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    Not Everyone is Going to be Happy for You

    in Finance

    You would think that once you decide to take control of your spending and make a plan to demolish your debt that you’ll have the full support of your family, friends, and co-workers.  However, you may find that some people are NOT going to be happy for you and may even subtly or not-so-subtly attempt to undermine your financial progress.  We’re going to discuss why this happens and how to handle it with minimal drama.

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    God was created out of colonial imperial evil greed of Italian and European

    in Religion

    There was the anthropic human world before the Roman Empire. So who created the Christian God that was never heard of.  Christianity's climb to dominance was sparked by a single event - the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine I. Constantine was embattled in a bitter civil war to retain the emperor’s throne. Before the decisive battle against his brother-in-law and chief rival in 312, he was said to have claimed to experience a vision where Christ appeared unto him, instructing him to place the sign of Christ on the banners carried by his troops. He did so, and his army proceeded to demolish that of his rival, securing his position as emperor. He credited the Christian God for the victory, and proceeded to give favor to Christianity over all other religions in the massive Empire.

    Almost overnight, Christianity was propelled to the status of global, theological powerhouse. Roman citizens and subjects converted in droves, as Christians were afforded special tax breaks and other amenities not available to any other religious affiliations. Despite its favored status, other religions were now outlawed by Constantine. It would not be until later in the 4th century (380), when Christianity would be named the official state religion of Rome, illegalizing all other models of worship. This would ensure the conversion of nearly everyone under Roman control, covering much of Europe, West Asia and North Africa. Failing to convert typically elicited deportation or execution.

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    NLP Podcast Episode 15: The Miami Heat Are The Eastern Conference X-Factor

    in Basketball

    The No Look Pass Podcast continues their stops around the NBA with the Miami Heat, and the hosts attempt to untangle their  mysterious up and down season. Is Dwyane Wade still the Heat's best player? Does Hassan Whiteside help or hurt their chances? How many white guys is too many white guys in your rotation?

    Plus, the San Antonio Spurs continue to silently demolish the entire NBA, and it is finally time to give them their fair due.

    Follow the podcast on twitter @NLPPodcast and listen to archived episodes at WRSPN.com

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    in Sports

    Conor McGregor shocked the world in 13 seconds Saturday night to Demolish Jose Aldo and capture the UFC bantamweight Title in the main event of UFC 194. Luke Rockhold also took the Middleweight belt from Chris Weidman in the co-main event capper of a huge week of fights for the UFC. Tom, Tony and Rich will also discuss the week's other major combat sports news, such as the death of an MMA fighter due to the weight cutting process. 

  • 5 Catastrophic Mistakes You Can Avoid During a Tough Discussion or Disagreement

    in Women

    Do you cringe during tough conversations or dealig with difficult people?
    Do your palms start sweating?
    Do you look like a deer in headlights?

    GET READY...

    The Wise Woman Expert Panel is here tonight supporting and empowering women - the Wise Woman Way. 

    Learn five mistakes you potentially are making that are keeping you from healthy resolution.

    Our body language speaks directly to the sub-conscious mind and before we even say one word, we can potentially increase our chances of a more favorable outcome OR demolish our chances of being heard, understood or respected.

    Are you ready to become your most powerful resource - to be understood and respected for  who you are, what you do and your personal contribution to the whole? Get your FREE coopy of "Beginning Your Inner Journey to the Wise Woman Within".

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    Underground Wednesday with Special guest Justin Kaleo

    in Radio

    Justin Kaleo, Born on the 22nd day of February, 1988 as Justin Matthew Kemmerlin, a native of Orangeburg, SC (USA); now residing in Pompano Beach, FL (USA). Experiencing adversities in his early life of run-ins with law enforcement, followed by the death of his grandmother. He then realized at the age of 18, due to the birth of his daughter, that there was a more positive calling for his future. After many job failures, due to his “frowned upon” criminal history, Justin Kaleo found his only escape through his music almost instantly connecting with a wide range of fans. His pretty-boy image, compared to his rugged childhood; has been the fuel and motivation for his musical pursuit. In his short time in the music industry Justin Kaleo has established himself as a very “well-rounded” M.C., Songwriter, Model, Graphic Designer, and aspiring Actor who seems to know what the crowd wants on a regular basis. With his career just taking flight, the future for this young, but wise M.C. looks to be history in the making… Over the course of Justin Kaleo’s career, he has performed in states such as South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, etc., and showcases such as “Carolina Crown”, where he got his start, etc. Justin Kaleo has also worked closely with such Indie labels/companies as CMB Records, Thug Love Entertainment, PhunQ Productions, Building Block Recordings, EKE, Black Ceza Records, Ceza Radio, United Duo Graphics, Traplab Entertainment, Kinard Music Management, Pure Royalty Fashion, plus many more. As well as such producers like Grammy Award Winner: Streetrunner, Mike “I.L.O.” Aiello, Demolish Beatz, Brandon Lee, Loyaltee, Twone Fabeon, plus many more. As well as releasing (3) mixtapes such as: Mr. Jus’benderova, REAL Street Music Vol. 1, Grown Man Status, two of which were hosted by friend and South Carolina D.J. Donnie Dramatic. Along with collaborating with numerous recording artists nationwide, and widening his career by workin

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    Damon Gameau of "That Sugar Film" Blows the Lid on Processed Foods

    in Health

    If you eat processed foods out of boxes, cans, jars, and packages, you must watch That Sugar Film, an amusing, new shockumentary (shocking documentary), which reveals how eating allegedly "healthy foods" can, in fact, demolish your health.

    Australian Director/actor Damon Gameau -- who is today's special Gab with the Gurus guest -- will blow you away when you discover what happened to his poor body in a mere 60 days, when he consumes only so-called "healthy foods."

    That Sugar Film -- which opens today in 11 United States cities -- features Gameau, who courageously treats himself like a human guinea pig while she poisons himself with six weeks of consuming some 40 teaspoons of sugar a day from processed foods.

    On this Gab with the Gurus Show, discover:

    How Damon gained some 20 pounds in only 6 weeks of eating allegedly healthy foods.
    How Damon got addicted to sugar even without eating any sweets!
    What most shocked Gameau about his hidden sugars-eating odyssey.
    How eating only Sneaky Hidden Sugars made wider, manic, confused, fuzzy-headed, aloof and lethargic.
    How supermarkets are full of processed foods full of Sneaky Hidden Sugars.
    How he cleaned up his diet after his life-threatening sugar odyssey.
    What most people, who eat processed foods need to know.

    Spread the word about this important Gab with the Gurus Show to your friends and family members. 

    Then share your comments on my Sugar Shock Blog, or on Facebook here and here.

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    A. Louise Robertson talks about her latest book

    in Books

         A. Louise Robertson talks about her latest book, Chained to Mineola (Long Island, New York Book 2)

         About Chained to Mineola: Carly Eubanks returns to her hometown for her aunt's funeral. Before flying back to California she drives down the street in Mineola where she spent her childhood. The house was originally owned by Betty and Bill Edwards, her grandparents, who bought the house after WWII. Carly is dismayed when she discovers a road crew who is just about to cut down the oak trees on Oak Street, including the one she played in as a child in front of her old home. She can't let this happen. She mades an instant decision to save the tree, climbing inside the limbs and then chaining herself to the branches. With the help of her cousin and an old high school boyfriend she sets out to save the tree and the environment and swears not to come down until the City changes its plans to widen the street and to demolish the trees. It's not going to be easy, in fact, the unforeseen future presents more than one challenge to this determined woman. It's Carly's story, but also her cousin and her niece's story. Her niece, Alison becomes involved with a young man from Scotland who has an uncle also very concerned about the environment, in fact he makes a career from working in Perthshire's annual Enchanted Forest. Destiny is about to step in and change all of their lives, because of a girl who loves a tree.

         About A. Louise Robertson: A. Louise Robertson was born in New York City in 1948. She's been a writer since first opening the cover of Little Women as an eight-year-old and falling in love with the written word.


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    Intercessing For the Nations : Where are the Watchmen?

    in Religion

    We  annihilate and demolish principalities  of witchcraft over America in the name of Jesus.  In the name of Jesus we dispossess the spirit of the reveler and we come against the hell raiser in the name of Jesus and we loose the hounds of heaven against them in the name of Jesus. We decree and declare that their dark saying have been consider and are null and void in the name of Jesus.   We release the spoiler to spoil them in the name of Jesus.   We ask you Father God to send down you Holy fire and consume every demon and devil in the name of Jesus.   We decree and declare that Nimrod has been removed from his seat in the name of Jesus. We come against every ancient time-released spirit in the mighty name of Jesus.  We break the three-fold cord of death, hell and the grave in the name of Jesus.  And we decree and declare that the Kingdom of God reins and rules over every other kingdom in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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    in Politics

    Hear "Mr. Blue" describe his work life in Kansas, as a public employee.

    News from the Topeka statehouse as the legislature approaches a record breaking session. We'll be cussin'em, so close your ears. Join the Kansas Organization of State Empoyees Union.

    Free Speech Radio New (30 min.) summary: 

    USA Freedom Act replaces Patriot Act provisions, but leaves broad surveillance measures in place

    Paris police demolish tent camp where hundreds of migrants were living

    UN says almost 6500 dead in eastern Ukraine since mid-April; life for civilians stark

    Chilean teachers on indefinite strike, despite newly-signed education reforms

    Corruption scandals in Guatemala fuel demands for political resignations

    Proposed change to Indian labor law would roll back child labor protections

    This Week in Radio News: NSA Surveillance June 6-12 (30 min.) courtesy Tom Roe at WGXC fm 90.7 Wave Farm, Upstate New York.

    Radio headlines this week: Verizon and NASA working on air traffic control for radio-controlled drones; FCC Enforcement drops as budget cuts loom; NSA, FBI domestic frequency surveillance continues; Supreme Court Rules on Facebook Threats; and more audio storytelling on the radio and off. With songs about radio from Chocolate Ghost House, Transmaniacon MC, and The Dust Dive.



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    Extreme Life Makeover

    in Spirituality

    Join Butterfly Living as we demolish the old woman and rebuild the transformed woman.  Queen of the week is Apostle Tina Clowers Baker.  Book Chat: False Identity, by Youngblood Poole