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    Let’s Talk Oracle Decks

    in Spirituality

    September 10, 7 PM EDT

    Join Bonnie Cehovet and Mary Nale on Sessions…located on Attune Magazine Radio.

    Let’s Talk Oracle Decks!

    What is an oracle deck?  What makes it different from a tarot deck?  Who can use an oracle deck?  What oracle decks are available?  What oracle decks are coming up?

    Join us as we Talk Oracle Decks on Sessions…


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    All About Decks with Ciro Marchetti!

    in Spirituality

    Kosmic Koffee with Kooch! - Ciro Marchetti! - Kooch chats with the FABulous author and artist Ciro Marchetti! ..Visual content, and the role of the cards - pros & cons of creating a deck - advise, pitfalls, financial, etc....

    Join us in the Chat Room (BELOW), during the Show!

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    Tarot Mysteries and Oracle Decks

    in Spirituality

    Samantha and Deb discuss the wonders of Tarot, and the differences/similarities with Oracle decks.

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    Creative ways enhance your space in sun decks and patio design

    in Design

     Hello Family and welcome back!

    This week we go over great ideas about how to create your own Tropical Paradise and/or Enchanted Backyard Retreat.... with sun decks, and patio design. We also show you how to add value to your home by creating an enhanced and aesthetically pleasing environment with architectural elements and color.. Stay tuned!

    (10:30pm) pst

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    Favorite Tarot Decks of 2012

    in Self Help

    Janet and her special co-host Amanda Donnelly (78 Whispers Blog) chat about their favorite Tarot decks from 2012. Did YOUR favorites make the cut?

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    in Politics Conservative

    Greg was a former Kansas State Trooper, Kansas Marshall, and retired West Iron County instructor. Greg has been speaking and instructing civic groups across  America and Canada for the past 25 years.  His extensive experience in military matters and law enforcement gives him a rare insight into the emergence of the "seamless and all pervasive surveillance, enforcement, proactive rights curtailing entity that has nearly destroyed the U. S. Constitution and the separation of powers in the government."

    "The time for debate is ending.  The era of tyranny is well underway.  Couple this with the exploding ISIS threat within America and the days of peace, safety and life is fine, leave me alone, are over,"

    Within the next few weeks you will be witness to the most highly insulting and desperately misleading political campaigns ever seen by American citizens. It will be that way because in order to sell the presumed candidates, campaign officials and party leaders will blitz this nation with more horse dung than has EVER been thrown through the fan blades before.

     How is it that 280 million legal American citizens (out of 304 million people living within our borders) can only produce the two present pitiful representatives from the dominant parties? Simple answer? Because this whole process has been pre-ordained, programmed and the outcome sealed before the campaigns ever began. If there is the slightest possibility that the directed outcome does not follow the script, then the computerized voting machines will be required to do what they were designed to do. CHEAT.

    The parties have shunned, vilified, embarrassed, threatened and followed through on their internal efforts to squelch all opposition. They have stacked the decks on who is a delegate and made real choice impossible. to protect the “status quo” and allow the ultimate destiny of the United States to be fulfilled.

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    Interview With Maggie Moon - Intuitive Tarot Reader

    in Spirituality

    We are excited to bring a live, on air interviw with the lovely Maggie of Maggie Moon Tarot! 

    Maggie is a Reader, Intuitive, Numerologist,  Endorsed Reader for The Tarot Guild, a Certified Angel Card Reader(TM), and a Certified Six Sensory(TM) Practitioner, a Reiki Master.   She has a wonderful Youtube Channel where you can view and Subscribe to  Weekly Vibes- http://youtube.com/user/maggiemoontarot/videos   She is currently a co-host on the Personal Empowerment for Your Soul on Blogtalk Radio and she has written numerous articles on Tarot and Numerology.  

    We will discuss Maggie's approach to intuitive readings, her insight on empowerment and some of her favorite oracle and tarot card decks.   Don't miss this enlightening hour!




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    love is live

    in Education

    While AElus' thunders round us roar,And sweep impetuous o'er the plainBe still, O tyrant of the main;Nor let thy brow contracted frowns betray,While my Susanna skims the wat'ry way.The Pow'rpropitioushearsthe lay,

    The blue-ey'd daughters of the sea
    With sweeter cadence glide along,
    And Thames responsive joins the song.
    Pleas'd with their notes Sol sheds benign his ray,
    And double radiance decks the face of day.
    To court thee to Britannia's arms
    Serene the climes and mild the sky,
    Her region boasts unnumber'd charms,
    Thy welcome smiles in ev'ry eye.
    Thy promise, Neptune keep, record my pray'r,
    Not give my wishes to the empty air.

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    How to choose the Tarot deck that is right for you.....

    in Self Help

    Interested in learning to read Tarot Cards?

    Do you have a deck of cards or are you looking for a set and just not sure which ones will work for you?

    Do you dabble in reading the cards?

    Do you have a deck already but just aren't sure if it's the right one for you?

    Do you have to be psychic to read tarot cards?

    Well, this short tutorial will help you more fully understand which cards are going to be suitable for you.

    Please join Robin Cragin and I (Michelle Meleo) for more in-depth information on The Tarot!

    HAVE QUESTIONS OR JUST CURIOUS?  Give us a call during the show and we will be glad to answer you while we are on air.  Or email us ahead of time and we will get your questions answered during the show.   michellemeleoonline@gmail.com  OR  robincraginmedium@yahoo.com

    See you there!


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    Sun Decks Patio Designs and Backyard Retreats

    in Design

    Welcome back!
    This week we go over great ideas about how to create your own Tropical Paradise and/or Enchanted Backyard Retreat.... with sun decks, and patio design. We also show you how to add value to your home by creating an enhanced and aesthetically pleasing environment with architectural elements and color.. Stay tuned!
    (10:30pm) pst

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    Chris McClure - Schiffer Publishing - Mind, Body, Spirit Books & Decks...

    in Spirituality

     Guest Host, Dr Dax Carlisle, chats with Chris McClure - Schiffer's "Book Guru" (Sale & Marketing) about Mind-Body-Spirit Books & Decks at Schiffer Publishing....

    "Tune In" to discover some great new books & decks! Are you a writer? Deck creator? ...perhaps you want to be? This is the show for you!


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