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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Mar 18, 2016

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel discusses local and national current events, politics, personal and business finance with a few mortgage tips along the way. A Southern California mortgage expert and bon-a-fide political junkie, Ron delivers intelligent, entertaining radio that makes the hard news of the week easy to understand!  Ron is joined by Tiffany Cox, Falling Bright Wine Merchants, and Joe LeVecke, Pau Maui Vodka.

    Ron, Tiffany and Joe will discuss: Vodka distilled from Pineapple; the Maui Mule; Wine Collecting; What is a Luxury Wine; Blind tasting of Wine; How to Improve Your Credit Score: 4 Home-Related Tax Deductions You Shouldn’t Overlook; The Mortgage Process: What You Need To Know; Real Time Real Estate; Your Credit Matters; Mortgage Minute; Word on Wealth; and so much more

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender,  discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at               

    ·       800.306.1990 

    ·       Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.SiegelLendingTeam.com

    ·       Twitter: @RonSiegel

    ·       www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio



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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1313

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - April is Child Abuse Awareness Month - All across America we hope people will be holding local events and making a special effort to get out the word that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. This year we're giving away FREE Blue Ribbon kits to those who promise to distribute our ribbons and fact-filled cards locally. But the panelists discussed the fat that we were not as informed of these things as we might have been in the past .. and certainly not to a level that satisfies us. We spoke of the nature of our NAASCA mission .. and of the uphill challenge we face, educating the public to discuss these important topics and offering services, projects and many tools to the still-suffering adult survivor. Lastly we shared some ideas for this year and looked to the future. Remember, NAASCA is now a non profit, a 501(c)3 charity, and provides tax deductions to those willing to support our important cause. Without that support we struggle to maintain the 30 FREE programs, tools and services we offer the community.

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    Tax Time with Stan Roy

    in Business

    We all dred filing our income taxes but with the help of a professional we can get the best advice and outcome possible.

    Stan Roy owner of Heritage Tax and Consulting Services will be chatting with us today on some of the lastest changes that will effect you when filing your income tax this year.

    Stan will be discussing such things as the impact of the Affordable Care Act, extensions on allowable deductions and credits, and e-filing. If you own your own business stan will be discussing writeoffs, credits and more. 

    Stan has extensive experience in assisting individuals and businesses with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. We are honored to have such an expert join us and share such valuabale information.

    For more information visit Heritage Tax & Consulting Services


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    Tips for Tax Preparations 2016

    in Parents

    We will cover last minute tips to maximize your tax refund for 2016.

    The best options to file for those who are self employed or have minimal income.

    What new tax changes are taking place for 2016. 

    For those who typically owe each year, what they can do to help minimize the amount they owe the IRS. Payment plan options? 

    Information on tax deductions for small business owners.



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    The Benefits of the Section 179 Tax Deduction and ISM Report

    in News

    Legal tax deductions can lower operating costs, but it’s only the well-informed manufacturer who reaps the benefits.  Learn about a lesser-known incentive that successful manufacturers are taking advantage of that enables them to invest in themselves while purchasing much needed equipment and software.  Join us as two leading voices from WeiserMazars; Partner Vince Paolucca and Senior Tax Associate Gianluca Carrabs unpack the benefits of the Section 179 Tax Deduction before the end-of-year deadline for filing closes the door on deductions you may not have been aware of.  

    On Tuesday we’ll also be featuring the Institute for Supply Management’s Report of Business November 2015 with Brad Holcomb, Committee Chair of the ISM Manufacturing Report on Business puts into context the Institute for Supply Management’s Purchasing Managers Index number for November 2015.

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    Winning The Tax Game: Real Savings, Real Deductions

    in Self Help

    http://ThinkRichRadio.com presents Tina Frizzell-Jenkins, CPC, a friendly tax advisor. I know you think those terms don't do together, but  "Tax Tina" gets excited about YOUR personal taxes - that is, about keeping more of your money. Tune in, you'll be glad you did.

    If you're a politician from a foreign country looking to hide money away, her message won't help you...

    But if you want squeeky-clean IRS smile-on provisions that allow you to keep massive amounts MORE of your own money... That's what she's about, saving money from the tax man.

    You'll keep more of your own money following rules as clearly laid out as speed limit signs on the way into town...

    That said, you might find her philosophy irrestible...

      "It is not WHETHER I can deduct it,
          but HOW I can deduct it."

    You'll find that quote in her great book, "Real Savings Real Deductions", available at http://ThinkRich.com/realsavings

    You'l find out how a home-based business let's you deduct such things as...

    > A trip to the grocery store for fresh fruits and vegetables...
    > Your music collection
    > Or your child's little league expenses

    These are deductions that, sadly, most American wage-earners do not even dream exist.

    She removes the confusion...

    1. So you KNOW what you can deduct - which reduces confusion and fear
    2. So you comply by deducting things the right way

    When it comes to your money, a little education goes a long way.

    The good attitude is an extra bonus.


  • 4th Quarter Tax and Home-Base Business Show

    in Business

    What is the biggest challenges most Americans Face? Having too much month at the end of money. How can the common person overcome this challenge? Most try by getting a second jod or a second mortgage, or both.

    In reality, the best answer is making the most out of your current income by starting and running a homebase business.

    We will show you how a properly structured home-base business can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your taxes. The U. S, Congress has created laws that encourage individuals to be entrepreneurs - to start and run their own business.

    When you start your own home-base business, you become eligible to take all the same kinds of deductions available to big corporations. These deductions will allow you to decrease the amount of taxes that you pay. Helping you get back an extra $3,000 to $5,000 back on you tax return. Tune in today and find out how you can get started in a home base-business in this last quarter of 2015 to increase your tax return.

    Movements Unlimited Tax Services


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    Money and More - Questionable Deductions and Taxes

    in Entrepreneur

    Wendy Cassera of Taxpectations hosts this show that deals with finances and money for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Individuals, and Mostly YOU.  Words like Finances, Money, IRS, Taxes and Financial Statements shouldn't create fear.  These things should be used to strengthen and grow your business and your life.  Besides ... where were you when it stopped being fun?  Let's bring the fun back together.  

    Wendy Cassera is an accountant and tax expert with over 25 years experience.  I help those struggling with their finances to find simple, easy to use ways to manage and understand their finances and make more money. 

    This Success Place is about you succeeding.  So ... come to where the fun is ... hear tips about taxes, short cuts to bookkeeping, jokes, quotes, and even some really great guest speakers that can help you with your life, your business, and your Success ... whatever that means to YOU.

    www.taxpectations.com // wendy@taxpectations.com


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    in Finance

    Join Andrea Brundage and Angela Sticca Snyder talking trash!!! The trash around disorganization and the treasures you can find.  Do you know what being unorganized is costing you?  Lost receipts mean missed tax deductions and higher taxes!! OH NO! Everyone's been there, the pile on the kitchen counter, the lost receipts, the horrendous closet, the draws you can't get closed... there's a way out and there's help.  Listen to this entertaining and educational show... and don't tune out at the end where Angela gives you key points on the types of items you should be saving and organizing for your taxes!

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    YMM AM - Tax Deductions for Pets

    in News

    Bill Fantini on rebuilding your finances after being out of work for an extended period of time and what tax deductions exist for your pets.

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