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    LIVE! with Cathi-"A delicate Matter" con't

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    Lead the way and put your best YOU FORWARD!
    On Tuesdays' show, I addresed necks and decolletes, but let's move down...elbows, hands, knees.
    FACT: GRAVITY is taking it's toll on our bodies...sagging body and facial skin...discolored elbows...puffy knees and hands that age before our very eyes, so, what to do.  If you're considering a full face-lift (in the thousands) be prepared to having your skin pulled up from your feet to the top of your head.
    FACT: Look at your upper-arms...are they toned, firm or are they flabbly.  Your tush and back of your upper thighs, firm or flabby.  Is your tummy flat and firm.
    Benefits of a slant board...etc.
    Handling your facial skin...etc.
    Over-the-Counter products...etc.
    Hair, your crowning glory...etc.
    Save BIG BUCKS ...at home remedies...etc.