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    Ph.D. Forum: How to Cope with Chronic Pain

    in Health

    Continuing our Ph.D. Forum series, I will be joined by Geoffrey T. Desmoulin.  Geoff is a Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calgary..  We will be discussing how to cope with chronic pain.

  • 03:03

    My Take Radio-Episode 100

    in Entertainment

    Our 100th episode and what we hope to be a very memorable show. I will be joined by Geoff Desmoulin from Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior. Geoff was one of our 1st guests so it is fitting that he returns to talk season 3 and to celebrate our 100th episode.

  • 01:52

    MMA Beatdown

    in MMA

    MMA Beatdown radio is back on MMADieHards.com and the MMA DieHards Radio Network. Mike, Amy and Brian spend a little time with two show favorites, Co-host of HDNet’s ‘Inside MMA’ and MMA legend, Bas Rutten and Spike TV’s Geoff Desmoulin of hit show, Deadliest Warrior. All that and more on the latest MMA Beatdown.

  • 02:30

    My Take Radio-Episode 38

    in Entertainment

    This week we welcome back Max Geiger,Geoff Desmoulin and Dr. Dorian from Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior which begins season 2 on April 20th

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