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    We are Twin: XTRA LOVE released. Willodean debut album

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    WE ARE TWIN.. Germany-raised Sri Lankan multi-instrumentalist and producer Nicholas Balachandran met New York-born and bred singer songwriter Gabi Christine during a 2009 songwriting session and the result was fifteen songs and WE ARE TWIN. In 2013 Zackary Smith (Bass, Keys, vocals) & Justin Frazier (drums) joint the group. The group just finished their debut album called "xtra love" release this November,  blazing a trail for a punk rock, soul & Pop aesthetic that stood out  immediately.  And they have a musical webisode series. We will talk about all of it this Friday.

    LA-based three-man band, Willodean, chronicles longing, loneliness, and lost loves, Willodean is Dan Barrett,  Eric Holden and Randy Wooten. They have just released their self-titled debut album about people as afraid of finding love as losing it. With Dan Barrett’s gravelly baritone, Eric Holden’s upright bass that resonates with sturdy, near-ancient melodies and  guitarist/pianist Randy Wooten’s lyrics the evoke a dreamy world of misgiving and missed chances. We won't miss  the cahnce to ask them about  it  this Friday.


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    Jazz Guitarist Robert Wmamba Returns To Blues Alley & Discuss His Debut Album

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    Robert Mwamba makes a return guest appearance on The Wealthy Speaker Show with host Paul Lawrence Vann, Robert will be discussing his highly anticipated debut album, as he makes his second appearance at the legendary, Blues Alley Jazz Club in Washington, DC., on Tuesday, July 22, 8:00 & 10:00 pm.

    Robert is a Zambian born musical artist, he studied music at Baruch College in New York and after graduating with a double major in Finance and Economics, Robert worked in management and investments for Bank of America. He came under the tutleage of bassist Milt "The Judge" Hinton who is regarded as the most recorded musician in history.

    Wealthy Speaker Show listeners, you're in for an exciting and entertaining episode with Robert Mwamba and Paul Lawrence Vann. You will also get a sneak listen to cuts from Robert's debut album. Robert has performed for President Barack Obama, at the United Nations for the past two Secretary-General's: Ban Ki Moon and Koffi Annan, as well as Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Records and Virgin United.

    Robert also studied music at the American Institue of Guitar with Principal Jazz Conductor, Peter Mazza and privately with legendary guitarist Rodney Jones. Robert Mwamba will be making a return appearance at the world renowned Blues Alley in Washington, DC on July 22nd and he will be releasing his debut album during this time.

    Tune in, listen in and call with questions on our toll-free number (877) 404-1615 or join us in the web chat room http//www.blogtalkradio.com/paullawrencevann

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    Mystic Moon Cafe Presents Kaz Hawkins Album Debut & Open Mic Night

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    Tonight we are debuting Kaz Hawkins' brand new, released today album, Get Ready!   Link to Kaz on youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fym5C8ZeDYk&index=9&list=UU_D321v0GSIt2RjoATp87XA 

    Kaz's website: http://kazhawkins.com

    We wil also open up the phone and chat lines for an "Open Mic Night". Call in with your ghost stories, maybe get a Tarot Card reading from Wendy, give us your views on the Spiritual and Supernatural and hopefully Justin Gerald will call in and tell us what's happening with him these days.....

    Press release: Kaz Hawkins was mainly underground for a number of years as a secret songwriter. Based in East Belfast, she is now firmly established as one of the foremost and biggest singers to come out of Northern Ireland. Described as a 'Vocal Force' on stage, she encompasses the fighting spirit of a true powerhouse singer of blues, soul and rock 'n roll. With comparisons to her idol Etta James, Mavis Staples and Janis Joplin, Kaz's live performances are noted for the fun she brings as well as the emotional intensity and for her down to earth attitude. Her song writing skills which have developed over the years spent underground, enable her to write across different genres, and her debut album 'Get Ready' showcases this exciting and eclectic mix of songs that echo her life including the title track 'Get Ready' which offers hope to the community of East Belfast as well as some much needed peace and love.

    It will, as always, be a lot of fun with lots of laughs discussions, so please join us by listening in, either on your computer device or phone, and join us in chat as well. Call in number is 646-716-6207

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    The Lumineers FULL ALBUM!

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    The lumineers full album! Thought I would share it. :)

    Track List to make your life easier. ENJOY :)

    1. Flowers in your hair - 00:00
    2. Classy Girls - 01:51
    3. Submarines - 04:37
    4. Dead Sea - 07:20
    5. Ho Hey - 11:30
    6. Slow it Down - 14:11
    7. Stubborn Love - 19:18
    8. Big Parade - 23:56
    9. Charlie Boy - 29:25
    10. Flapper Girl - 33:47
    11. Morning Song - 37:01

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    Ransom and the Subset: debut release. Rory Partin: new big band album.

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    Seattle-based Ransom and the Subset are set to release their debut album “No Time to Lose” on October 7, 2014. Fronted by RanDair Porter, Ransom and the Subset are an alternative rock band full of harmonies, magnetic power-pop chords, and soaring keyboard riffs that build arrangements that keep listeners coming back. When Porter assembled the band, he picked the best musicians he knew; producer and multi-instrumentalist Brian E. King (Guitar/Bass/Keys) and Grammy-winning engineer Ducky Carlisle (Drums/Background Vocals). Together they deliver a dynamic blend of heightened pop sensibilities and modern rock influences that appeal to all audiences.

    Accompanied by a 21-piece band, Rory Partin is spreading his  genuine passion for entertaining and making great music people can enjoy and most important, dance to. Having traveled to and performed in places such as Brussels, Paris, Prague, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, Helsinki, and many more, Partin plays standards, new songs, long-time favorites, and Cajun music from his home state Louisiana.  There is nothing like Partin out there today.  He can move from standards, to love songs to pop with ease and joy.  And he has a new album of all of the above out.  And he is with us this Friday to tell us how he does it.

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    WHO IS APHRO INGENUE? (Album Release Party)

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    Myself (Pantherion Prime) & StarChild Kimela do it again!
    As host and co-host, we bring into view for you a beautifully sensuous and conscious artist! 

    This album release party has been scheduled to promote by internet broadcast what we hope will be a commemorative collector's item for some time that displays the life and artistry of the poet known as Aphro Ingenue . 

    The album drops on Bancamp.com in conjunction with her scheduled appearance only on Pantherion Speaks ... only on Blog Talk Radio!

    If you like... you may preview this album in parts or in its entirety at this site: 


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    Yammering Lew with Gavin: DEBUT Episode (Rebroadcast)

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    What happens when a manic BASTARD and a man with STYLE try and host a radio show?  Tune and and find out.  

    (This is a rebroadcast of the debut episode of Yammering Lew with Gavin.)

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    in Politics Progressive

    HOST: Serge Ndayizeye


    Nyuma ya Album iherutse yarimo indirimbo nziza cyane , Akamama, RNC izatsinda, Singa Akarago, Afande Karegeya, Sinzasubira Inyuma, I Kigali mu Rugwiro

    Callixte Sankara muri Album ye shyashya ishimangira ibikorwa byo kwihutishya impindura matwara mu Rwanda, Arakomeza ashimangira ibyo bikorwa bisaba kwitanga no kwitangira igihugu cyacu, kurikira ikiganiro kuri Radio Itahuka 

    1. Semuhabuka

    2.,le rwanda en danger 

    3. Irungu

    4. Iturufu ya genocide

    5. Impumu,

    6.twiheshe agaciro ni comedy

    7. Dr maganya



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    PMP: Chronilus - Threshold album

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    Chronilus has returned! They are crowdfunding their album, Threshold. So RevKess and Kalisara get to ask all the questions about what they've been doing and, more importantly, where we can see and hear their music!

    Chronilus is a new Celtic and World Fusion band from the Seattle area. Their enchanting vocal harmonies float over a musical landscape created by a combination of historical, traditional, and modern instrumentation, from all around the world. Here the clairseach, the brass-strung harp that entertained medieval Irish nobility, may play with harmonies from an electric guitar influenced by progressive rock. Funky electric bass may provide a solid foundation alongside the driving rhythms of the West African djembe. With a range of expression from raw, primal energy to ethereal finery, Chronilus' songs explore such subjects as connection, history, fantasy, and ageless spirituality.

    AUDIO TECHNICAL NOTE: Bone Deep, Sonia, Manfred and Caera were dialed in on one line, so there may be some slight audio distortion.

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    WWE Monday Night Raw Preview 11-24-14/ Look back at Sting's Debut!!!!!

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    WWE Monday Night Raw Preview 11-24-14/ Look back at Sting's Debut!!!!!

    Feel fee to join in and talk about WWE Raw Or Sting's Debut

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    icon sting wwe debut

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    on 11-23-14 sting finally show up at a wwe event and made his debut will know and heard. he got in the ring had face to face with triple h and sting drop him. people been wondering when icon sting is going show up at a wwe event and he finally did and he went after triple h. now question is did john cena use sting for back up in case something happen. or did vince bring him in and made sure that triple h team lose there match. but call in give your thoughts or tune in.

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