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    KKN: "Decisions,Decisions.."

    in Spirituality

    Next up on "Kingdom Kids Network" with Clinton and Imani 

    Brought to you by "Kingdom United Ministries Network".

    Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to make a decision? Have you ever been in a spot where you thought you wouldn't make it? Well if you have, tune-in to Kingdom Kids Network:"Decisions, decisions..." this Saturday at 10:00 am Est.  Feel free to share and invite others.  You're welcome!

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    The tough decisions and choices of proper parenting

    in Current Events

    Join us today at 5:30 cst as we raise the subject:

    The tough decisions and choices of proper parenting

    Could you make the decision to cooperate with the police if by doing so would send your child to jail or compromise their future?

     Do we harm our children when we do not allow them to live the consequences of their choices or should we soften the blow?

    To have your thoughts views and opinions heard call 718-508-9533 press #1 to share your thoughts or click below to listen....

    Check out link below:



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    Decisions, Decisions, and Annette Dubrouillet

    in Business

    Business and life are all about the decisions you make and implement.  Simple as that.  Well, not really.  Actually, choosing is easy.  But making the right decisions for the right reason is a survival art form which corporate leader, teacher, and author Annette Dubrouillet has mastered and set in an applicable process. Host Bart Jackson, who recently interviewed Annette for a U.S. 1 Newspaper Survival Guide article, now carries the conversation further, allowing listeners to see how this Lady of the Right Choices decided her way to the top. If you want to live life more on your own terms or make your career float a little more effectively, come discover the techniques to put yourself where you want to be.

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    Choices and Decisions

    in Spirituality

    Join Sharon Bar Or, Sue Graywolf and Jim Graywolf as they walk the road of choices and decisions       Wednesday, 6/18 at 1 PM MST, noon PST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time.

    Choices and decisions face us every day. Some make them and move ahead - others can get stuck waiting for the perfect answer. How do we navigate through the sea of decisions that face us each day? Especially now. We three hosts have had some major choices and decisions to face over the past few years - and more still coming. We will share how we have dealt, and are dealing, with this. As will our listeners we are certain.

    Join us and we will explore this together.

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    SDG 163 Decisions Decisions

    in Spirituality

     Joshua 8, Deuteronomy 27:13–18 and Deuteronomy 28:1-7

    As one reads through the Book of Joshua it becomes apparent that an important truth isn’t HOW God accomplishes victory in His people; the important truth is that God DOES it and we don’t!

    So God’s methods may change, but God’s personality, character, and principles NEVER change.

    So we learn this about the nature of God in Joshua 8: First of all the waywardness that He pardons as seen in His people Israel and then the wickedness that He punishes as seen in the people of Ai.

    And if we don’t see both of them we don’t have the big picture of Almighty God.

    For God is a God of both goodness and severity, of both mercy and judgment.


    And this brings us to a third point, where we will spend our time together in this message, and that is,

    3. The Will that God permits

    So just what IS "the will" that God permits?

    God allows a man to choose whether or not he will be blessed or cursed.

    God allows a man to choose whether or not he will be pardoned or punished.

    So we can choose; it’s up to us!

    There's a valley of decision between a mountain of misery, and a mountain of mercy.

    And we can have either one, it’s up to us.

    So we can be like Israel or we can be like Ai, it’s our choice.

    Now God loves us but He is a Holy God and if our sin is not pardoned in Christ it’ll be punished in Hell.

    There’s no in between; there's no alternative.

    So EVERYBODY must come to a valley of decision.

    Tune into this message to hear about the 4 reasons we ought to choose the mount of mercy instead of the mount of misery…


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    How To Avoid Some Really Bad Decisions in 2015

    in Self Help

    Susan Lager, a psychotherapist and relationship coach at The Couples Center in Portsmouth, NH, explores the difference between making a mistake and making a bad decision, and why people make bad decisions which can ruin their lives. In this episode she discusses key behaviors and attitudes which either help to create or avoid bad decisions, including one simple exercise anyone can use to make better decisions in 2015. 

    Call toll-free 877-497-9046 to join the show live with questions or comments!



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    Decisions Starts…Decisions Finish

    in Lifestyle

    Decisions help us start. Decisions help us finish. Sharon Johnson talks about the inportance of making good decisions today for tomorrow. According to Leadership expert, John Maxwell in "Today Matters Successful people make right decisions early and manage those decisions daily". Sharon Johnson has approved http://yourworldourlens.com with perspective expert Linda Wilson http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/sharonjohnson http://www.comtivate.com

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    Decisions! Decisions!! Decisions!!!

    in Self Help

    How Can We Make Better Decisions?
    Does Brain science help redefine decision-making?
    Do our leaders-or for that matter do any of us-trust our brains and rational thinking when making important decisions? Or do we make better decisions based on gut instinct and emotions? 
    How do we make decisions? Emergency decisions in life threatening situations, business decisions with major economic implications, or decisions of a personal nature? How much do we know about the processes that take place in our brains when we make decisions? Can neuroscience teach us ways to improve our decision making processes? 

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    Adult bullying

    in Motivation

    We often talk about children that suffer bullying amoung their peers, yet do you know someone that is a bully or suffers bullying as a adult, if so what's the remedy?

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    Making Right Decisions (Part 2)

    in Health

    How do you make sure you’re making the right decisions after you’re faced with a cancer diagnosis? Join us as Mark Burright continues to share some tips about how to deal with your cancer diagnosis and treatment. He also has some tips on how to pick the right doctor for you. This is part two of this three part series.

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    How to Make Tough Decisions

    in Self Help

    Do you sometimes struggle when making tough decisions? Do you feel stuck or paralyzed by the choices you have to decide between?  After you make a decision, do you constantly question if it was the RIGHT decision?  Join us for this episode of The Organic Mind for discussion and tips on how to make those tough decisions. Learn how to connect the head and heart, and going forward you can feel confident in the decision you choose.

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