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    All Packers Talk: NFL Draft, Defensive Line

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    The Packers defensive line is put under the microscope as we look at "where we are now", "where we want to be" and "how do we get there."We plan on doing a series of these podcasts, looking closely at this Packers team, position group by position group, and analyzing where imporivements are needed. Then, of course, we'll examine college prospects that could help the Packers.-----------------------------------------------------Join the writers at AllGreenBayPackers.com for a fast hitting discussion of all things Packers. Be sure to check out ALLGREENBAYPACKERS.COM, where we are "All Packers All the Time. Browse Packers Talk Radio Network for more Packers podcasts from the best Packers bloggers on the internet.

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    NY Giants Round Table: Defensive Line

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    Check out the Offseason discussion of the NY Football Giants with the Bleed Blue Show platform with hosts and stakeholders to have open dialogue with this season in review, off season moves to be had and ways to improve the team from the fan perspective. This episode will touch on the NFL Draft results for the NY Giants.  Off season personnel moves, changes in schemes, free agency, draft, roster adjustments, and transactions as a whole - what are you expecting as a NY Giants fans between now and the regular season.  There will be a lot of offseason discussion to be had and can be found right here on the Giants Round Table.  Tune into the BleedBlueShow.  


    Twitter: @BleedBlueShow

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    www.bleedblueshow.com;  bleedblueshow@gmail.com

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    Da Shakedown Podcast Defensive Line

    in Football

    Shakes, JROC and Roldy talk about the New York Giants defensive line. Who will step-up and be the dominant force on the defensive line that Giants have been looking for since the superbowl years of 2007 and 2011 now that Justin Tuck and Linval Joseph are no longer there.That and a whole lot more on the next show of the Da Shakedown Podcast

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    Hope for the Offensive Line, Concerns About the Defensive Line?

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell short of a preseason victory against the Miami Dolphins, but since it's the preseason, Ken and Leo aren't too worried about wins and losses.

    However, they do have some concerns about the men in the trenches, which they discuss on this episode of Bucs Nation Radio.

    Will the offensive line be good enough to get through the season and allow for a competent looking offense? Or is action still required to bring in new players to bolster the line?

    And what about the defensive line? Yes, Gerald McCoy is great, but can he do it all, or will the team eventually stop getting to quarterbacks without McCoy doing it all himself?

    The guys also talk about running back depth, quarterback play and Ken's gambling luck on this episode of Bucs Nation Radio.


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    Episode 50


    A Radio Talk show about Love, Sex, Relationships, & Serious Topics no other would dare to touch. Tune Every Sunday from 7-9pm with your host Michelle Kiyoko. Post your questions & your experiences at the following: IG: @thebottomline845; FB: thebottomline845; Twitter: @bottomline845 or you can e-mail us @ thebottomline845@gmail.com!



    Call in during Live hrs @ (602) 753-1767


    & Thats The Bottom Line

  • The Bottom Line w/ Ms. Tasha & Darrin Williamson

    in Self Help

    Today on the show Ms. Tasha and Darrin will continue to speak on how to have a servant spirit, and they'll also be talking about the political world so be sure to TUNE IN for that, plus MANY more as they air for an hour on today's episode. 

    The Bottom Line which is brought to you by Kingdom Ministries airs Monday-Friday 10-11 P.M EST . You can call-in to the show at (516) 387-1220.

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    The Bottom Line w/ Ms Tasha & Darrin Williamson

    in Self Help

    To put all of the topics into one description would mess up the charecter count given to us.... 

    The Bottom Line is back!!!! With the remarkable Ms Tasha and alongside for the ride is her co-host Darrin Williamson. This show is brought to you by Kingdom Ministries. The Bottom Line airs Monday-Friday from 10-10:30 P.M EST Tune in!!!! 

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    Quick talk into week 3

    in Professional

    A quick 15 min segment into week 3 of football.

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    RxSmartCoffee straight line reward program

    in Marketing

    Tonight we will host an opportunity call nation wide to explain the products and services offered by RxSmartCoffee. We will get peak interest information on a unique, one of a kind, straight line rewards program from which becominga home business operator (HBO) with RX SmartCoffee offers every HBO the ability to wrok as a company wide team and earn compensation on company wide team volume of each and every item sold by RXSmartCoffee.

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    Secrets to Success in Online business with Ken Courtright

    in Business

    Wouldn't it be cool to pick the brain of someone who is super successful in business.... who has companies that have doubled revenues each of the last four years allowing them, after 20 years, to achieve the rank of 1083 on the Inc.5000 fastest growing U.S. companies. Don't you agree that it would be nice? Well, GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!!
    Because Ken will be on this week sharing his ?#‎SecretsToSuccess?!
    here's an article about him you might find interesting....

    And one more thing
    His company's portfolio of websites are seen by nearly 100 million people each year.... I guess you'd agree he knows a thing or two about generating online traffic, revenue and profits, not to mention authority sites on line.....

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    God love can change any heart !

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    We will be having prayer tonight 11 PM central standard time and 12 AM Eastern standard time,we are excited !!!! we are living in expectation , knowing we will see  great manifestations of God's  promises .We are so grateful,  God did not leave us powerless but we are powerful and we will use our power to tear down the powers of darkness, welcome to Jesus on the scenes Ministry,call in and be blessed 347-850-1990 no code needed.