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    Decision Making

    in Education

    We will discuss how to develop, and practice, good decision making skills.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be SnowPeas and Red Pepper Stir Fry, and the "adventure" recipe will be Sausage and Tomato Pasta.

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    Parenting, Decision Making and Consequences

    in Goals

    Decision making is an important part of healthy development.  How do you make decisions? Do you consider the consequences of your decisions?  How often?  How does your decision making style impact that of the children and others you influence?

    Let's talk about decision making on the next episode of Discussions with Delia

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    Decision Making

    in Lifestyle

    Join your host Christopher and Amanda for a personal discussion on decision making. How do you make life's hardest decisions? Who do you rely on for advice - friends, family, self? Who gives you the best and worst advice? What's the best advice you've ever been given?
    In the first 30: Oscar nominees, television updates, flu epidemic, california high school shooting and much more. 
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    Senior Mediation and Decision Making

    in Parents

    Persons aged 65 and older are the fastest growing part of the population, and many families confront sometimes difficult decisions about care-giving, housing, health care, estate planning, and end of life planning for aging parents and other family members. Bob Rhudy, president of Senior Mediation and Decision-Making, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, discusses the types of services that senior (or “elder”) mediators provide to help families manage and resolve conflict in these matters.

    Robert J. Rhudy is in private practice as a lawyer, mediator, facilitator and consultant, and has been president of Senior Mediation and Decision-Making, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland since 2007. He is a past chair of the Association for Conflict Resolution's Elder Mediation Section (2008-2010).  Bob developed and directed the Maryland Senior Mediation Project during 2005-2009 and created and directed the Maryland Court of Special Appeals Office of Mediation during 2009-2012.   He has provided senior mediation training and consulting around the United States and Canada.

    Additional Information:  The Center for Social Gerontology   Elder Mediation Today: Manual and Resource Guide

    Tracy is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Coordinator at the Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO). Tracy also serves as a conflict coach, mediator, and promotes conflict resolution processes through trainings, outreach initiatives, and continuing education for conflict resolution practitioners.

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    Breaking Through Fear-Based Decision-Making

    in Legal

    There are short-sighted, ego-based, anxiety-driven decisions made by leaders in business, community-service, faith-based, and government sectors all too often. The adverse, long-term impacts of such decisions, seen all too often at micro and macro levels, have led to: operational ineffectiveness, business failures, and economic crises; military aggressions, wars, and genocide; irresponsible contribution to climate changes; and a variety of civil rights and human rights violations.


    It is generally presumed that the best decisions leaders need to make are rational decisions. However, the truth is many decisions that are touted as “rational” are often intellectually-framed emotional decisions that undercut leaders’ ability to achieve the needed results. To counter this tendency, leaders must be equipped with the emotional skills to make competent, courageous and compassionate decisions that maximize the best interests for the greatest number of stakeholders. 


    Dr. Cari Jackson is the founding director of Center of Spiritual Light, a community services organization which provides resources for practical spirituality to individuals and organizations to enhance their impactful transformation. She is a prolific author, leadership coach, and international change agent. She holds a PhD in Christian Social Ethics, MDiv, JD, and BA in Psychology and Sociology. She is the author five books including Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt and still Got Game.

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    Science of Decision Making - Quantum Physics of Beliefs

    in Self Help

    Science of Decision Making

    Radio Talk on August 23, 2014 at 8PM CDT

    Here is how Decisions were made in historical times: Herodotus (450BC) wrote in The Histories:

    "If an important decision is to be made [the Persians] discuss the question when they are drunk and the following day the master of the house... submits their decision for reconsideration when they are sober. If they still approve it, it is adopted; if not, it is abandoned. Conversely, any decision they make when they are sober is reconsidered afterwards when they are drunk."

    What a strange way to make decisions! Perhaps it is, but there are even stranger methods of human choice.

    Everyone makes decisions differently and is motivated or driven by different things. Being aware of and understanding these differences are really important to be successful. 

    There are three distinct styles of decision-making. Each of us can make decisions in all three ways, but we tend to develop a preference for one more than the other two. This preference becomes a subconscious force, affecting the decisions we make on a daily basis.

    Join presentation on Decision Making...


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    Quieting the Mind leads to great decision making...with Kimberly Jonas

    in Lifestyle

    Quieting the Mind leads to great decision making...with Kimberly Jonas. 

    Kimberly Jonas is a self-employed spiritual coach and inspirational author. After being steeped in the corporate world for nearly 10 years as a project manager and art director, she left that world in 2002 to teach yoga, meditation and other mindful practices. Her corporate and spiritual worlds have been entwined ever since – she has owned a 30-employee spa and studio, has her own line of healing essential oils, and recently self-published three volumes of poetry. All while helping others to access their full potential through practices designed to quiet the mind and ignite inner wisdom.

    Quality Decisions Start with Quieting the Mind

    1. In all of your business ventures over the years, do you feel like you’ve always worked from the place of a quiet mind?

    2. We’re talking about quieting the mind as a source of good decision making. Can you speak a little bit about how poor decisions come from an “unquiet mind” so that we have a little more context?

    3. With your experience in corporate America complimented by running your own enterprise, how have you used "quieting the mind" to make the best decisions?

    With your experience in corporate America complimented by running your own enterprise, when do you feel that “quieting the mind” served you the most?

    4. Can you help me to debunk this idea that you have to meditate for hours in order to have a quiet mind? I think the idea can turn people off because it feels like you have to undertake a bunch of major, involved practices to cultivate a quiet mind.

    5. Do you believe it’s possible to get to a point where the mind is always quiet?

    6. Give an example of a decision you made that was not preceded by "quieting?" Moving to Colorado to work for a family owned business?

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    WIOA: Smart Decision Making

    in Jobs

    Thursday, March 12  |  1:00 PM EST

    Much has been said about smart decision-making in the development and implementation of national, state, and local public policy.  But what does that mean for workforce boards as they move towards WIOA implementation?  Scott Johnson, CEO of Social Solutions, says that WIOA creates the 'perfect storm' -- a time of significant change that delivers an opportunity for boards to rethink how they are managing performance and measuring outcomes.  You are invited to join host Ron Painter as he interviews Johnson how higher impacts can be achieved if boards 1) eliminate duplication of efforts, thereby conserving resources;  2) redirect efforts to activities that deliver measurable results; and 3) change the frequency and intensity of how we collect data and evidence. Don't miss this this discussion of how workforce organizations can take steps now to begin managing to outcomes in the new age of WIOA.


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    TRUSTING YOURSELF: A Guide to decision-making and using your intuition

    in Self Help

    TRUSTING YOURSELF: A Guide to decision-making and using your intuition

    Indecision, no decision and complacency often leaves us unclear in our purpose and direction in life. We often trust other’s opinions and use them as guideposts to doing the “right thing” while in actuality, it feels like we’re living someone else’s life.

    Well, that’s exactly what’s happening.

    During this broadcast we will discuss the importance of establishing self-trust and how to build confidence in trusting yourself

    Antonina Romano

    Jennifer Flynn

    Tamarra Causley Robinson

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    Effective Decision-Making - The Key to Moving Forward in Your Business and Life

    in Marketing

    We're faced with decisions every day -  from simple things such as what to eat for breakfast to really difficult decisions like business deals, and life changing situations. Decision making is just a part of life.

    But the question is, are you making effective decisions? How do you know if it’s an effective decision or just a good one? When it comes to making big life decisions, do you research options, talk to trusted advisors or just go with your gut?

    Sharon Hibbard, the entrepreneurs "business GPS system" joins Adam to teach us about effective decision making. Learn the difference between an effective decision and a "good' decision. And you'll pick up some new skills that will empower you to make decisions that will propel your life and business forward in the right direction.

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