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    Dem Niggas "Friday Night Special"

    in Entertainment

    We on here going in one more time it's Dem Niggas! Yo Niggas!

    King James...Fuego...Shaun.Cam Cam...Jordan...Real Nigga Connor

    Tonights Special Guest Greg "4.7" Cater

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    Dem Niggas "Back At It" Hosted By: Therian

    in Entertainment

    Once again it's "Dem Niggas" the new hot radio show that don't have no point at all! Just niggas being niggas doing what we do best niggadum!

    Call In An Discuss Some Shit With Our Real Nigga Panel:

    Cam Cam...Fuego...King James...Therian...Shaun...Real Nigga Connor...

    With Special Guest: The "One & Only" Joe Pro Morgan

    Please Don't Call In If You Sensitive Cause We Going Hard On Everybody!

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    Dem Niggas "Back Like We Never Left"

    in Entertainment

    We back on like we never left cause we havent yet! Dem Niggas once again them niggas yes indeed. Sports...Shit Talking...Wisdom & LifeBarz that's all you get when you in wit the squad!

    Cam Cam...Fuego...King James...Shaun....Jordan...Real Nigga Connor

    We will have a mystery special guest tonight cause we don't know who the hell gon call in!

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    We Dem Boyz" Dallas Cowboys Pre-Game Live Comprehensive Commentary

    in Football

    "We Dem Boyz" Dallas Cowboys Pre-Game live comprehensive commentary with Kevin Ross, Cal Lombard, Kami Grayson, Jay Beezy & Dermont Laws. Call in # 347-857-1491.

    Line up and listings.... If you miss it live no worries visit our archive: http://www.kamigraysonarchive.com/

    Sun, Oct 19******** Dallas Cowboys vs.Giants  Radio Show Time 2:30 PM Game Time 3:25 PM
    Mon, Oct 27******* Dallas Cowboys  vs. Redskins Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:30 PM

    Sun, Nov 2 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Cardinals Radio Show Time 11:30 AM Game Time 12:000  PM

    Sun, Nov 9 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Jaguars Radio Show Time 11:30 AM Game Time 12:000  PM

    Sun, Nov 23 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Giants Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:30 PM

    Thu, Nov 27 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Eagles Radio Show Time 2:30 PM Game Time 3:25 PM

    Thu, Dec 4  ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Bears Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:25 PM

    Sun, Dec 14 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Eagles Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:30 PM

    Sun, Dec 21 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Colts Radio Show Time 2:30 PM Game Time 3:25 PM

    Sun, Dec 28 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Redskins Radio Show Time 11:30 AM Game Time 12:000 PM

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    #RealTalkRadio Interviews Dem Franchize Boyz

    in Pop Culture

    Hosts: JAMEL and FLASH GOTTI

    #RealTalkRadio Interviews...

    Southern Rap Group:

    They brought you Successful Billboard Hip-Hop Chart Toppers such as: "Lean With It," "I Think They Like Me," and "White Tee." Join us as we catch up with DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ!

    (Pop Culture Recap, Celebrity Interviews/Gossip, Music, Random Prank-calls, and much more!)




    To listen to ALL of our previous Broadcasts: www.MixCloud.com/MyRealTalkRadio

    #RealTalkRadio "If it aint #REAL it don't appeal!"

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    ARE you My Partna Dem...

    in Entertainment

    Just getting started...So hit us up

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    In Today's America with special guest: Dem. Presidential Candidate Robby Wells

    in Current Events


    This is a special show, in the 8:00 hour, joining us will be Democratic Presidential Candidate Robby Wells! We are very happy that he has taken the time to come on the show, and we hope that everyone listening will enjoy listening to the interview! Mr. Wells ran for President in 2012 as the candidate for the Constitutionalist Party, and now he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination! He will be discussing his plan to fix the economic problems in the United States, as well as other social problems we are facing!

    You can learn more about him on his site: www.robbywells2016.com

    For this show we will not be answering any calls during the last two hours, however, if you have any questions you would like to ask, you can tweet at the show: @intodaysamerica, and you can find us on facebook by clicking on the "facebook" icon on our homepage at www.blogtalkradio.com/lufaca and we will have the chat room where you are welcome to start a discussion or bring up other topics and ask questions!

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    Keeping It G with Dem Boyz

    in Music

    Tonight Gigi Leavine and Dj Local Luv is on some Crem Shxt with Den Rock Boyz. Find out how we have traveled all around the world just to find that perfect neighborhood superstar. Tune in to the show to get a dose of some more new music and reviews from Futur'e album release party for his new album Monster. 

    Did you know that R.Kelly was balling boobs this weekend? How about Tiny Harris showed how much loveshe have for our fathers by changing her eye color? 

    Find out more on KIGRADIO.com

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    Got dem ol' Kosmic Adam Lambert Blues Again Mama!

    in Culture

    Now that the epic, once-in-a-lifetime, multi Adamgasmic Queen + Adam Lambert world tour is over, are you:

    having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning?
    picking listlessly at your food?
    or eating quarts of ice cream at 2 a.m.?
    bursting into tears for no apparent reason?
    raking your hapless spouse over the coals whenever s/he rolls his/her eyeballs?
    going into premature hibernation?

    You could well be suffering from post-QAL tour syndrome. What's the cure? Millions of Glamberts would like to know.

    Queenbert-inspired tatoos, nail art, t-shirts, pendants, fan initiatives and publications, billions of cool new photos of Adam and Queen to save on your laptops and cells and then line up to post to your FB and twitter. What are the craziest things you have done this summer to support Adam and ...hmm frustrate your family? How are you coping with dem ol' post-Queenbert blues?

    Tune in tonight for advice and support from Dr. J. Underwood and fellow sufferers. Post your anguish and share your best suggestions for overcoming PQALTS in Comments. And if nothing else works, request a song. 

    Weekly talk and music radio inspired by our unlikely muse, Adam Lambert. Dedicated to creativity, entrepreurship, personal liberation. LGBTQ causes, people re-inventing their lives, and music, always music!

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    Loud Pak Radio powered by Dem Durrty Boyz

    in Music

    Each and every Wednesday 9pm-11pm CST Loud Pak Radio powered by Dem Durrty Boyz brings you the best in music, current events, and of course BATTLE GROUND!!!!! Tune in for all the latest in music and events. 

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