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    The Joy of the Arrival: The NewBorn Baby

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    Imagine the joy of parents welcoming the arrival of their newborn child.  The nursery is prepared, all the baby gifts, all the parental gifts, and many gift cards for the parents to shop for essentials in abundance plus gift card accomodations for the parents to have a break for dining with two appointed and approved baby sitters.  The parents I believe needs to reconnect and be refreshed and celebrate the arrival of their newborn baby accordingly.  Beginning a family may be overwhelming so it's nice for people to mindfully consider treating the parents with a day out to dine.  It's good for the wife and husband!  Family supporting family! A baby shower should always present a group gift being the perfect custom-designed personalized baby album including a digital online baby album.  Signle baby shower gifts are fantastic, but a major gift from the group is the baby album plus the baby bed, baby mattress, stroller, dresser, and two rocking chairs. Sometimes it's nice and relaxing taking a seat in the nursery with an acutal baby album without technecal devices embracing a special moment of reflection in the nursery.  The beginning of the family, and the multiplication of the family.  Family ingredients with love, stability, empathy, compassion, effective communication, support, and unity may validate the family.  "A validated family is a strong family with confidence."  Do you remember your experience when you delivered your first born child?   

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    IH Elders Speak: And You Would Be Called the Repairer of the Breach

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    The IH Elders will be speaking about the breach that you will repair as a man and woman of Yah.  YeshaYah (Isaiah) 58:12 “And those from among you shall build the old waste places.  You shall raise up the foundations of many generations. And you would be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Streets to Dwell In."

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    Titus 2 Tuesday with Keva Renee & Marcus Tankard

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    Up Next on Titus 2 Tuesday with Keva Renee continuing in the series of Secret Pain is MARCUS TANKARD--- March 3rd, 9pm cst/10pm est Dial 917.932.8788 Key Strategies Against "Secret Pain In Marriage & Relationships" Blueprint techniques to safeguard against "Secret Pain in marriage" and overcoming "Past hurt in relationships". This broadcast is dedicated to assist families and individuals alike with strategies thru Pastor Marcus Tankard! Join in the conversation to release that pain you have been holding on to in secret.

    Marcus Tankard - star of the hit Bravo TV reality series "Thicker Than Water" - is a missionary, pastor, musician and author. Mark spent over ten years preaching and teaching the word in bible schools, churches, conferences, crusades, and teaching on television and radio. He has written many books including Praying Out the Plan. 
    Marcus received bible training from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After graduating form bible school, Marcus founded and planted two bible schools in the Czech Republic, Apostolos Bible Training Center. 
    For more information on Pastor Marcus, visit our YouTube Channel here: www.youtube.com/marktankard

    Get to know Pastor Marcus thru social media:

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    The Importance of Growth

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    When it comes to our well-being, we all know how important our eating habits are, how important it is to exercise, we now even understand how important sleep is to every area of our life. There are many things that we now know for sure is very important but did you know that so is growth? Growth is so crucial to our overall well-being in every sense and in today's talk, you will learn how so. 

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    Isa 56:10  Your watchmen are blind, ALL of them know nothing. ALL of them are dumb dogs unable to bark, Dreamers lying down, who love to slumber;  11  And the dogs are greedy, they are not satisfied. And they are shepherd who have NO UNDERSTANDING; They have ALL turned to their own way, to his own UNjust advantage, to the LAST ONE!  12  "Come," they say, "let us get wine, and let us drink heavily of strong drink; And tomorrow will be like today, only more so." Isa 57:1  The righteous man perishes, and NO MAN takes it to heart.  Devout men are gone away that NO ONE understands. It is the righteous who are taken away from evil,

    Rev 15:4  "Who will not fear THEE, O Lord, to glorify THY name? For THOU alone art HOLY; For ALL THE NATIONS WILL COME AND WORSHIP BEFORE THEE, .. WHEN THY RIGHTEOUSNESS is REVEALED."

    YAH has foretold of old what it is going to take to finally awaken mankind beyond all the many illusions of false righteousness after which a world has been grossly deceived and divided.  Yet the RULERSbeing inately avowed to protect and defend INSTITUTIONALIZED HYPOCRISIES have had NO intent that the PEOPLES to realize THE TRUTH!   For ALL the NATIONS, DENOMINATIONS and so-called "CHURCHES" because NONE upholds the WHOLE TRUTH, are ALL of them TODAY ALLEGIANCES only unto the DAMNING SIN of VAIN PROVOCATIVE OPINIONS.   Prideful after SPIRITUAL IMMATURITIES, ALL of them are OBSTACLES, MISadministrative CURSES against discerning indeed what is the SAVING RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH! (James 1:1-17)


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    WordSexy Radio for March 03, 2015

    in Romance

    This is an adult radio show where liberated people and people who want to become liberated unite to share sexual empowerment information. WordSexy Radio is not a show about just sex...it is a place for Authors, Poets, and Spoken Word Artist to present their craft as well as give their experiences in the literary and poetic worlds. Many think it is a show that only talks about filth but that is not true! It is grown folks radio but it is more than just talking dirty!

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    UGP #343 Hope, Change, & A Lot Of Prayer

    in Politics Conservative

    after many failures we are keeping our fingers crossed that we will be live tonight. We will catch up on the news and other items we have missed this week 

    ????? "????" ?????? Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is on our radar


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    Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends.

    in Politics Conservative

    Threre can be no doubt that this great nation is undergoing fundamental change. Many of our fellow Americans can feel that something is wrong and they are searching for the answers to put this nation back on the path towards excellence. As conservatives we have the  answers that this society needs, but if we have had one failing it would that we sometimes lack the courage of our convictions. There are some who say that we should avoid talking about certain issues, that these issues are not politically viable and yet these are the veery issues that must be taken up.

    Tonight on the Conservative Watchtower we will discuss issues such as Gay Marriage , Abortion,  Income Inequality and other "hot button" issues and we will lay out the conservative arguments needed to return America to it's rightful staus as " the shining city on the hill."

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    Fast Food:Is it Good or Bad

    in Spirituality

    James D. White, RD, ACSM HFS, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spokesman
    Owner, President of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios

    Jim was honored to receive the 2010 Inside Business Top Forty Under 40 award for his outstanding professional achievements and his tremendous community involvement.

    Most recently, however, he received a 2011 President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition Community Fitness Award. He is one of just 38 individuals across the country given this national honor for making sports, physical activity, fitness and nutrition-related programs available in their communities.

    Growing up, Jim was not the biggest or strongest kid on the block. At 5’11”, 135 pounds, he was often seen as being too skinny by many of his classmates. In his junior year of high school, his brother introduced him to weight lifting. Jim’s dedication and persistence in the weight room helped him go from a 135-pound “weakling” to 195-pounds of “solid muscle.” He not only saw changes in his body, but he began seeing changes in other areas of his life: his energy levels skyrocketed, confidence soared, and motivation level remained high. He soon learned that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only improve one’s body and health, but it can also have a positive influence on many areas of one’s life. This realization led him to carry out his lifelong mission - “Inspire others to have healthier and more fulfilling lives, which can be achieved through the proper exercise and nutrition.”


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    The I Am Well Show

    in Spirituality

    Dmytro Chernyavskyy is tonight's guest on the I Am Well Show !!! Join us at 9.00PM EST Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy, the Life Script Doctor), has studied Infosomatics and how the human brain and heart interact with the levels of Higher Consciousness. He continues to research in many other selfhealing practices, teaches how ecological worldview - based on the laws of Nature  - together with different visualization/meditation techniques can help people resolve their problems with health, personal and professional life. Essentially Life Script Doctor project is a self-help and self-healing guide towards the energy-informational world.  Powerful techniques, including Infosomatic visualization techniques and meditations, that have proved to be very effective in practice, are used to heal people, help them find their wave of success, and stay on it! One thing is for sure : Life Script Doctor can help you with the tools and knowledge, but he will not be able to take your journey for you.

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    Why are women blamed for being pregnant? with your host Siky-Silk co host Sukari

    in Relationships

    Okay, so if you're dating a guy for a while and they are aware that  you're not using a form of birth control ,how is he not responsible for making a woman pregnant? So many people say women "trap" men into getting them pregnant as if men can't control where their sperm travels to or they don't understand how women end up in that position.

    The way I look at it, if a man knows a woman is not on bc and doesnt take any precautions he is choosing to take the risk of becoming a parent. Yet some people think the woman does it on "purpose".

    Before my pregnancy I was thinking about birth control and which one I should choose with the least side effects/complications.But now, here I am! 

    Finding himself faced with his partner's unplanned pregnancy, today's man may well be confronted for the first time with a situation in which his opinions and beliefs carry less weight than those of his female partner. In absence of a critical day-to-day assessment of their gender-based privilege and power, privileged men rarely find themselves pushed to recognize the negative effects of their power on the lives of others. So when men create an anti-abortion movement that turns a woman's decision to have an abortion into a story of male victimization and loss of fatherhood, their reaction is understandable — and even predictable.

    But the men who claim that they have been victimized by abortion were not powerless to prevent their circumstances. When a couple uses contraception, they make an implicit agreement that they are not ready to be pregnant. For a man to not be ready to face these decisions, have unprotected sex, and then be upset with his partner for having obtained an abortion and deprived him of his reproductive rights is totally contradictory.

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