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    Diminishing Unconscious Bias in Hiring

    in Business

    Every day, unconscious biases influence hiring decisions. This issue undercuts the culture and success of many companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500s.

    According to our guest, author and coach Gail Tolstoi-Miller (@gailtolstoimill), companies must build awareness of the bias that takes place in the hiring process and take action. She will share why organizations should implement formal training for people in decision-making functions, and how to combat and diminish bias throughout the hiring process.


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    Brooklyn Democratic Debate

    in Comedy

    Brooklyn Democratic Debate and more with Dave Smith, Mike Brancatelli, and guest Rob Maiilloux!

  • Is Democratic race finally over and more?

    in Politics Progressive

    Is Democratic race finally over and more?

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    Can Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination???

    in Entertainment

    After sweeping victories in three contests over the weekend, Bernie Sanders' campaign has a message for Hillary Clinton: "Reports of our death are greatly exaggerated."

    Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver made that statement on a conference call with reporters on Monday, during which top aides argued that Sanders can still overcome Clinton's delegate lead in the Democratic primary contest. That can happen, they said, both by winning more pledged delegates and by gaining the support of more superdelegates, the 712 party leaders who are free to support the candidate of their choosing at the party's nominating convention. "We are certainly in this to win it," said Weaver, "and there is a path to do so." The crux of the campaign's argument for why it can overtake Clinton in the remaining contests is that the Sanders campaign does very well in states where it chooses to compete. The campaign was willing to write off big losses in many southern states as part of its strategy of focusing on winning a majority in as many states as possible, rather than capturing as many delegates as possible in states it wouldn't win. 


  • It's Anti-Trump Time, Israel Holding Fast In The Golan, & Increasing Media Bias

    in Politics

    The Anti-Trump alliances are amassing to do what they can to prevent 1237.  There could be a "Big Price" to pay.  Is the GOP prepared for an Armagedon?  Supposedly Cruz and Kasich are leading the way.  Oh what fun we're having on the way to Cleveland.  

    Israel is being told "No" re: the Golan.  Funny, all it took is for the Jews to discover natural gas in the Golan.  Let's ignore the fact that the Syrians lost the land as a result of attacking Israel in the 1967 six day war.  And of course you know Russia can't help themselves either and they have to get involved. And can you believe POTUS is backing the international community, Syria, and all the other anti-semites in saying Israel has no right to the land.  I guess attcking your neighbor shouldn't have consequences?

    Fox’s very own Janice Dean “The Weather Machine” discusses her new book, Gayle Trotter, attorney and senior fellow with the Independent Women's Forum points out the increasing media bias and Focus On The Family's Bob Waliszewski talks movies from a family friendly perspective.  We'll take a look at the past weekend's big winners at the box office.

    It's three hours 9-12p (ET) of very independent talk radio covering the daily news, politics, issues of faith and entertainment.  We have the experts to bring you the facts because we know you can handle the truth. And listen for details on how you can win a pair of tickets to the May 2nd 7p screening of Climate Hustle-presented by Fathom Events and SpectiCast in nearly 400 theaters nationwide! 


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    Color of Change Takes Action Against Coke, Police ‘Shooter Bias’ Against Blacks

    in Culture

    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tuesday, April, 12th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  

    1) Color of Change has taken action against the Repulican National Convention and Donald Trump and has threated to launch massive economic boycotts against corporations that donate the RNC.  2) A new study reveals "Shooter Bias" among Police towards African Americans.

    CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more info and podcasts.

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    "The Democratic Tipping Point - Can They Be Saved?"

    in Politics Progressive

    This Sunday Down South and Dirty takes a look at the Democratic Party. Even with strong chances of taking the White House, Democrats are struggling with Governor Mansions and State Legislatures. So called Victory Funds that should be helping down ballot candidates are being use as methods to work around fundraising restrictions for Hillary Clinton. State party apparatuses I. States likes Georgia are attempting to get buy in from the base by talking up a so called purple one eyed State fantasy that no one outside of Georgia recognizes. We believe we are at a tipping point and the question is can the Democratic party be saved. This and Anoa Changa's Bern Treatment along with updated from the front lines of Democratic battles from around Georgia and the South. This is the Revolution this is Down South and Dirty. Call in starting @2:45pm EST @657 383 0995

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    Finishing Tonight's Discussion On The Democratic Debate

    in Women

    Call in and join the discussion as we finish our post mortem analysis of the democratic debate.

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    Bob Port and Morgan Pehme talks about the Democratic State Senate Win

    in Politics

    Bob Port, former Senior Editor for Investigations at the Albany Times Union and Morgan Pehme of Effective NY talks about the Democratic victory for control of the NYS Senate

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    Cling to your normalcy bias at your own risk

    in Politics Conservative

    Last week, we discussed how people in Japan and Europe, and potentially in the U.S., were hoarding more cash at home. 

    Let's add to the scenario this week with theory that negative intererst rates may pose the risk of killing capitalism as people withdraw cash from the system and choose to stuff if under a mattress or in a cookie jar instead.

    Meanwhile, the US government collects record taxes in the first half of 2016, under economic conditions with little sign of economic growth. And despite record cash flowing in, government continues to run deficits. 


    We continue to watch a presidential race like no other unfold in the Republican Party. 

    At least one GOP convention delegate has suggested she'll vote for Hillary Clinton in November rather than back Donald Trump. This is the same Republican Party that demanded a loyality pledge from Trump.

    And it may seem trivial, but Fox News host Megyn Kelly had a private meeting with Trump on Wednesday. Is Kelly trying to mend fences, do damage control, and distance herself and her network from any GOPe treachery that lies ahead?  Also of note, CNN's Anderson Cooper crushed  Fox and Kelly in the ratings Tuesday night when Cooper's guests were Trump and his family.


    Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is being compared to Moses... And has proposed a flat tax to replace the federal income tax. 

    Is there really any political will in DC to eliminate the IRS? Or is Cruz doing what other Republicans have done in the past, using the idea of "flat tax" or "fair tax" to distract from other issues, while generating some buzz for his fundraising pitch? 


    Cling to your normalcy bias at your own risk. Join us Friday at noon as we continue to connect the dots in perilous times.

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    The Democratic Race: There's More That Unites Us Than Divides Us

    in Politics Progressive

    Cable news was expecting yesterday's New York primary results to be a nail-biter on the Democratic side. Instead, the election was called rather early, for the state's former two-time Senator Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders supporters point out that New York's closed primary and tough rules for changing parties made it difficult for many of his supporters to come out and vote, and in addition, there were irregularities at the polls such as a 100,000 record purge in Brooklyn. Clinton reached out to Sanders supporters in her victory speech by proclaiming that there is more to unite us than divide us. But that election is over and both campaigns are looking for votes in next week's primaries, with the biggest delegate prize coming from Pennsylvania. Donald Trump also won his home state by a mind-boggling margin (but lost to John Kasich in his own borough of Manhattan). MOMocrats Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss this and non-election news in this week's political podcast from the progressive point of view. An Engender Media Group production.