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  • Desperate Times Requires Desperate Actions

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    We Are Please To Have Evangelist Curtis Here On God's Resurrection Power Church Of Christ Ministry Where The Holy Spirit Is Our Overseer And Jesus Christ Is Lord,We Are A Bible Believing Ministry That's Teaching,Preaching And Reaching The Lost Souls Of This Sin Sick World For The Kingdom Of Heaven In The Name Of Jesus,We Are Here Every Morning Monday Through Friday From 10:30 a.m Est Until 2:30 p.m Est And Saturday's From 12 p.m Est Dial In Number Is 1-661-467-2411 All Are Welcome To Fellowship With Us.


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    Are people lowering their standards to be in a relationship? Are we truly happy or are we becoming desperate and why?

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    Interview with author of the book Diary of a Desperate Mother.

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    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences with others. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their purpose. Join Debbie every Tuesday at 8:30pm GMT with special guests. Joining Debbie on today's show is Fredericka Charles an amazing lady who is making a difference by sharing her story. Fredericka is a health and fitness consultant and author of the book Diary of a Desperate Mother, Battling Eczema and Allergies. Fredericka was nominated for Best Author at 2014 BEFFTA UK Awards. Fredericka wrote her book because she had such a desperate and lonely time when her son was younger. She didn’t really understand Eczema and Allergies and as a result of that, blamed herself for his condition. Her book is for parents of children with Eczema and/or Allergies to help them know they are not alone. Her motivation is to share what she has learned in the hope that other parents do not have to experience such a desperate time. Her book is also for Health Professionals so they can get a look into the lives of their patients.

    I look forward to you joining me Debbie and my special guest Fredericka Charles for Pure Inspiration.

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    Author Tonia Brown

    in Spirituality

    Tonia Brown is a Southern author with a penchant for Victorian dead things. She lives in the backwoods of North Carolina with her genius husband and an ever fluctuating number of cats. She likes fudgesicles and coffee, though not always together. When not writing she raises unicorns and fights crime with her husband under the code names Dr. Weird and his sexy sidekick Butternut. 

    You can read more about her and check out her links HERE

    Join the Face Book fun with Tonia's own chat page! HERE

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    Free Night!

    in Spirituality

    Raina and Dorian chat freely about what's going on in the world and our worlds, the Super moon, latest projects and a whole lot of snarking. We haven't done a free night in a while so tune in to hear the latest and if the cards we pull are for you.

    If you would like a private reading, Dorian is available for appointments. Book yours now HERE! And remember, proceeds from Cobaltraven's Magickal Notions help keep our show going. 

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    Danette Wilson

    in Spirituality

    Danette joins us for the first time to talk about magick, writing and life as a witch in general. She is a West Coast witch from San Diego, not too far from Dorian's old stomping grounds. You can read more about our fabulous guest HERE.

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    Relationship Revelations Part 2: Single & Desperate for Love

    in Spirituality

    Have you thought of the fact that perhaps you are single because part of you is offering you the opportunity to make sure you don't make the same mistake twice? Is your desperate behaviour chasing the right people away? Are you attracting crazy, co-dependent kinds of relationships or, are you the co-dependent one? Have you stopped to really think about what you want in a relationship? In this episode we have an in-depth 60 minute talk where Michelle will address these challenges and what you can do start changing the theme of your relationships. If you would like Michelle to help you with a specific related relationship issue be sure to call the number advertised on the day to speak to her live in studio. Michelle Manders is a professional Channel, Teacher, Astrologer, Soul Mentor, Soul Coach, & Facilitator specializing in personal and group transformative processes through using the tool of Spiritual Evolutionary Astrology, her Channelled Ascended Master teachings, and Pilgrimages to old and new sacred sites locally & internationally. Besides having studied Ancient Traditional and Modern Astrology, Michelle has also studied Quantum Physics, Psychotherapy, Past Life Regression with Denise Linn, Numerology, and is a Counsellor, Pampamisayoq (2nd level Inca Shaman), and Crystologist. Michelle is also currently studying for her Doctorate in Metaphysics and is the Founder/Director of Palace of Peace as well as the host and founder of Palace of Peace Talk Radio. Visit www.palaceofpeace.net to find more about Michelle and her work. 

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    BoysTown: A Gay "Desperate Housewives" Meets "Sex And The City"

    in Entertainment

    A cross between a a gay Desperate Housewives and Sex And The City, BoysTown revolves around the lives of 8 men living their lives in the heart of Los Angeles.  In this episode, Nicholas Snow welcomes one of the show's writer/director, Ricky Reidling, who also portrays one of the characters.

    Ricky's IMDB bio reveals he was "born in the small southern town of Winder, Georgia on May 15th. The youngest of four kids he grew up singing in school and gospel on the local radio station for his local church. Doing local theater productions since he was a kid he got his first real break when he was 15 when he was asked to audition for "Annie Get Your Gun" playing 'lil Jake, Annie's brother. He won the audience's over with great reviews to follow. Ricky continued acting in various productions throughout his career and finally decided to make the move to California where he was referred to a talent agent by a well known casting director and appeared in several films. Ricky then decided to start his own entertainment company where he would write/produce/direct and act in some of his own productions."

    Follow Nicholas on Twitter and Facebook to be alerted at the start of live broadcasts!


  • Pagan Pundit Night!

    in Spirituality

    Taliesin Govannon joins us for our first show after our vacation to discuss how Donald Trump could win the GOP nomination, and how Bernie Sanders supporters can help him win.

    We are excited to be back with you all and to be discussing this hot topic. We will also try to touch a little bit about the murders in Florida that are being blamed on Wiccan's.

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    The Faith of Christians Is Not Blind & Dead Doctrines for the Desperate

    in Christianity

    Today we're going to discuss this common objection we often hear about Christians and "blind faith".

    We'll offer some solid resources for the serious skeptic who is seriously seeking information about God.

  • Episode 9: UFAs getting desperate, Okposo Talks and more as BD goes (Han) Solo

    in Hockey

    BD returns from vacation and takes on the show solo bto talk UFAs, Okposo contract and more, 

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