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    Special Guest Bob Krause - Running for US Senate against Charles Grassley

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    Bob is a caring person. It shows in the positions and projects he has undertaken during his very active life. He is a native Iowan who has been a state legislator, school board member, top federal official in the USDOT, national think tank director, colonel in the Army Reserve, international consultant, operator of a small business, and founder of an active veterans’ charity.


    Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has held the seat since 1981 & his lack of reguard for Iowa families is hurting Iowa. Iowa Family Preservation Project suports Bob Krause in his effort to bring the best intrests of the Iowa people back into politics.  



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    The Friday Night SuperShow

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    This week, on everyone's favorite Friday night talk radio show, the champs welcome back author Rachael L. McIntosh, and our old friend, the brilliant Ted Jotte! Rachael, author of the "Security Through Absurdity" series, and former defense contractor, is always a joy to have back on the show, you can look for her on FB and check out her books at amazon.com, and of course, our old friend Ted Jotte will be here to chime in as we discuss the curent events of the day, and more! As always, a few drinks, great information and insight, and the best music you've never heard.... and did we mention YOUR CALLS in hour #2? All right where the REAL Happy Hour begins, The Friday Night SuperShow!

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    The Dennis Ford Show 4/27/2016 With Special Guest Joshua Busby

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    On this episode I welcome special guest Joshua Busby to the show to talk about his experience as a Christian truther. Also we will be covering various topics including Babylon America, Fukushima, natural cancer treatments,and the satanic entertainment industry. It will be a very informative show, and on top of it all we are expecting musician AJ "Renegade" Smith to join us.

    You dont want to miss this one LIVE at 9pm Eastern standard time only on NWO Truth Radio!


    Joshua's Facebook Pages> https://www.facebook.com/TheChristianResistance/



    AJ Smith's Facebook page>https://www.facebook.com/Renegade-Smith-421379547943354/


    AJ Smith's Soundcloud>https://soundcloud.com/renegadesmith1


    AJ Smith's Youtube>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEnYK30qPfMiMosgownLCfg

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    Dennis Hastert:Ex-House Speaker Sentenced to 15 Months in Prison for Sex Abuse

    in Christianity

    Get  Inspired and Encouraged and Exhorted on today’s edition of Bible News Radio with Stacy Lynn Harp.

    Today Stacy Lynn looks at the Headlines of the Day.

    Former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Haster sentenced to 15 months in prison for sexually abusing minors

    Can you help find the owners of this lost bible?

    Judge Orders Abortion of 12-Year-Old Girl’s Unborn Baby After She Runs Away From Home

  • The Story of Kenneth Vance ~ A child's veiw on Cannabis Prohibition

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio we will share The Story of Kenneth Vance ~ A child's veiw on Cannabis Prohibition.

    Kenny Vance is an 18 years old former victim of CPS and the War on Drugs. Kenny was first removed from his family in 2001 as a young child and placed into fostercare with his younger sister Cheyenne because of cannabis use by his parents. He was diagnosed with autism at age 5 and spent the next 8 years being medicated with dangerous psychotropics before his mother risked criminal charges and started treating his issues with cannabis oil instead. Kenny and his sister Cheyenne joined with the Flor children and founded the first childrens chapter of THS to specifically address the issues children face dealing with The War On Drugs and answer the question, what about the children? As an adult Kenny hopes to offer perspective into the fears and trials endured by children because of Prohibition.


    Take Action: POW420.com provides a platform and encourages citizens to engage with POW420 directly by becoming pen pals or providing for needs directly. POW420.com empowers YOU to give love.


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    P-Funk All-Star Tony "strat" Thomas visit's This Side of The River...

    in Music

    Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Tony “Strat” Thomas started out playing a six-string razor in high school. After Thomas’ mother saw his talent she bought him a Stratocaster Guitar. The rest is history. Early on while landing small gigs, Thomas joined the legendary reggae band Onyx and other rock ‘n roll bands around town. A true artist, Thomas’ psychedelic sound was one-of-a-kind. Thomas has been compared to his music mentors Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel.In 1978, George Clinton gave Thomas a shot to play in the studio with the Sterling Silver Starship. As Thomas continued to work with Clinton as a studio musician, Clinton gave Thomas his big break. Thomas joined George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel, Garry Shider, Mike Hampton, Bernie Worrel, Bobby Womack, David “Chong” Spradley and Margua Booker to record and perform with The Parliament Funkadelic’s for over 20 years.“The Agony of Defeet” was Tony’s first guitar solo. He has played on various P-Funk projects such as the first P-Funk Allstars album songs such as Catcher Keeper, Hydraulic Pump, and Pumpin it Up.Thomas’ favorite project was Computer Games, featuring Atomic Dawg, and Loopzilla. That’s Thomas on the guitar loop!A seasoned recording artist, Thomas has shared both the stage and studio with Sly Stone, Ike Turner, Rick James, The Dramatics, Ron Banks, L.J. Reynolds, Don Davis, Robin Trower, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, Steve Marriott-Humble Pie, Quincy Jones, Wayne Shorter, Glenn Goins, Ron Ford, Treylewd, Cameo, The Dazz Band, Parlet, Gabe Gonzalez, Mike “Clip” Payne, P-Nut Johnson, Lige Curry, Blackbyrd, Dennis Chambers, Rodney Skeet Curtis, The Ali Brothers (Jerome and Jimi), Mudbone, Razor Sharp, Donnie Sterling, Kiddo, My Baby Belita Woods, The Brides of Funkenstein, Malia Franklin, Leslie “Blonda” Vocino, Jocaine and many more! 

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    The Beginning of Making America Great Again

    in Politics Conservative

    Trump wins big last night. He will be the closest than any other candidate to the  1237 by July. If the RNC does not have Trump at the top of the ticket I contend ( and almost fear) we will hear at the next State of the Union... ladies and gentleman the President of the United States Hillary Clinton. Why you may ask and/or you may genuinely disagree, but the millions of disaffected Trump supports will not come out to vote and Cruz cannot win New York, Pennsylvania, or California in the General Election. Trump has a much better chance at this. Also, Trump also would do better with independents and libertarians.

    We discuss with U.S. Congressional candidate for the Green Party Dennis Lambert on how to Make America Great Again. Also, who would YOU suggest to be Donald Trump's VP running mate? Join us to hear about his platform. It will not be what you think. 

    Our Guest:  He is not taking ANY corporate donations to his campaign and is running as a TRUE representative of the American People. He joined the Army after graduating from Paul Blazer High School. Dennis has worked for several non-profit organizations trying to improve his community over the last twenty-five years and has grown sick of the corporate owned two-party system. 

    From his Website: There is only one choice for the Representative of the 6th District of Ohio in Congress. Dennis Lambert wants you to participate in our democracy. If you don’t vote, you can’t expect the corruption in government to end, and if you don’t vote for Dennis Lambert, you are voting to keep corruption in our Federal Government.

    Show's website: http://www.bardslogicpoliticaltalk.com





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    It's episode 32 of That's Game! Sports and the NBA and NHL Playoffs are rolling full steam ahead! We'll give you all the playoff coverage you can handle and then some! It's also time for the NFL DRAFT! THAT'S GAME! Sports gets you ready with our own unique insight on the draft! GET IN THE GAME WITH THAT'S GAME SPORTS! We will also cover all of the latest news around the sports world!

    THAT'S GAME! Sports Talk Radio is your premier sports talk radio show featuring engaging discussion on the "Happening Now" in the wide-world of sports along with other trending topics & current news. Join your hosts, Tyrone, Dennis, and Delano on an entertaining ride as they cover "any and everything" in today's "wild world" of sports!

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    The Marketing Pulpit (New York) Radio Show hosted by Dennis Shipman

    in Marketing

    The Marketing Pulpit (New York) Radio Show, hosted by radio veteran Dennis is an intriguing, dynamic and provocative Internet based radio program that fosters cultural consciousness while promoting Pan-African economic empowerment. We produce a live weekly radio show Monday morning from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM on www.Blogtalkradio.com. We invite savvy businesses to schedule an interview that will be profiled in a fifteen (15) minute segment on the show, which will be available for promotion and marketing in an MP3 podcast file for an extremely modest fee afterwards.


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    Pot Talk ~ Weekly News 4/27/2016

    in Higher Education

    In this episode of Pot Talk Radio ~ Let's Talk Pot Wednesday means it is  Pot Talk ~ Weekly News 4/27/2016. Team Green gets together and talks about what is new in this week about marijuana...basically a cannabis round-up. Join the conversation and call in at 347-324-5311. Remember, No-one belongs in jail for a plant. Pot Talk Radio is a platform for YOU to share you stories, experiences, and opinions with everyone. Let's Talk Pot is brought to you by POW420.com.

    Information: POW420 does podcast called Pot Talk Radio. We focus every episode on one pot prisoner allowing for us to share their stories.


    Host - Adela Falk

    Co-Host - Armando Espinoza

    Producer -  Dennis Boisvert

  • Dennis Liwewe Remembered

    in News

    This show is dedicated to the life and legacy of Dennis Liwewe on the occasion of the second anniversary of his passing. Time11am ET, 10am CT, 8amPT, 17hrs CAT & 4pm GMT.. Call in at 347-237-4270 to listen or participate