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  • 01:14

    Dem Niggas "Friday Night Special"

    in Entertainment

    We on here going in one more time it's Dem Niggas! Yo Niggas!

    King James...Fuego...Shaun.Cam Cam...Jordan...Real Nigga Connor

    Tonights Special Guest Greg "4.7" Cater

  • 00:20

    Dem Niggas "Back At It" Hosted By: Therian

    in Entertainment

    Once again it's "Dem Niggas" the new hot radio show that don't have no point at all! Just niggas being niggas doing what we do best niggadum!

    Call In An Discuss Some Shit With Our Real Nigga Panel:

    Cam Cam...Fuego...King James...Therian...Shaun...Real Nigga Connor...

    With Special Guest: The "One & Only" Joe Pro Morgan

    Please Don't Call In If You Sensitive Cause We Going Hard On Everybody!

  • 01:06

    Dem Niggas "Back Like We Never Left"

    in Entertainment

    We back on like we never left cause we havent yet! Dem Niggas once again them niggas yes indeed. Sports...Shit Talking...Wisdom & LifeBarz that's all you get when you in wit the squad!

    Cam Cam...Fuego...King James...Shaun....Jordan...Real Nigga Connor

    We will have a mystery special guest tonight cause we don't know who the hell gon call in!

  • 02:00

    ARE you My Partna Dem...

    in Entertainment

    Just getting started...So hit us up

  • 00:29

    We Dem Boyz" Dallas Cowboys Pre-Game Live Comprehensive Commentary

    in Football

    "We Dem Boyz" Dallas Cowboys Pre-Game live comprehensive commentary with Kevin Ross, Cal Lombard, Kami Grayson, Jay Beezy & Dermont Laws. Call in # 347-857-1491.

    Line up and listings.... If you miss it live no worries visit our archive: http://www.kamigraysonarchive.com/

    Sun, Oct 19******** Dallas Cowboys vs.Giants  Radio Show Time 2:30 PM Game Time 3:25 PM
    Mon, Oct 27******* Dallas Cowboys  vs. Redskins Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:30 PM

    Sun, Nov 2 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Cardinals Radio Show Time 11:30 AM Game Time 12:000  PM

    Sun, Nov 9 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Jaguars Radio Show Time 11:30 AM Game Time 12:000  PM

    Sun, Nov 23 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Giants Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:30 PM

    Thu, Nov 27 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Eagles Radio Show Time 2:30 PM Game Time 3:25 PM

    Thu, Dec 4  ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Bears Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:25 PM

    Sun, Dec 14 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Eagles Radio Show Time 6:30 PM Game Time 7:30 PM

    Sun, Dec 21 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Colts Radio Show Time 2:30 PM Game Time 3:25 PM

    Sun, Dec 28 ******** Dallas Cowboys vs. Redskins Radio Show Time 11:30 AM Game Time 12:000 PM

  • 01:06

    #RealTalkRadio Interviews Dem Franchize Boyz

    in Pop Culture

    Hosts: JAMEL and FLASH GOTTI

    #RealTalkRadio Interviews...

    Southern Rap Group:

    They brought you Successful Billboard Hip-Hop Chart Toppers such as: "Lean With It," "I Think They Like Me," and "White Tee." Join us as we catch up with DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ!

    (Pop Culture Recap, Celebrity Interviews/Gossip, Music, Random Prank-calls, and much more!)




    To listen to ALL of our previous Broadcasts: www.MixCloud.com/MyRealTalkRadio

    #RealTalkRadio "If it aint #REAL it don't appeal!"

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    in Wrestling

    "Oh you didn’t know? Well your ass better TELL someboooooooodddddyyyy!"?


    You see the sign.......you feel the electricity.....and then you hear it "STC, STC, STC, STC......"

    Welcome to the SmackTalk Centre or STC for short. The most credited, highly edited wrestling page on Facebook & Now Twitter. Giving you nothing but the best in wrestling related news, banter and keeping you in tune with all things WWE & TNA and independant.


    Join the Infamous Informer & the Shadfather

  • 02:37

    Its ALL the republicans fault - Most violent cities have Dem rule!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Cher says Amtrak train crash is the Republican's fault. Why do we give celebrities a platform for politics & current events?

    50 people have been shot in Baltimore since Freddie Gray riots. They're out of control! And where's MSM coverage?

    Do you know what 4 most violent US cities have in common? Homicides. Poverty. Broken families. Democrat leadership. The cycle is set and hard to break with those handicaps!

    Freddie Gray acted the way he did because of lead poisoning, so it wasn't really his fault. The blame game.

    Hr2   Robert Woodson asks, if all whites tomorrow were to move to Canada & Europe...how it would affect the black on black crime rate? Would blacks finally be free to succeed?

    Woodson's organization goes into low-income communities and seeks out leaders and "moral mentors" to help solve the problems.

    Woodson noted that government anti-poverty programs have made poor people a "commodity" for "a professional class of providers."

    New York DMV makes $60 million a year by selling YOUR personal information.

    Justice Scalia questions the 17th Amendment which changed the way Senators were selected. Appointed by governor vs. elected by the people.

    Hr3   Justice Scalia explains the importance of following the Constitution. Even more important... no more SCOTUS appointments until after Obama is no longer President!

    Michelle Obama's thin skin and sensitivity to satire. Get over it!

    "The road won't be easy for folks like you and me." ~ MichelleObama talking racism like it's still 1860. Because blacks are still segregated, lynched? No! Why does she assume that EVERYONE hates black people?

    Justice Scalia explains the importance of following the Constitution.

    Michelle Obama's thin skin and sensitivity to satire. Get over it!

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    Mi and Mi Linky Dem (St. Patrick's Edition)

    in Entertainment

    Last day of spring-break . Tun-down for what. We do our own thang like a boss.

    From city to city yard to yard, yardies run shit........Underground like a sewer.......Fuck around end up on the skewer......Shoutout to the place where it ain't always good nigga the hood nigga. I got a fuck call the other day, my nigga say I don't think I 'm coming home........Please feel mi this is till we meet up again....They trying to stop him from seeing the sunshine...please feel mi..r.i.p. mama...........

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    Kreepy Kastle - ? Who dey gonna Host dem Kreepy Kastle ?

    in Entertainment

    Who's on first? Who's ON for that matter. HorrorHound Weekend is coming.....do we really need this right now?