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  • Lets Talk with Rachel & Bennet: Guest Deena Remiel

    in Pop Culture

    Huffington Post columnist Rachel Thompson and Critic/writer/columnist for Night Owl Magazine and Affaire De Couer Bennet Pomerantz discuss media topics with guests ..Tonight Deena Remiel is our guest


    Her bio 

    My name is Deena Remiel, and I am an author of paranormal romance, urban and dark fantasy, and romantic suspense. I also teach language arts to middle schoolers. I belong to RWA national and the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA, where there are outstanding people writing fabulous stories.

    I grew up in Philadelphia, home of the most amazing cheese steaks, soft pretzels, oh and the Liberty Bell. My husband and I began our own family in New Jersey, and just a few years ago, Arizona called to my spirit and tempted my husband with much better weather! We moved our family, and the rest is history, or the present, as the case may be!

    These are a few of my favorite things: writing and reading of course, chocolate, music with lyrics or melodies that speak to me, soaking baths, singing in the shower, dancing with my buds, romantic dancing with my hubbie, scrapbooking, watching my girls enjoy what they love to do, and laughing at jokes. Visit my website for the latest news and available books: www.deenaremiel.com.

    Feel free to contact me: deenaremiel@yahoo.com

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    Angel Rising with Deena Remiel

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    About the Author:

    Deena Remiel is an Arizona author of paranormal romance, urban and dark fantasy, and romantic suspense. She also teaches language arts to middle schoolers. She belongs to RWA national and the Desert Rose Chapter of RWA, where there are outstanding people writing fabulous stories.

    She grew up in Philadelphia, home of the most amazing cheese steaks, soft pretzels, and the Liberty Bell. Arizona called to her spirit and tempted her husband with much better weather! They moved the family, and the rest is history, or the present, as the case may be.

    ABOUT THE BOOK:  Angel Rising 

    Hannah Livingston has the most infamous stalker that ever existed- Satan. She spent her sixth birthday with the Brethren, fighting an apocalyptic war that sent the Dark Prince back to Hell, and the rest of her life wondering if he’d be back for her soul someday. She needn’t wonder any longer.

    Gabriel Seeker, Brethren Protector, spends his days and nights rescuing kids from sex traffickers and protecting their lives from further damage. He knows all too well the nightmarish world they’ve been stolen into, and it’s gotten harder to keep secret his own past horrors.

    Hannah and Gabriel have always gotten along, first as friends, then as co-workers. She manages his life and he protects hers. A perfect, symbiotic relationship, so it would seem, until suppressed feelings for each other surface and forever change the landscape of their lives. Stricken with PTSD, the determined angel seeks to protect the woman he loves from Satan’s greedy and insidious clutches.

    Deceit and seduction, desire and repression, collide in this epic, immortal story of love, duty, and sacrifice.

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    Serving Up Evil with Deena Remiel

    in Books

    This will be the first official coffee shop show series: Escape the Grind. We will be talking to Deena Remiel at the newer Coffee Rush - Located in Gilbert, Arizona on the North-East corner of Val Vista & Elliot - 53 N. Val Vista Dr., Ste 100 Gilbert, AZ 85234
    It was the mystique of Arizona’s history and landscape that called to Deena and catapulted her career as an author. When she’s not writing romance and urban fantasy in the wee small hours of the morning or in the deep, dark of night, Deena teaches language arts to middle school students. She currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona with her husband and two children, but New Jersey will always tug at her heartstrings. She believes in angels and loves connecting with her fans, so find her at deenaremiel.com.
    Deena Remiel Serving up evil and oh, so good... INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING KINDLE AUTHOR of GOTHIC ROMANCE Co-chair, Arizona Dreamin' ~ 30 May-1 June, 2014 arizonadreaminevent.com Website: deenaremiel.com Blogger at: paranormalromantics.blogspot.com

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    Between Moonlit Covers, Kali Willows Interviews Deena Remiel

    in Books










    Personal Appearances:

    January 25th, 2PM: Velma Teague Library, Glendale AZ (Romance panel)

    February 7-9: Glendale Chocolate Affaire, Glendale AZ

    March 15-16: Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson AZ

    May 8-11: Leprecon 40, Mesa AZ

    May 30-June1: Arizona Dreamin' 2014, Chandler AZ

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    Special guest Anthony 7 Deena Holmes, husband & wife paranormal investigators..

    in Paranormal

    The paranormal to Anthony Holmes is just a part of who he is and he really enjoys working with other paranormal investigators to help give the clients the answers they need.  This need to help others has driven him to further his studies in the paranormal because there is so much to learn and a lot to see. 

    Deena Holmes's favorite part of what they do as a husband & wife team is being able to help their clients with their paranormal needs.  She enjoys conducting deed research and historical data collecting as she feels this aspect of what she does helps paint a picture of an establishments sorted past.

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    We have Grant Cohn & Lance Goodman join our 1st round mock draft and we have special caller that is a Broncos fan that will make the 31st pick.We have picked what order we are selecting which goes Lance 1st , Bryan 2nd , Grant 3rd , Jeff 4th & Deena 5th .We will talk about the draft after we draft and why we picked who we picked at that selection and was it becuase of need or best avilable. This will be a fun show ! 

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    We are phamily

    in Baseball




    hello there and welcome to my first broadcast! I'm Maria and I hope you enjoy some nice banter with my two pals Deena and Dan!

    A few things we will be talking about in this episode.

    -Cubs fans and why they suck 

    -Dexter Fowler and the scoundrel he is    

    Randal Grichuk and his real dad.  

    - A lot of Stanton

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    Human Behavior What a Trip with Guest Deena Case - Pall

    in Health

    You can listen to Jonathan on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11:00 AM PST. To listen or talk with Jonathan call 657-383-0369.

    If you would like to be a Guest on Human Behavior What a Trip you can email me at jbphd4183@gmail.com

    You can follow Jonathan on Facebook facebook/com/humanbehaviorwhatatrip or Twitter @humanbehavior_

    If you wish to be a guest or have your own Show on Human Behavior What a Trip email me at jbphd4183@gmail.com

    I’m pleased to announce that my Book “A Slice of Life” is now available on Amazon.com (Kindle), Nook (Barnes and Noble) and iTunes Store.

    Also, if you are interested in Identity Theft and Protecting yourself you can call me at 805-380-3315 to learn more!

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    Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi w/ Anthony & Deena Maryland Ghost Trac

    in Radio

    Join Steve & Naomi as they welcome Anthony and Deena Holmes from Maryland Ghost Trackers to Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi. Maryland Ghost Trackers, was originally founded by Matt and Lara in 2008. Working together as RN's in the Operating Room at a local Baltimore hospital, they would spend many lunch breaks discussing the paranormal, from their own personal experiences to the latest episodes of their favorite televised paranormal groups. They both knew they needed answers to all the questions they would theorize about, so in the fall of 2008 they decided to take a digital recorder and camera to Gettysburg battlefield to try their luck. From the first moment they started snapping photos and conducting an EVP session, they were hooked. Even though not much evidence would be captured on that day, they started gaining the most important part of paranormal investigating, and that is experience. To help with our thorough investigation standards the team would add Anthony, Deena and Steve. Anthony also has years of experience in paranormal research and investigations and brings a great wealth of knowledge to the team. Steve and Deena are both Investigators in training and are focusing on the equipment and research side of things, and are really becoming nice investigators. 

    To check out more about our guests, go to www.marylandghosttrackers.com

    For more information regarding Into The Unknown Realm with Steve & Naomi and their paranormal team, S.T.U.R.S aka Seeking The Unknown Realm Society go to www.seekingtheunknownrealmsociety.com.  

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    The Passo Garage

    in Football

    Listen in to tonights show starting at 6:30pm PT. We will look at 3 teams who Passo feels made the most impact in free agency to this point. We will have a special guest caller to evaluate hese teams with us. We will then be joined by a panel of 49er fans (as long as all of them have he nerve to call in) to evaluate and discuss the situation with quarter back Colin Kaepernick and point out his pros and cons. Returning this week our producer Deena Howard will be bringing us another great Deena report. Sit back and fasten your seatbelts, call inand participate in any segments 516-387-1502 this is going to bea wild ride on The Passo Garge. NFL

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    Golden Gate Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Welcome to our new show where we talk Baseball and Basketball today. This show we talk Giants,Giants, Giants and some A's Baseball and other teams .We are also a sports talk radio show that are open to any sports talk. Come join Jason (Host) and Ryan (Co-Host ) & Deena Producer . 

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