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    Final Affairs Forged With Flair With Holley Kelley!

    in Health

    TWU Radio welcomes Holley Kelley to the show!  Holley Kelley joins the show to discuss her remarkable new book about end-of-life decision making, Sunrises and Sunsets, Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality. It's a unique and innovative twist on final-affairs planning from a delightful and FUNctional perspective..

    This book is not just about planning for the Final Sunset.  It is about new beginnings and newfound perspectives about living.  It is about taking care of necessary personal business in a pro-active and responsible manner that allows for incredible peace and freedom in the present.  Kelley's book is about planning for the Sunset, while enjoying every Sunrise, with fresh outlooks and appreciation!

    To learn more about Holley, you can visit her website http://www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com/



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    Road Map 4 Seeker's And Searcher's Road Map with Guests Holley Kelley and Gary M

    in Spirituality

    ROAD MAP 4 SEEKER'S:                 Holley Kelley, M.S., C.P.G.
    Founder, Latter-Life Planning Institute; The Ultimate Guidance for Life's Inevitable Destiny!
    Individuals, Groups & Businesses: Consulting, Seminars, Workshops, Guidance, and Guest Speaking. 
    To learn more, visit: www.latterlifeplanninginstitute.com New Book Release: Sunrises and Sunsets; To learn more or order your copy, visit:  www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com  
    Tributations; custom eulogy authoring service.  Learn more at:www.tributationstoremember.com  
    Searcher's Road Map: Gary is the first, and to date, only Lawyer Coach in Canada to have a book published on Business Development for Lawyers. 'Raindance: The Business Development Guidebook for Lawyers'? was published in August of 2012 by Carswell. His second book was published in September (2014), from Carswell, entitled: Raindance Two: A Blueprint for growing your practice.Gary's second book has two editions, one for small firms and solo practice, and the other for regional and large firms. Website: www.ontraccoach.com 

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    Guest: New Mexico grape grower this week on All About Wine!

    in Wine

    This week, All About Wine welcomes John Holley, grape grower in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Learn some of the challenges and problems, and fun(!), of grape growing.  Call our guest line and speak with show host, Ron, and tonight's guest by dialing (646) 727-3235 during the show.  Or, email the show at any time at allaboutwine101@gmail.com

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    Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos Show w/ Holley Kelley:Final Affairs Forged with Fair

    in Self Help

    While we may not know when we'll go, we do have a choice how we go.  End of Life Preparation is a subject we may avoid but Holley Kelley is here to share her thoughts and guidebook on preparations for end-of-life. Sunrises an Sunsets touches on the spiritual and the practical in an entirely thought-provoking, charming and novel way. Holley Kelley tackles the unapproachable topic of death and dying with heart, compassion, wisdom and humor--and inspires a more epic form of passionate living with her readers in the process!   

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    Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, & FUNctionality

    in Spirituality

    Sunrises and Sunsets:  Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality with Holley Kelley, M.S., C.P.G.

    Sunrises and Sunsets is what you get when a writer / gerontologist-- interested in advance care planning, life and living AND death and dying--is set on a mission, and decides to ?write book!  It is a unique book, designed to help you get your final affairs in order, in a inspirational, interactive, easy approach.  Sunrises and Sunsets is not a pessimistic book about death and dying. 

    It is a book that encourages you to plan for what is to come, while also enthusing new appreciation for each new sunrise.  It will also help ease the burdens you may have about dying, as well as assisting you in handling your future plans and persona?l affa?irs in a FUNctional way!  ?

    In this book, you will read resonating stories, reflective poetry, thought-provoking and witty quotes and scenarios that will keep you engaged from subject to subject.  It's a book and a guide.  Overall, it's an interactive and entertaining journey!

    And, on that journey, you will complete your advance care planning!  From bucket lists to advance directives, to leaving a written legacy and logging all of your personal and financial information and defining who gets what...Sunrises and Sunsets is the road map you leave behind for your survivors. 

    For more information visit: http://www.sunrisesandsunsetsbook.com/

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    in Radio

           Yesterday, was Christmas day.  Last Saturday was a hot show, but too soon to play tonight's show, so here it is tonight.  Wishing you the best for 2016.  Over the past - OVER FOUR YEARS - we have had some stunning shows, covering a lot of topics.  And each week you know that all of the hosts, from the origin of this concept do not appear each week or all together, but all make contributions when they come.  We are from all over, Ebony Empress who is from England, and the rest of us throughout the states.  CeCe, Anna, Valcine, Dave, Aaron, Mark, Reylon, Hershel, Saphyr, 6 eyes, Derrill, Darryl, Lynn LITTLEJOHN, Cecelia, Michael, Tandia, Eugene.  And we can't leave out Lambert, he is always spicy and true when he participates.

           Here's wishing you the best for 2016 - from the Cool Critics.  By the way Has Paula Deen been forgiven or is she making a comeback?  I saw her sons on the FOOD NETWORK.  Enjoy the show - 

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Lila Holley. She's stopping by the Author Chat show to discuss her new book, Camouflaged Sisters.

    About the book:

    Many see their glory, but don’t know their story.

    Camouflaged Sisters chronicles the courageous path of fourteen women who overcame various internal and external struggles during their military careers. These veterans give open accounts of how they adapted, achieved work-life balance, relied on their faith, and used mentorship as a vital tool in their success pre- and post-military career.

    Expect to be inspired by black women who fight for our homeland, while simultaneously battling to protect and preserve the assets most important to them. If you’re entering, serving or transitioning back into civilian life, this guide is a must read to support you in your honorable journey. 

    About the author:

    Lila Holley is a Transitioning Veterans Coach and the founder of BecomeABattleBuddy.online, an online program and community to assist                    veterans with transitioning from military life to civilian life.                                                         Learn more at www.LilaHolley.com

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    Holley Kelley, Joe Calloway

    in Business

    Holley Kelley gerontologist, journalist, author, entrepreneur, and Founder of the Latter-Life Planning Institute.   Holley is a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist, A member of the National Association of Professional Gerontologists, the Southern Gerontological Society and a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling.  She is with us today to share her new book, Sunrises and Sunsets, Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality.  This captivating and ground-breaking new book has awakened the nation on final affairs planning in an approach that can appeal to everyone

    Joe Calloway business author, advisor, and speaker, Joe's corporate client list reads like a Who's Who in business, ranging from companies like Coca Cola and IBM to Cadillac and American Express.Joe is the author of five ground-breaking business books including Becoming a Category of One. Joe's newest book, Be the Best At What Matters Most. Joe is the Executive In Residence at Belmont University’s Center For Entrepreneurship, and he is an Advisor on Business Development with Gilson Boards, an American artisan snowboard company

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
    Connect with Bert Martinez on Facebook.
    Connect with Bert Martinez on Twitter.
    Need help with your business? Contact Bert Martinez.
    Have Bert Martinez speak at your event!

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    The58thAngieBowieBarnett&RickHuntRadioShow+JEFF SLATE#58

    in Entertainment

    Jeff Slate is taking The Weekend Wilburys all around New York and the North Eastern states. The Weekend Wilburys is the latest Family Friendly entertainment event and features Jeff Slate and the music of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and ELO. Jeff Slate is supported by Steve Holley, Rick Mullen and Jimmy McElliott. Birds of Paradox is Jeff's solo album and was released in 2012 and includes performances from many New York iconic musicians including our favorite Gary Van Scyoc on bass, Adam Ippoloto on Keyboards and Steve Holley on Drums. May Pang is responsible for many of the Birds Of Paradise members meeting each other and cooperating to make thuis wonderful album which featrues the art work of our very own Rick Hunt.November 2013 continued Jeff Slate's wonderful musical contribution to LIVE MUSIC with "Imposters and Attractions" which features 10 original compostions and two Costello classics and this album was released in a digital version. The best description of Jeff Slate's talent is in Jon Friedman's Bob Dylan biography "Forget about Today" "If you want to understand what makes Jeff Slate tick, just watch him perform in concert. It's all you really need to know about him as a bandleader, guitarist and singer. His love of the life and the work comes across in his music. When I caught Jeff at a late night gig here in New York City last summer, I was reminded once again, by the sheer therapeutic power of music to make people feel happy - that is when the sound is in the hands oi someone who loves what he is doing and wants to make a crowd happy."

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    Sunrises and Sunsets - Final Affairs

    in Health

    Welcome to the Healthy Baby Boomers Network Blog Talk Radio Show.  I am your host, Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Spiritual Relationship Healer and Somatic Body Psychotherapist, Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships Through Love, author of the book: Love Me, Touch Me, Heal Me, the romantic novel, Love in the Blizzard of Life, and creator of Healing Through Love Seminars, Love Touch Heal Relationship System and the 30 Day Love Challenge.

    This show is all about living your dreams and fulfilling your life purpose no matter how old you are right now.

    Today I am speaking with Holley Kelley, credentialed Professional Gerontologist, with a Masters’ Degree in Applied Gerontology and a BA in Journalism and Psychology. Author of the book Sunrises and Sunsets: Final Affairs Forged with Flair, Finesse, and FUNctionality, her writing career actually started quite early with poetry, songs and short stories.  She often performed her songs with local bands and at local events.  During her early college years at Brenau University, she wrote an advice column for the college newsletter, had her short stories published, and worked at the college radio station.  Around the age of 21, she was asked to write and officiate a custom funeral service.  That event led her towards new focus in her career.  She held a management position in the health care field, started a business writing personal eulogies, and finally left the health care industry to open her own senior-focused insurance firm.  When she returned to Brenau to get her Gerontology Masters Degree, her book was born and she now writes and speaks about aging and advance care planning for the last phase of life.

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    "Special Edition" Interview with the authors of Camouflaged Sisters

    in Military

    Camouflaged Sisters

    Some would have you believe that women are the weaker vessel. Granted, some of us may be less physically endowed than some men, but weaker vessel? I cannot agree with that label. Women have made history by showing their strength during challenging times. Often times, it only took one woman to influence a movement or create a world of change for those around her and for generations to come. This strength often comes in times of oppression or as a means of survival. I think of women like Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Malala and even Oprah Winfrey who broke the mold of ‘normal’ and created immeasurable opportunities for women today. This act of breaking molds, knocking down limitations, and creating opportunities extends even into the military, where women make up nearly 14.5% of the Armed Forces. Women like Cathay Williams broke down barriers that prohibited women from enlisting into the Armed Forces, although she had to pose as a man to get into the Army. Once she was in, however, she broke down the stereotypes that women were not capable of serving in the military. Over time, women have proven themselves to be invaluable members of the Armed Forces. Black women, who have been among the last ethnic/gender group to make significant strides in the military, continue to show themselves worthy of the accolades enjoyed by their male counterparts over the years. These women were among the ‘firsts,’ creating opportunities for generations of Black women, like us, to come behind them and enjoy successful military careers.

    Lila Holley

    Shirley LaTour

    Tamara Sanford

    Kathy Marie Carter

    Amanda Randolph

    Sylvia McCrea

    Vernessa Blackwell

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