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    Culture of Truth: Deviant

    in Current Events

    Political satirist Culture of Truth bases The Bobblespeak Translations on Meet the Press and/or This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Using show transcripts, he creates the 'most ridiculous moment' for Virtually Speaking Sundays where members of the VS media panel respond. This segment, Deviant, drawn from this Bobblespeak Translations was created and aired on August 9, 2015. Listen to the complete Sunday episode, with commentary from digby and Jay Ackroyd, here.

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    " The Terror Of Being Terrorized..."

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    TOPIC: "The Terror Of Being Terrorized ~ This week we turn our attention to the events that have been grabbing everyones Hearts, Spirits and has placed a strangle hold on the emotions of everyone in the WORLD that has been exposed to it. The countries of North Africa, Russia, Israel and most recently of FRANCE,  have all fallen victim to the perils of the Deranged, Craven, Idealistic, unresonable, irrational, sociopathic, genocidal Terrorist Cowards named ISIS!  And we'll ask the question looming on everyones mind...WHY?  Explain your particular brand of insanity without sounding utterly stupid, and tell us why anyone would be part of such a movement and at what price.

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    I Dropped a Marine On video Hoorah "boxrec" you deranged bitches got owned !!!!!

    in Professional

    Charlie Zelenoff Is a Prodigy 0:25-0:27 The Greatest Of All Time Who Ever I Fight In my 88th Fight thier gonna get dropped too 


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    Guns don't Kill People, Crazy-Deranged People Kill People!

    in Radio

    "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands". It seems the topic of "gun violence and gun control" continue to take center stage in the circus of the politically confused arena. In what world can a Crazy-Deranged person take the lives of 9 people praying and a president use the political-press-presidential pulpit to talk about taking the guns from law abiding citizens? Only in Washington while still backed by those who went into the voting booth twice and checked BHO. Here's an Idea, Mr. President how about you disarm your presidential detail, secret service and those that stand guard and watch over you!?! We will hit hard on this episode of The Larry Stevenson Show. Please tune in, call or chat, and tell a friend! 347-308-8988 

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    JackedUp Relationships with Tracey J

    in Pop Culture

    Spill the Tea about a bad ex-boyfriend, a girlfriend gone wild, or a marriage made mess on the Jacked Up Relationship show!

    This week's show will discuss deviant relationships, the book & movie best seller, "50 Shades of Grey" and we can't wait to hear some of you out there with juicy stories on the matter at hand.. Mmm Hmmm.... Steamy!

    Have you ever been in or do you have a "play room"?  Is there a swing?  Are you a manufacturer of said devices?  How did you get started? So many questions, so little time...

    I command you to ....Call in to the show and share, listen live via 516-387-1567 or (face punishment)

    Yes Sir!  Hurt so good!

    Thanks for your bondaged ear!



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    The Captain's Comic-Cast BATMAN Day II Preview

    in Entertainment

    The Captain of Ontario St. Comics? returns to preview the store's big day on Saturday Oct 17th,  


    Hosted by Bill aka The slightly insane 216 year old Pirate Captain from Ontario St. Comics in Philadelphia PA! 

    We may even throw in some talk of wrestling, TV shows, Comic book movies, Cars or whatever the hell else is on the mind of the deranged Captain that day! 

    Join us for a fun time as we continue our quest for world domination! You can even call in live and talk to the Captain! 

    Get your questions ready! The number you can call in live on Friday is 718 508-9883

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    Conversation with Sapphire J Blue with Author Steven Van Patten - Brookwater's C

    in Writing

    Brookwater's Curse Volume OneChristian Brookwater is a former Georgia plantation slave who became a vampire during the 1860s. His long, tumultuous life takes a complicated turn when he is forced to travel to modern-day Senegal to rescue a child from a vengeful werewolf prince. It is here that Christian uncovers a plot that would throw the entire vampire nation into a civil war. To stop this, Christian must betray his best friend and mentor, an influential Italian vampire who nurtured him during his vampiric infancy. 

    Christian is a member of a nocturnal law enforcement community that safeguards the secrets of the creatures of the night. This involves the killing of werewolves and other deranged monsters; something Christian excels at. But his fraternization with humans and his incessant need to kill racists vexes his superiors, who threaten to execute him if he doesn’t curtail his ‘racial impulses’. Christian also suffers from a rare condition that makes intercourse with human females especially dangerous. 
    Christian’s other mentor is a four hundred year old vampire samurai lord who teaches him the arts of war and sacrifice, and has a knack for appearing whenever things become desperate. 
    Of course, the warrior’s code can’t replace the desire for love, as Christian discovers when he becomes enamored with a human female in the 1940s. Despite Christian’s affliction, the two lovers raise a child together and for a while, our vampire gets a taste of true happiness. 
    Some years later, his family life ends tragically as Christian loses his great love and becomes estranged from his teenaged son. Heartbroken, Christian embarks on a series of illuminating, yet sinful adventures as he migrates to a new home: Harlem, New York.

  • Film Producer, Writer Damon Borrelli

    in Film

    We will have a Guest on the show Damon Borrelli (Film Producer)  who is  awesome his Web Series I'll Call You

    I'll Call You

    First thing…nobody’s calling Jon, it’s a good thing too because he’s a fucking mess ever since his wife left him on their wedding night, if that really happened. He’s got a therapist who’s completely deranged, if he’s even real. A best friend, Barry, dispensing sophomoric advice that’s worth less than the fecal samples he sells on line.  And there’s a crew of  emotionally-stunted friends as well. They all think Jon is ready to start dating again. They couldn’t be more wrong.

    Thanks for joining BackStage Mic, me and my co-host Rebecca Mae Spaulding---and the rest of the wild and crazy nightly crew. Tonight, we have another awesome show planned for you, with trending news, celebrity gossip; Come and join us and listen great Indies Music. If there is something on your mind, or you would like to touch on something that the Rebecca and I might have talked about, you are invited to come into the studio, and join us; the number is (646) 716-5735

  • Political Crimes Are Grave Sins: Chat W/ US Army Whistleblower 2LT Scott Bennett

    in POTUS

    America's intensifying denial of sin since the 1960's has offered Political Operatives pathways to grave crimes against the American people, crimes unimaginable in our country's youth, young adulthood and early middle age. As America settled into what most hoped would be a comfortable 'mid' middle age post World War II, rather than enjoying the freedoms we fought so hard to preserve, our moral laxity cultivated the overgrowth of wickedness amongst our politicians. 

    Americans are not the only ones victimized by the crimes of its Political Sinners; due to our historical positioning and might so is the entire human race.

    Dreadful, shocking criminal activity is now routinely conducted in our once-sacred government offices. Americans suffer blatant theft, destruction of our Constitutional rights and freedoms, Treason, perversion of Justice, willful destruction of The American Dream, government threats and intimidation, assassination of civilians deemed 'Enemies Of The State', psychopathic militarization of civilian domains, and sadistic, deranged stalking of American Citizens' every move. Global activity ditto.

    What are Political Sins? How do individual humans suffer by their commission? How does America as a Nation suffer? How can we, a Nation established under God, vigorously weed out of office Political Sinners, and replace them with citizens of utmost Integrity? How, then, does America skillfully, sincerely communicate with the world that we will do our best to 'sin no more'? 

    U. S. Army 2LT Scott Bennett, Whistleblower, is today's guest.


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    Chris Andoe: Delusions of Grandeur!

    in Entertainment

    Author Chris Andoe talks his best selling book "Delusions of Grandeur" tonight!
    Buy the book on Amazon HERE!
    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Chris a question and join in the fun!

    “Not since Charles Bukowski have I found myself so submerged into the life and times of so many colorful characters. Acclaimed writer Chris Andoe brings a modern flair to such a missing style of literature today. I felt intrigued, enlightened, dirty, amused, outraged, betrayed and in awe of all that is Delusions Of Grandeur.” – Karla Templeton, Vital Voice Oklahoma native Chris Andoe has lived from San Francisco to New York, but for nearly twenty years has remained captivated by the drama, culture, and tragedy of the haunted old river city of St. Louis, a place he's likened to Sunset Boulevard's Norma Desmond, simultaneously celebrating yet mourning a glorious past. Delusions of Grandeur is a compilation of tales and snippets of many lives and characters whose stories entertain standing alone and enrapture woven together. From a deranged conman penetrating the highest reaches of state politics to shocking headlines of a 'human slaughter chamber' on the East St. Louis riverfront, Andoe has collected and craftily chronicled the whole spectrum of the St. Louis LGBT community and beyond, and the outcome is nothing short of page turning. Often mired in controversy for his unflinching style, "Emperor of St. Louis" Chris Andoe is a columnist for Vital Voice.

  • I have Beaten Everybody. What Else is there left to Prove ? I am the Greatest

    in Sports

    I am the Greatest Of All Time Charlie Zelenoff my last fight says it all the haters have been exposed as deranged jealous sick people with a very sick mind and sick false thoughts that they spread all over the net to try and fuck up my image but 1 thing they could never fuck up is my Destiny To Greatness. Charlie Zelenoff The GOAT 86-0