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    Writer's Block "Bleeding HeART" 10am PST/Radio Drama "Grooming Hour" - 11am PST

    in Culture

    Writer's Block 10am to 11am - Bleeding HeART Duo Version


    Host Tim Pylypiuk and co-host Bob Delaney honor the influence and genius of Robin Williams, as well as touch on the grey areas of mental illness and art, in a show originally broadcasted as a solo effort now re-worked to include the perspective of editor-by-trade Bob.  Those interested in contributing may call in at 1-760-825-0903 after the thirty minute mark or post their questions/comments in our chatroom below.


    Radio Drama 11am to 12pm - The Grooming Hour (Doll Bones and The Heart Of The Fan Letter)


    Bill Boutin returns to join host Tim Pylypiuk for on-the-spot Grooming and Performance tweaking in addition to shining the light on Bill's talents as a songwriter and 2014 Naturally Autistic People Awards Literary Arts Nominee.



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    Help Me Turn My Life Around "I am Stuck"

    in Lifestyle

    Live your life in an extrodinary way. No matter what you are facing no matter where you are in life you can be healthy happy and live an amazing life by making the right decisions and choices. Everyone falls down sometimes, along lifes journey the secret is when you fall, land on your back and look up because the you can see your way to get up. Now for many people getting back up is hard because they get stuck. Pain, deppression, fear, there are a lot of reasons we get stuck. The more important thing, is how do you get un-stuck. Lets talk.

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    We Have A Hope That Endures

    in Christianity

    We have a Hope that endures.... But do we really believe that? Do we have a hope that cannot be shaken no matter what comes our way? As children of God we truly have a hope that endures. And its found in Christ alone. Anything else is sub par or simply not good enough. Many christians today are struggling with deppression, sadness and just giving up on life and want to end it all. And so they lose hope. And so we find ourselves at times floundering and asking ourselves why am I am this great dark pit of despair? We find ourselves listening to the wrong voices and focusing on temperary things that don't matter, and this is where we must be reminded that we must have an eternal perspective, and a sustaining hope that endures.

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    This Month's Warrior Educational Forum

    in Self Help

    Teachings, discussions, conversations and books to help you explore your reality in a more profound way.  You can hear.  You can ask quesions, get answers and leave comments on our Education Forum.  This month Dr. Om Prakash will explore the concept of Hell and our powers, as human beings, to create a living Hell right here and now.  He will discuss his experiences in San Diego, CA and how he descended into the very depths of Hell itself.  This will be the first time this story has ever been told.  

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    Madly Chasing Peace By Dina Proctor

    in Business

    http://blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow  Just over 4 years ago I hit an emotional rock bottom, struggling with alcohol addiction, food issues and suicidal depression. I felt like I’d tried everything possible to fix myself and nothing worked.Join us Friday to see how i made it through hell.Communication to lead, influence, and inspire with Lisa B Marshall.

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    Teach Me How To Love You

    in Entertainment

    Tune into our show on Monday at 6:00pm for a controversial topic "Teach Me How To Love You".

    Couples meet each other on a daily basis and don't know how to love themselves but they want to start a relationship and try a love someone else. Men think that if they sex a woman up real good and buy her some gifts to validate his false surface feeling causes nothing but pain to the woman over time. A woman will try to feed a man, sex him up and wait on him hand and feet. A woman will deny herself and her children for the sake of trapping and keeping a man. Some women will go as far as asking the man NOT to work a regular job so that she can keep a watch on him.  When couples meet there are a series of questions that should be asked but it never happens becasue both the man and the woman have motives that they never disclose to the other person. You may have questions like,  Have you ever been to jail, have you ever had any STD's, do you have any children, do suffer with deppression, have you ever been raped, etc. 

    If you meet someone and they say "Teach Me How To Love You", could you give them the blueprint on how to love you. Do you think they should know when you first meet. Well how can you expect love, if you don't love yourself. Love is defined diffferently by each person who desires to have it.  

    The final outcome of being taught how to love can be a life changing event for both parties involved,  pay close attention.

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    ANCA Healthy Living - 8pm PST

    in Culture

    Hosts Tim Pylypiuk and Colleen Skinner keep it simple for this episode with talks about the past (how it shapes and molds a person's present) for the first hour and a full-scale examination of Deppression for the second hour.  Be a part of the conversation by dialing 1-760-825-0903 or interact with us in the chatroom.
    Topic #1 - The Past
    Topic # 2 - Deppression
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    ANCA Healthy Living - 8pm PST

    in Education

    Host Tim Pylypiuk and co-host Colleen Skinner, author of "Just An Interruption" and grieving specalist, sound off on more topics centered around general good health.
    Topics for this episode:
    Bullying (Reprise)
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    Help, My partner's Jealous, and depressed! 2NITE 9PM 1/31

    in Lifestyle

    Help!!! My partner's Jealous, needy & depressed! What should I do?” "2NITE" 9PM 1/24

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    Snap Out Of It! End Feelings of Deppression with my guest Renee Heimerman

    in Self Help

    Depression is ruining peoples' lives and it is time we stop it!Join me with my guest, author, speaker and coach Renee Heimerman. Renee suffered from depression for over 30 years and re-invented herself through a change it thought process. Her mission is to help people worldwide learn how they can do it for themselves!

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    Brother Q Orgone Eneregy

    in Lifestyle

    Brother Q Orgone Energy Join The Remix Family as we explore Orgone Energy.
    was born and raised in brooklyn new york, in a christian family with a"special" awarenes since child hood. A musician and producer of many years wouLd notice when i would travel out of new york and out of the counrty i always felt better, and when i returnd from anywhere i felt this itchy sticky heaviness when i crossed ny city limits.
    Eventually drawn to metaphisical studies of varying disiplines through researching my then christian faith. knowledge and a certain knowing of facts and events of which i had no prior training or knowledge, began to lead me to pieces of a vast pulzzle of which i am even now enjoying the benefits of what i have learned and through sharing with others. The spiritual benfits, pshycic abilties, visions, clareaudience (not so interested in the visual as i have seen many things and trust, some things are not for the faint of heart), vitality of rejuvenated health, clearing of Certain mental issues( deppression,guilt, fear etc) Crystals work the best!
    Which brings us to orgone eneregy. At first i thought it was snake oil stuff then further research buliding of various devices and gauging my results led me to further study of the various energy sciences to discover a pattern that led me back to Egyptian, Sumerian, Olmec( if there is such a word) and various forms of kemetic teachings, carvings and devices of amazing power such as the the" Ankh", Copper and its importance to us. Crystals, Auras, Sacred Geometry and THE PINEAL!