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    Insurance Companies and Lobbyist

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    Insurance Companies testifying in front of Congress is like a revolving door which provides them with legislation used in court, more tax exemptions and subsidies, the likes any group of citizens will never see, on top of many government official writing up this legislation and later going to work for Insurance Companies to assist them in finding the necessary loopholes, if they were not written into laws for insurer benefits in the first place.

    Has Congress ever asked you to testify about the hardship caused by the actions of Insurance Companies or Employers regarding keep settlements or benefits?  And if they did, would Congress really be listening?  Would this be another case similar to the Anita Hill scandal which shows they indeed do what they want in spite of what is best for the people? 

    Today lets talk about Insurance Companies, their Lobbyist, Congress, and their impact on you. 

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    life insurance

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    todays topic is about having life insurance for you and for your family. People in diaspora need to know that life insurance lives your family with less burden when one dies. there are different packages for families wiliing to sign and use these services.

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    The Pet Insurance Tookit with Dr. Doug Kenney

    in Pets

    Please join us for another informative talk with special guest Dr. Doug Kenney, author of the Pet Insurance Toolkit - new and revised for 2016!

    See our previous Tripawd Tolk Radio podcast with Dr. Kenney:
    How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance Policy

    Dr. Doug Kenney is a practicing veterinarian in the Memphis, Tennessee area who is dedicated to helping pet parents choose the best health insurance policy for their companion animals.

    He is the author of the Pet Insurance Toolkit, a downloadable e-book that helps pet parents understand the ins and outs of pet insurance policies and choose the best policy for them. He also hosts a podcast show, The Pet Insurance Guide Podcast.

    Dr. Kenney's goal is to share a veterinarian’s perspective on pet insurance by highlighting things he feels are essential in a pet insurance policy, based on common conditions seen at the typical veterinarian’s office. He also provides a free, regular podcast that gets into the details of how pet insurance works.

    Join us in the Tripawds Chat Room during the show or post your questions in the discussion forums.

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    Time with Dr. Ron. Dental Health and Your Body

    in Health

    If you are always tired with no energy, hear this episode.

    Could your thyroid cause your cholesterol to be high, cause weight gain, coronary artery disease? Tune in please. 

    Cholesterol, Schmolesterol


    Should you take statins? How important is Vit D and K2? Are artificial sweeteners safe? So you snore? Should you use lard?


    We have a lot to talk about each week. Alzheimers, flu, antibiotics, colloidal silver, dental health connections, stress, diet and exercise. See how it is going? A lot of material to be reviewed and given to you in plain talk. In February we will discuss colloidal silver, macular degeneration and cyber scan



    Dr Smith may call in for some up to the minute news.





    LipoLight Napes and Naples CryoSpa

    1575 Pine Ridge Rd. Suite 6

    Naples, FL 34109


    239-658-COOL (2665)

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    A Biological Dentist's Approach to Treating Dental Problems

    in Health

    Dana Laake and her special guest Dr. Thomas Lokensgard will discuss a holistic and biological approach to treating dental problems.

    Dr. Thomas Lokensgard, DDS, NMD, ABAAHP, is a holistic and biological dentist with over 30 years of clinical experience. Dr. Lokensgard started his dental practice with an emphasis in Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry. He became interested in Orthodontic and Cranio-Facial procedures in dentistry, taking hundreds of additional hours in CDE credits to further his knowledge and experience. After extensive study and training with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), he became Board Certified in 2008. Dr. Lokensgard's dedication to quality dental care and cutting edge technology go hand-in-hand with his gentle and caring service to his patients. Dr. Lokensgard is the founder of the Centre for Holistic and Biological Dentistry in Franklin, Tennessee.

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    EPS 7: Are your dental fillings killing you? re-broadcast

    in Medicine

    Episode 7- rebroadcast

    Join UIF founder Tim Ray and Dr. Amy Dayries on UI radio for great discussion on intentions in the world of Holistic Dentistry.

    Dr. Amy Dayries DMD has practiced dentistry for the last 19 years in Roswell, Georgia.  Dr. Dayries has a passion for dentistry, nutrition, and gardening.  A graduate of Emory University and Georgia Regents University, Dr. Dayries values treating patients like her own family, and she addresses dental needs while considering the whole person in her chair. She frequently applies her knowledge of herbs and vitamin supplements in her treatment suggestions.

    Log onto unitedintentions.org and learn how to take control of your own life and create the life you desire on intention at a time!

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    Dr. Fred Says .....Bergamot Oil in relation to dental health

    in Health

    Welcome to the " Dr. Fred Says Show "  .....Bergamot Oil - in relation to dental health.

    Join Dr. Fred Valdes today at 2 pm CST - LIVE on BTR -

    Today Dr. Valdes is going to speak on the essential oil - Bergamot Oil. He will share the new evidence in regards to bergamot oil and dental health.

    Presently Dr. Valdes teaches part-time at a medical school close to Miami. His background is emergency medicine and he has spent many years studying complementary medicine. Within his team are doctors, chiropractors. therapists, alternative health care practitioners and professional athletes.


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    How to Use Life Insurance as an Investment or Means of Survival?

    in Self Help

    We often see life insurance as a benefit paid to us upon death.  Well many financial advisors indicate that not all policies carry that same benefit and some policies can be used to pay your children’s college tuition, put a down payment on a home, purchase a car or start a new business.  Gregory Palmer, GPI Financial Services teaches the 10 Pay Life Insurance plan and the opportunity to receive cash value. Prepare yourself.  This is not an insurance conversation.  We're talking investments. Tune in!!! www.gpifinancial.com

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    Talking Insurance with the Experts

    in Current Events


    Our guests this morning are Joanne Galin and Tony Buttitta, two of our local insurance agents.

    Joanne is an insurance specialist with Sanger State Farm Insurance & Financial Services. Joanne has lived in California for over 30 years and assists her clients by offering professional solutions for their insurance and financial service needs. Joanna is licensed in property and casualty, along with life and health insurance. Currently, she is very active in promoting networking activities in the South Bay through the local Chambers of Commerce for Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo and Torrance through her website Mixagogo.  Joanne is passionate about her work and loves working with first time home owners and today, she’s going to give us an insider’s look at what it takes to properly protect ones assets.

    Tony Buttitta is a Financial Services Professional with New York Life.  He works with individuals, families and business owners, creating plans and solutions for a wide range of financial needs including but not limited to retirement planning, college funding and life insurance strategies.  Tony was born and raised in the South Bay and currently lives in Redondo Beach.

    If insurance confuses you, here’s your chance to hear from a couple of experts in the field. Joanne will speak on Property & Casualty and Tony will address Life Insurance.



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    Shattered Lives: Surviving without Health Insurance; Guest Debbie Hodges

    in Health

    Debbie Hodges explains her decision to opt out of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and pay the penalty even though she has a rare chronic illness, is prescribed several expensive medications, and has ongoing issues related to her health situation.

    Recently featured in a front page story at the Virginian-Pilot, she, along with others discuss the continuing burden of health care insurance.

    Hodges is just a few years short of being eligible for Medicare and has amassed debt to pay for health insurance under the ACA.

    More information