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  • 01:14

    Dem Niggas "Friday Night Special"

    in Entertainment

    We on here going in one more time it's Dem Niggas! Yo Niggas!

    King James...Fuego...Shaun.Cam Cam...Jordan...Real Nigga Connor

    Tonights Special Guest Greg "4.7" Cater

  • 00:20

    Dem Niggas "Back At It" Hosted By: Therian

    in Entertainment

    Once again it's "Dem Niggas" the new hot radio show that don't have no point at all! Just niggas being niggas doing what we do best niggadum!

    Call In An Discuss Some Shit With Our Real Nigga Panel:

    Cam Cam...Fuego...King James...Therian...Shaun...Real Nigga Connor...

    With Special Guest: The "One & Only" Joe Pro Morgan

    Please Don't Call In If You Sensitive Cause We Going Hard On Everybody!

  • 01:06

    Dem Niggas "Back Like We Never Left"

    in Entertainment

    We back on like we never left cause we havent yet! Dem Niggas once again them niggas yes indeed. Sports...Shit Talking...Wisdom & LifeBarz that's all you get when you in wit the squad!

    Cam Cam...Fuego...King James...Shaun....Jordan...Real Nigga Connor

    We will have a mystery special guest tonight cause we don't know who the hell gon call in!

  • 02:54

    Dem Boiz in Da Hood! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Brotha Haroon!

    in Education

    Tune in to Str8up RealTalk Network for Say It Loud! In Conversation w/ Daphne, Dolla and Haroon! Tonight at 8pm cst/9pm est!

    Join us tonight for "Dem Boiz in Da Hood"!

    It's no coincidence that Black communities are now plagued by militarized police and other agents of colonialism while the so called 'violence' among the people and police terror against the people in the hoods has increased..

    Who's causing the rutcus? Who are the terrorized and who are the terrorist? Is it Da Boiz in Da Hood or Dem Boiz n Our Hood..

    Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    or call in to listen/comment/question @ 347-677-0917

  • 02:00

    ARE you My Partna Dem...

    in Entertainment

    Just getting started...So hit us up

  • 01:55


    in Politics Progressive

    The CNN Democratic debate is over and Hillary kicked ass

  • 00:30

    Abridged, but uncensored, ChabDog-Brackett highlights from GOP-Dem debates

    in Sports

    Get your highlights from the Presidential debates all in one place
    ChabDog and Stephanie Brackett give their assessments
    Hear, among others, the Penguin, Snarly Carly, Benny Carsons, the Combover Achiever, Jim "I need more time" Webb, Pee Wee O'Malley, Steinbrenner Sanders and an always defiant Hillary.

  • Social Media makes people do the stupidest things ,Dem debates and charities

    in Entertainment

    Parental Discretion Needed! On another Sunday edition of the Absolute Truth, we will look at the trend of young self destructive behavior. A teen records herself driving drunk and posting it live as it happened. How does this happen? We look at charities and ask; is the money going where it needs to? And the story of a New York socialite suing her 12 yr old nephew? Why? Tune in on Sunday at 4pm to find out on The Absolute Truth with the king of kings himself,  The Hot Rod, the onew and only  Sean Black and the lovely  Anitra B!

    Where We Tell It Like It Is!


    in Sports

    Talking shit with the insider Carlton and his thoughts on the Dallas Cowboys.  Bombay and Carlton on Giants vs Cowboys.  NFC fantasy talk.  Dallas Cowboys W-L record 

  • 00:45

    A new Speaker, Pres. Obama on 60 minutes and reaction to Dem debate

    in Politics

    Guest: Frank Burke, author and businessman, joins me for a look at the search for a new Speaker of the House......I don't have a particular person but I would like to see a more assertive person who can make the GOP case to the voters...........President Obama is living in a fantasy when it comes to his foreign policy.......who is he listening to?  who is giving him advise?...and our quick reaction to the Democrat debate...........

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  • 02:14

    Humane Sacrifice: Food 4/4th Dimen Dem-i-urges

    in Spirituality

    Peace, know thyself and spiritual protection 9MIND Sacred Sisters and Others.

    Yes I'm back and no it's not SUNday lol. Had to retitle this show because I tried to do this show at 3:00 or 3:30am this morning but Blogtalk Radio would not allow me to go LIVE they way I wanted to. When I started the show this evening and opened up intending to simply answer a question someone sent to me in a private email concerning my language and the use of what they perceive to be foul words that i use like coons, bytches, n*gg**, herillas, sheboons ect... and other such unflattering descriptions, it was necessary for me to take the show off topic and address this question at lenghth. These deragatory terms i oftentime use or how I address the legions of fallen BLK (& Brwn) DEVILS (called demiurges) masquarading in Blk bodies pretending to be WE but or not WE. You have excepted the demiurgers in the form of Preachers, Teachers, Producers, Actors, Actresses, Comediennes, Politicians, Talk Radio Host, Entertainers ect... calling you these names and others. So I merely use what you yourselves have generationally accepted and aproved of. I discuss YOU (not me) for I see not myself as liken unto anyone that I have encountered. I AM (not) what you are. And I base this off how I have seen you treat one another as well as me when you perceived that I was the same as you or less. The walking dead ( who many of you be) hold no place of honor or nobility, so when I discuss such on the 9MIND show then I use the expressions that best describe the characters and behaviors that I have encountered as well as witnessed amongst those labeled as A.A. aka Negro but have deEvolved into something for less and clearly LACKING LIFE or LOVE.