all their history and expectations on their new spouse.  Good desires become expectations.  That kind of pressure can be dangerous to a marriage.  They dynamic, instantly, changes because there are two big "I's" in the marriage.

    Selfishness, in a marriage, can destory expectations and can erode trust.

    In some marriage the "dominant" spouse thinks they're in control.

    It's very easy, for me, to be me.  It is very easy for you to be you.

    Conforming to someone else's expectations is very stressful.  We are individuals.

    Some marriages are based on compromise.  It goes good for a while then it starts to implode.

    Your focus of your attention has to be about each other.  

    When you settle in to compromise the marriage is an "I" marriage.

    Discontent can destroy what brought you and your spouse together.

    A desire migrated into an expectation where you say "You owe me" then romance suffers greatly.


    You can get a lot more information on Andy Stanley at http://northpoint.org/




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    one sinner destory much good

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    one sinner destory much good

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    one sinner destory much good

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    one sinner destory much good

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    The Destruction of a Jealous Heart

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    Many people destory themselves, their own destructive evil return to them in the end. But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, and devilish. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work, (James 3:14-16).

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    Anger can destory not only the people around you but it can eat at the very soul of individual who harbors it in their life. But is all anger wrong: How do I now when my anger is justified? How can I help those who seem to be characterized by resentment and bitterness in their lives? This lesson points out the destructive process anger takes in our lives and how others successfully manage this powerful emotion.

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    Power Over Demonic Spirit

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    You have power over demonic spirits, Learn who you are in Christ, and how to tap into your power God has given you. Demonic spirits are real, they will destory you, and you wont know what happen.

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    Welcome to part 7 of the Modern End Times Hosted by Dr. Butch Melton.

    Tonight we will answer the questions about WAR...the War on Terrorism or any type WAR.

    Did or does God really condone WAR...? ANY WAR..? What Does the Bible say abut WAR...? Did God even Lead a WAR...? DID God even Help in a WAR..? What does the Pope say about WAR...? What is the churches view on War(s)...? We will look into one scriture to give a full quick answer these questions. In todays standards, War is the same as back in the days of Old. But the means of how we destory has been elevated to the highest ever. As many tday in the field of Faith, we must find the TRUTH, and is the TRUTH really enough..? find out tonight on our show at 8:00pm USA /EST :

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    What is Witchcraft, Voodoo, Black & White Magic

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    Believe it are not people still do these things. As long as there is a devil this kind of evil will continue, and it can effect you. I can destory you, even if you don't believe it. Learn how to protect yourself. Christians believe if they are saved it can't touch you;  when a curse is on you, your afraid to ask for help because of what you have been taught. Learn the truth about this kind of evil.

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    Spiritual Wickedness and Denial of Cultural Mormons Fallow Ground for Cartels

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    "If you do not live up to every covenant you have made this day, you will be in my power." Devil

    Our "Zion" in Utah has been transformed into a jungle of money-making schemes, cut-throat competition, mixed with lawyercraft, priestcraft, doctorcraft; and all of this mess is ruled by political parasites.

    Cultural, pro forma Mormons who love and live a lie every single day, having rejected the everlasting gospel, are fallow ground, a hub for Similoa drug cartel, or secret combination, destined to balkanize and destory the United States. Because of reliance on doctorcraft, instead of the Priesthood, over-prescription of Oxycotin and other opiate medicines have addicted the population in Salt Lake, who then graduate to herion, cheaper than Oxycotin ($80/tab, street). Similoa Cartel is moving in according to recent report by National Geographic's Drug's Inc series recently aired on NatGeo. This corruption of the Church means they are natural allies in a secret combination destined to use Salt Lake as their hub and capital because of the "highest addiction rate in history" according to NatGeo. The wickedness of the people I have personally experienced, having lived among them, being mobbed by them on many occasions. This "wickedness never was happiness" state of lying cultural Mormons, and the stress of keeping up the appearances, create such discomfort and stress internally, that these hypocrites cannot cope with this unnatural state of spiritual bondage.  They look to relief from their corrupt doctors, thus opening the door for the devil to take power. Mormon sons of perdition, who actually use hollowed-out Books of Mormon as a cavity to disguise their cargo, with their status as Elders to deal heroin and other illegal prescription narcotics to be supplanted by Similoa Cartel which beheads people they disagree with are destined to ally with these wicked people.

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    MAKING IT LAST RADIO SHOW: Financially Healthy Marriages: Is it possible?

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    Marriage is a blissful thing - however with the average wedding costing nearly $30,000, and 80 percent of couples footing the bill themselves, it's no surprise that couples are turning to credit cards to save the day. Financial issues are classically one of the most often fought about topics in marriage. So even before your marriage begins, make a plan to work on your family finances together. It's a good chance that you will both enter the marriage with some debt, so before you are married, discuss how you both view the current debt, future debt, and create a plan of how you will together handle your credit.

    How we handle our finances and our credit can say a great deal about how mature we are, financially and in life.

    Credit coach Jeanne Kelly will offer tips on how to create a finically healthy marriage in this eposide. If you have any credit woes don't allow those issues to destory your marriage. Get on the same page and create a plan of action.


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