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    Urban Images TEST #2

    in Culture

    Urban Images Network will be broadcasting LIVE at 6pm for the purpose of testing new studio. and call quality. 

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    Tora Wright Talks About Andy the Ant on Lette's Chat

    in School

    Tora Wright is a graduate from Notre Dame of Maryland University.  She received her MA in Leadership in Teaching and B.A. in Business Administration. Tora Wright has over 10 years community service experience educating youth, parents, and the community about substance abuse prevention and developing retention to prevent negative outcomes.  Her experience also includes volunteering as the Preschool Director for her church and other community programs promoting academia achievement.  Tora Wright recently authored Debug Your Attitude: Get on Track to Success and Andy is Bugged Out About Daycare.
              Tora  is the founder and Executive Director of Youth Speaks.org in Waldorf, MD. Her philosophy is educators are skill builders responsible for developing a solid literacy foundation for adolescents.  Her initiative includes motivating students to be successful in school, training classes for educators, parenting classes, and youth development workshops.  The organization's goal is to strengthen early childhood literacy. Objectives include: 1.To provide fundamental concepts, methodologies, strategies, and tools for educators for implementation in literacy programs.2.Investigate several theoretical perspectives related to learning styles and how learning engagement impact achievement 3.Design activities that will incorporate knowledge of learning theory from cognitive, affective, and physiological perspectives to apply learned concepts. 4.Design effective literacy programs. 5.Examine emotional intelligence and behavioral theories and practices and the impact on learning 6.To supply early childhood educators with literacy corners with the initiative to increase reading activities.

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    The NLP View: "Entrancing Tales" by The English Sisters

    in Self Help

    There may have been many times when you wished you had it in you to change your life but you didn’t think you knew how.  "Entrancing Tales" by The English Sisters,  will debug your subconscious mind and release your true potential. Things you thought you didn’t have in you will suddenly reveal themselves to you in the most unexpected ways.
    Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. The title refers to the connections between the processes of the brain (Neuro) our language (Linguistic) and the habits we have developed (Programming). NLP is often described as a tool kit for life because it offers specific techniques for improving how you think, feel and act. Once you have these tools you can also begin to help others to make changes in their lives.
    Tune in to this segment of The NLP View Radio Show, as host, Donna Blinston is joined by authors, Violeta and Jutka Zuggo to discuss their best-selling book, Entrancing Tales for Change, August 11th, 2012 at 7pm EDT/4pmPST! Stay Tuned!

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    Milestones and Molten Lava.

    in Comedy

    Are you reaching that pinnacle age that you've been waiting to hit so dating people half your age is kind of "OK" now? Well then this is the show for you.
    Have you done everything you've set out to do? Accomplished many goals before your landmark age has been hit? Or have you just been sittin' around down wind of your siblings farts and despair, hoping Joe Budden will @ reply you while you wait for the Playstation Network to debug itself?
    Triumps. Defeats. Secondary goals. Bucket Lists. Blue. Green. Yellow. That's what we'll be talkin' about tonight...just as soon as you finish updating your F'N facebook!

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    Human Software Engineering, It's Not What You Think!

    in Family

    Tom Stone understands PTSD. The victim of a home invasion in 1993 during which he was shot in the chest with a 44 caliber handgun, Tom worked through the resulting PTSD by using the techniques that his company, Great Life Technology, offers.

    GLT has been working with veterans who suffer from PTSD and helping them for FREE. The University of Austin Texas is currently conducting experiments to validate the amazing results GLT found with the veterans who suffered from PTSD.

    Tom Stone is an expert in the application of biophysics and changing patterns of energy in the human body. He has studied applied biophysics extensively in Europe with leading experts in the field. Tom has integrated bio-energetic testing, wave interference, and sophisticated electronic technology to be able to pinpoint and resolve the "bugs" in our inner human software. These Human Software Engineering™ techniques can be used to debug and upgrade any aspect of human life.

    Currently, GLT is focused on using their techniques to help veterans who are suffering with PTSD, and once helped on training veterans to help other veterans.

    For more information on this program and video of the training, please check out http://vaporizeyourptsd.com/training.html

    PTSD impacts our warriors, but it also impacts their wives, children, parents, siblings, extended family and friends. A huge percentage of homeless people are veterans whose PTSD has morphed to psychosis and/or substance abuse. And for the veterans seeking help, the projected road is a long one, fraught with therapy and mood-altering drugs. Not so with the GLT treatment. Veterans who go through the GLT program are experiencing immediate relief, and many are willing to talk about it on air.

  • PHP Training

    in Training

    WHY you should do PHP Programming Training?

    Using PHP, you can do things like create login pages, check details from a form, create forums, picture galleries, surveys, and a whole lot more. PHP can handle forms, access cookies, encrypt data, restrict user from some pages of your website. You can add, delete, and modify elements in your database.

    You don’t need to know any of these to make a start on PHP.There course will teach to curve for all PHP Frameworks. But once you get to about it, you will enjoy the benefits of rapid application development.

    You have to write less code, which means you will spend less time on typing. You don’t have to rely on 3rd party libraries all the time for every new project, because most of them will come with the default framework install.

    Since you are coding it in more organized way, it will be very easy to debug, maintain code, and make changes to existing code.

    If you’ve come across a web page that ends in PHP, then the author has written some programming code to liven up the plain, old HTML. That’s because the PHP doesn’t get executed on your computer, but on the computer you requested the page from. The resultant output will be displayed in your web browser. There are other scripting languages like ASP, Python and Perl. PHP is very easy to get started even without any coding knowledge. By learning a few simple coding, you are able to do a lot of things on your own website. We assume that you have no programming experience at all and we will start from zero level.

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    July 29, 2010

    in Entrepreneur

    Charles Bordner explains that a new-born infant is like a freshly manufactured CD, which is simply a disc that contains a Machine-Language on it that will operate the disc itself. The DNA of the new-born is very much like the Machine-Language, and the physical arms, legs and other parts of the body are like the physical disc itself.

    But the Machine-Language and disc are useless unless an OPERATING SYSTEM is imprinted upon the disc which will tell the machine-language how to use the disc.

    So, at the moment of the first breath, an "operating system" is imprinted. For each new-born infant, there are twelve operating systems – one is called Aries, the other is called Taurus, etc.

    As the child grows, software application programs are added. They are the FAMILY Software program, and the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL software program, and the CHURCH software program, etc.

    Charles Bordner says that his job is to DEBUG these programs operating in each person, and the most effective diagnostic tool he has found is the NATAL CHART. He also says that the goal of each person is to find their true purpose in life and thereby achieve the desires of their hearts. Therefore, all of a person’s programs should be finely tuned to make this happen in their lives with minimal effort. ------------------------------------ Charles interviews Mark from Ojai, CA who is going into business with a friend. Charles explains that the relationship will be generally good. However, in Marketing and HOW to make money, they will eventually have a serious conflict. Charles suggests they find someone with a good Jupiter to take over Marketing & HOW they make money, and leave them alone to do their job. Then their partnership can have a chance of doing well.

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    Gergana Slavova talks about Intel Cluster Tools suite

    in Software

    This week Aaron and Clay talk to Gergana Slavova of Intel’s Cluster Software & Technologies team. Intel isn’t just supporting parallelism through multi-core processors and multithreaded programming tools. Gergana will be discussing the Intel Cluster Tools suite, which includes Intel® MPI Library and the Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector (ITAC). These tools are designed to give HPC application programmers a performance-oriented implementation of the popular message-passing library interface and tools to debug and tune message-passing applications. Please join us for some news, some announcements and a rousing discussion of what Intel has been doing to support HPC programming.

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