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    The Big Perm Show #51 - Kendall Gott & Dee Mill

    in Entertainment

    The trainwreck rolls on this Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. CST / 9:00 p.m. EST !!

    Joining us at 8:15 p.m. CST will be Peoria native and Richwoods graduate, Kendall Gott. Professor Gott is an Army veteran of Desert Storm, the Senior Historian at the US Army Combat Studies Institute, and author of several works. He is most noted academically as a Civil War and general military history historian, and is a frequent speaker at various Civil War roundtables and staff rides.

    Then at 9:00 p.m. CST we'll catch up with our homeboy, Dee Mill. Dee and the rest of the boys from Art of Ill Fusion are in the middle of a two month national tour that will send them to Cali and back !! Next Tuesday night the boys take over The Well in Peoria Heights for a FREE Fan Apprerciation Show. You don't want to miss this !!

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    The Big Perm Show - Ep. #24 - Art Fair 5 - Dee Mill, Jordan Daniels & Brainchild

    in Entertainment

    The Big Perm Show is an online radio show focused on the people & places of Peoria and Central Illinois. Another stellar episode of The Big Perm Show is coming your way this Sunday night at 8pm CST / 9pm EST !! Don't miss it !!

    Joining us this Sunday at 8:15 will be Dee Mill of Art Of Ill Fusion. Marking his second visit to the show we've dedicated this episode to The Art Fair Music Festival 5 coming August 21-23, 2014 at Camp Wokanda in Chillicothe, IL. We'll chat with Dee about the roll he plays in bringing this awesome festival to us each year. We'll also get the low down on what people can expect while they are attending the event.

    At 8:30 we'll hear from Jordan Daniels, keyboardist for the perennial Art Fair group Afternoon Moon. We hope to gain some insight into what makes Afternoon Moon the rising stars that they are. We'll also talk about Art Fair 5 and a whole lot more !

    At 9:00 we catch up with the boys from Brainchild. Roy Ponce, Jake Schultz & Pony join the show to talk Art Fair 5. It's also Jake's birthday so who knows what might happen !!

    Then at 9:30 it's " The Marty Monologues " !! Marty Wombacher of Meanwhile Back In Peoria.com joins us for a weekly segment that is " Kinda Like The Vagina Monologues But With A Real Dick ". Last week....ketchup. This week....??? Be sure to catch this ever evolving segment that will surely make you crack a smile & quite possibly have you pissing yourself !

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    The Big Perm Show - Episode #6 - Bart Shatto, Norman Kelly & Dee Mill

    in Radio

    This Sunday former guest Bart Shatto returns !! The last time Bart joined the show we had such a blast we couldn't wait to bring him back !! 

    Bart recently filmed a yet released film with Cuba Gooding Jr. entitled " Carry Me Home ".  He played the role of " McGee ", a vagabond musician who helps Cuba and his family to the first station of the underground railroad. Now, he's already busy researching his next role and we hope to get some more great stories told only the way that he can !! 

    Making his monthly stop, this time to talk about Peoria during the Civil War, will be the preeminent Peoria historian Norman Kelly. From Army camps to whiskey & whores, Norm will give us a glimpse into Peoria in the mid 1800's. What a wild town this must have been !!

    Rounding out this weeks guest line up will be a veteran of the Peoria music scene. Dee Mill, of the crazy popular group Art of Ill Fusion, will be stopping by to kick the shit with the boys. After a brief hiatus, Dee Mill is back and we're bringing to you a very candid interview with a P-Town superstar !!

    You don't want to miss this show !! It promises to be entertaining and you never know when the wheels might fall off !! Hang on for the ride !!


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    Vent it with Debby Dee

    in Lifestyle

    Please join me on vent - it.... let me know what really makes you mad or sad or Happy let it out why pay a psychologist I listen for free. Did you ever have a day that something wasn't going well at your job or home and you want to talk about it? or did you ever hear something on a talk show and you wish you could be there to speak your mind?? well this is the show to do just that. I talk about everything that is going on in the world or Celebrities Role models. All you have to do is call this # (347) 637-3929 or go to this link to listen http://www.blogtalkradio.com/debby-dee so come on you know y

     Vent-it with Debby Dee every Thursday at 9:30pm hope you can listen also feel free to  join in......All you have to do is call this # (347) 637-3929 yes you can hear the show from your phone if you want to talk to me press 1 on your phone if you don't want to use your phone go to this link to listen. 

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    Episode #264 - 8/30/2015

    in Spirituality

    This show is always about the latest channeled information in subjects of creation, energy direction, collective consciousness challenges, and self-love. Call in and receive channeled guidance on how to powerfully create what you want. Discover blocks, release them, and move back into the vibration that allows you to expand and manifest. Powerful, fun and informative, this show is what you have been looking for!

    Listen to Dee on the following radio networks:

    The Al Cole "People of Distinction" Network, compliments of Live365 Radio - http://www.live365.com/stations/alcoleradio?site=pro&play=1
    Universal Broadcasting Network (UBN Radio) – http://www.ubnradio.com/consciouscreation
    The Empowerment Channel at ConnectMeRadio.com – http://connectmeradio.com/genre/empowerment/
    Transformation.fm on Transformation Talk Radio - http://transformationtalkradio.com/host_page.php?id=105
    BBS Radio - http://bbsradio.com/consciouscreation
    Women's Radio - http://www.womensradio.com/author/deewallace/
    iTunes -  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/conscious-creation-radio-show/id574823210

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    Positively Dee a discussion about HIV/AIDS

    in Health

    There are many questions regarding HIV/AIDS in the church and why it's not discussed. Even in our black communities. Join us as we discuss part 2 of this topic. Pastor Savalas R. Squire and William Francis will be a guest today at 4:30 pm Mountain Time. Call in and join the conversation 347-855-8118 or register online and listen in www.blogtalkradio.com. I look forward to what you all have to say. Thank you for your support. Be blessed.

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    What Every Dialysis Patient Should Know-Patient To Patient

    in Health


    Our panel of veteran dialysis patients are not medical professional but we have been on dialysis for a number of years that we have alot of valuable information that could be extremely helpful to other dialysis patients.  We will also be answering questions from our call in guests also.

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    The Ignorance Equation- Our Melting Pot Boileth Over!

    in Politics Progressive

    This week we talk Immigration, the 14th Amendment and of course Donald Trump. And Author Mike Bushman stops by with his opinion and we cover this weeks news.

    And don't forget to check out our after show "Kettle Of Fish" on archive. This week John Lehr talks about being a 14 year old girl.

    So join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Anti-Immigration Rhetoric we can Sneak into your Frightened Little Ear Holes.

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    Kettle Of Fish: John Lehr

    in Comedy

    Welcome to Kettle Of Fish. The Show After The Show, The Talk After The Talk, The 20 Minute Comedy Money Shot After The Two Hours Of Political Foreplay.

    This Week John Lehr talks about being a 14 year old girl.

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    Sacred Sunday~II Corinthians Chapter 2/A Sad Letter After a Painful Visit

    in Christianity

     Welcome Listeners! We are reading...2 Corinthians: Chapter 2 Summary

      The Painful Visit

    Okay, the real reason that Paul cancelled his visit to Corinth is because he didn't want to have another "painful visit." At least that's what happened the last time he stopped in Corinth. Ouch.
    Apparently, there was some kind of disagreement between Paul and a male member of the Corinthian congregation. Paul doesn't go into details (we're guessing the Corinthian gossip mill has already made this news known). He also doesn't name his opponent, so we'll just call him the Offending Brother.
    We don't know what happened, but we do know that what was really upsetting about the whole incident was that the Corinthians ended up siding with the Offending Brother instead of Paul. How rude!
    Paul cancelled his travel plans and did what he does best—he wrote a letter. This letter made him super sad though and he cried a ton while writing it.

    The Tears Did It!

    But—good news—the letter worked. Paul hears that the Corinthians have kicked the Offending Brother out of the church.
    Okay, but now, Paul tells them they should work on bringing him back into the church (wait, what?). Oh, you know. Forgiveness and all that jazz.
    Paul heard all this news first hand from his friend, Titus (who had been to visit Corinth). Needless to say, this made Paul very, very happy.
    But really, this is all God's handiwork. He has led Paul and his fellow apostles on a victory march through the streets. God loves a parade, apparently.
    Paul and his cohorts aren't like some apostles who are really just "peddlers of God's word." They're sincere and truthful. They come from God. Now that's a solid resume. Thanks to Shmoop.com

  • 99 Things you should ask a man before... W/Armani Valentino

    in Entertainment

    Ladies, if you really want to know how to get on the right path in dating, we have the show for you.  Relationship and Communication Specialist, Armani Valentino will be on live, to answer your questions about dating, love and relationships.  This best selling author has been featured in many publications and mhas made numerous appearances at universities, workshops and conventions.  Tune in Saturday September 29th at 3 pm  Central.

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