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    4 Ur Success Show Linda Hunt: Designing Your Office and Business for Success

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    Linda Hunt is the owner and designer of Creatively Yours Custom. She strives to bring the “beautifully unique” touch to her residential projects. Each of her clients interiors are created to reflect their individual taste with pieces that fit their particular needs and have been carefully gathered to function while being a little bit more unique and beautiful.

    She holds classes and seminars to help others in the field get their business established and grow their client base. She has extensive experience in this area and commands a high retention base with her clients.

    Linda is a graduate of the State University of New York and received her Bachelor’s in 1973. She has been in the design industry for over 30 years and has owned Creatively Yours Custom since 2001. She enjoys designing and being able to offer full service to her clients. Linda has written several e-books on design and sits on the board of the Richmond Chapter of the International Furnishings and Design Association. Voted “Best of Houzz” for the past 2 years, her projects have been featured in Ava Living Spotlight and Encore Magazine. Listen in to find out all about the freebies Linda Hunt has to give. 


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    Designing Your Personal Awesome Future

    in Self Help

    In this episode learn how to design a life based on courage with my special guest, who has been featured in "O" magazine, Dr. Deana Murphy.  Learn more about having better relationships by taking care of you, first.  This show is sure to help you deal with some of the obstacles you have been facing.

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    Designing Your Wellness Plan - Why Having One Is Crucial For Success!

    in Nutrition

    Anyone who runs a successful business knows how important it is to have a business plan. A roadmap, so to speak, on how to get to the next level. Professional athletes know this as well and all of them have what they call a playbook which enables them to perform at peak efficiency. In fact, for any endeavor to be successful, a plan on how to get from where you are now to where you want to get is fundamentally important. 

    So for optimal wellness, it is a given that you should have a wellness plan for a successful road to a healthier you. But how do you put one together? What are the necessary components?

    Last week, Dr. Budweiser, founder of Weiser Living, briefly started talking about this. This week, he will go into more detail and will be answering questions such as:

    How would you rate your current state of wellness on a scale of 1 - 10?
    What are your realistic wellness goals?
    How can you tell what your stress load is and what can you do to reduce it?
    What are the 3 main categories of a successful wellness plan?
    What is the simplest and most crucial component of any effective wellness plan, yet is often most commonly overlooked?
    How long should you commit to a wellness plan for good results?
    To supplement or not to supplement. That is the question!

    All this and much, much more!

    So stay tuned for a dynamic 30 minutes with Dr. Budweiser.

    Meanwhile, check out our blog at www.weiserliving.com


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    Keep Growing to Achieve True Prosperity

    in Self Help

    Get the real reasons behind why it is important to set goals that will help you grow.  Pat Council will share 7 reasons why and how you can keep growing and earn the prosperous life you deserve.  As you work to finish 2014 strong, get some  reasons that will inspire you to set powerful goals.  Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial services will share information that will help you estblish a great year end checklist for your personal budget.  

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    How to A.M.P. Up Your Life!

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    In this episode, learn more about finishing the year end strong by A.M.P.ing up your life.  Find out what A.M.P. means and how it can prepare you to go into 2015 with great momentum.  Also, find out more about what your year end financial portfolio should be all about as Certified Financial Planner, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial Services shares about your year end investment checklist.  

    Get your A.M.P. up your life commitment and 10 Days to Finish Strong Routine List, Free! Click to Request, now.

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    Designing room themes and spaces for children

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome back this week family!

    Tonight we're discussing in the area of designing for children's rooms. We cover some great aspects for coming up with a theme for your child's room. And, we also provide  tips  on selecting different elements that help make up or bring that theme together. With color shemes, wall designs, and accessories, you can easily transform the space into a fun and magical place!  Join in with us and tune in for the fun and excitement!         

    See ya there!

    (10:30 pm pst)  

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    Changing Any Area of Your Life

    in Self Help

    In order to thrive you may need to change an area in your life.  In today's episode Pat Council will share some tips on how to prepare for change and how to position yourself to be successful at making the changes you deem necessary. Get 5 powerful tips that will increase your resolve to be the you, that you want to be. It's your time to soar!

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    Designing Your Life From the Inside

    in Lifestyle

    Interior designers create a space that's beautiful to look at, comfortable to live in and fill your needs for space while soothing your senses. On this show we are going to talk about designing YOUR life from the inside out. Are there spaces in your life that are dark, dreary, or maybe just boring? Do you know deep inside you have potential for much more, but have no idea how to tap it? Join me and my guest Karen Bryce as we talk about how she re-designed her life and how you can do the same with yours. 

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    Gratitude Brings Growth

    in Self Help

    Learning to be grateful can open your life to more than imagined.  In this episode learn why gratitude is about more than celebrating Thanksgiving and how you can use it to stimulate your success and bring love into your life.  Pat Council will share more about the power of gratitude.  Learning about gratitude will help you appreciate getting together with those you love during the holidays.   

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    Designing Your Destiny with Dr Woodley

    in Relationships

    Designing your destiny part 2. Nikhol Jackson and Dr Woodley will discuss taking inventory of where you are at attaining the goals you set for yourself this year.
    Dr. Lateshia Woodley is a Counseling Psychologist and Educational Consultant that specializes in transformation initiatives and change management.  Since obtaining her Masters and Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, she founded Dynamic Achievement Solutions, LLC.  Dr. Woodley is a licensed professional counselor, a nationally certified counselor and certified school counselor. 

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    How Gratitude Affects Choices

    in Self Help

    As we continue to understand the importance of being grateful and how gratitude works in our lives, in today's episode get an understanding of how gratitude can frame your environment based on the choices you make.  Learn how to stay empowered and how to create more positive opportunities. Learn to create a thriving environment at work or at home.  

    Receive a copy of Pat's new book, The P.O.W.E.R.:  Using What You Have to Achieve Success.  Click for details.  

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