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    Debt Ceiling Explanation and Implications

    in Finance

    Debt ceiling rhetoric from both sides has blurred the reality that the US Government continues to spend more money than it takes in.
    On this broadcast, we explain what the debt consist of, who owns it and short / long term impact on federal policy and interest rates.

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    Freed From $103,000 in Student Loan Debt

    in Motivation

    Tim Otis and his wife are doing their debt free Happy Dance because they've sent off the final payment of $103,000 in student loans. Tim join us on the Midday Money Show to talk about the reason behind the dance moves. He really opened up and let us behind the scenes of a very personal journey that inlcuded ups and downs, tensions, and job loss. Who ever said the journey out of debt was a straight shot?

    Debt freedom is, however, doable.

    Just ask Tim and his wife. Better yet, tune into his story and be inspired! You can find the show notes with all links mentioned at www.debtfreedivas.org.

    "Why are people so okay with debt?" ~Tim Otis

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    The Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling

    in Politics

    In tonight's Current Issues Show we discuss what's happening with the government shutdown and the debt ceiling.  Why is it important to you? Can it be fixed? Will it be fixed?  Find out tonight.

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    ObamaCare & the Debt Ceiling

    in Politics Conservative

    The House has voted to defund ObamaCare while fully funding the government. Ted Cruz calls on Senate Republicians to not allow Harry Reid to use "procedural tricks" to put funding for ObamaCare back into the Continuing Resolution. Obama says he will veto any C.R. bill that doesn't fund the Affordable Care Act which could lead to a "government shutdown".  Meanwhile, Obama tells America that raising the Debt Ceiling does not increase national debt. We'll start there but we will also talk about  how Obama has waived a provision of federal law designed to prevent the supply of arms to terrorist groups to clear the way for the U.S. to provide military assistance to opposition groups in Syria. Next; first he wanted Obama to skip coming to Congress and just attack Syria, then he wanted to limit free speech, and now Sen. Lindsey Graham wants to seek authorization for the U.S. to attack Iran. Other topics if time allows; Dianne Feinstein says  "First Amendment Is A Special Privilege", Not A Right! and a Maryland Parent Arrested While Speaking Out Against Common Core at a Public Forum.
    Web sites of interest:

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    in Finance

    Debt Expert, author, and infopreneur Cedric E Darrett will begin hosting his long awaited radio talk show DEBT WARS™. DEBT WARS™ is the only radio show in the world where you can recieve up to date powerful, and effective debt help, advice, information and news. Call or listen to our show. We will give you first hand expert advice, and information. Tell us your scenario and we will help walk you through the process.

    Our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) eBOOKs, DVD"s, Powerful Template letters, and Online Debt Help Store will be featured on our radio show broadcast as well. In 2008 Cedric E Darrett successfully sued a debt collection company, their employees, and their attorneys for harassment, and numerous consumer rights violations. His published book THE ULTIMATE WEAPON IN DEBT ELIMINATION is the answer to many of your debt and credit related crisis.

    Learn how to fight off debt collectors and eliminate your debts/alleged debts permanently. Cedric E Darrett has helped thousands of people eliminate debt from across the country and various parts of the world. He can help you too.

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    Never Too Late - Debt Free at 61

    in Finance

    Think debt freedom is only for the young at heart? Jeff Ehrlich and his wife began their debt free journey at 55 years old. They took 6 years to retire $150,000 and they shaed their amazing journey with us. Tune in and be inspired.

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    The McFaddens Chose Debt Freedom to Follow Their Dreams

    in Finance

    Wendell and Tracey McFadden are the quentessential, all-American couple. They had it all..including debt and the stress that follows financial hardships. They share their inspiring story of finding their way out so that one day, you can too. Tune in for all the tid bits, details, and lessons learned!

    This podcast was originally recorded in 2012. Since then the McFaddens have completed repaying their debt and were able to self fund Tracey's innaugural gospel music project - DEBT FREE. Get more details on their update and hear a sample of the first CD on www.debtfeedivas.org.

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    Is a Little Debt Okay?

    in Finance

    In this episode I'll answer a listener question: "If you have a $4,000 loan at zero percent interest that will be paid off in 12 months, why spend $4,000 of your savings to get rid of a $333 payment?"  I've heard many variations of this question over the years.  It essentially boils down to this one: "Is a little debt okay?"  Debt is a dangerous thing and can spread like wild fire and eat up your personal wealth.  We'll dive into this in today's episode!

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    Will Fitch Downgrade the U.S. Over Debt Ceiling Drama?

    in Finance

    Stocks were on fire in 2013. Will stocks soar again in 2014?

    What about the Feb. 7, 2014 Debt Ceiling deadline? Can Secretary Lew push paper around and get us through summer without another political crisis?

    Fitch has promised to address their Credit Watch Negative on the U.S. by the end of the first quarter 2014 (March 31, 2014). Their review occurs on March 21, 2014. What factors are at play? What's the likely outcome?

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    in Politics Progressive

    The latest "wrinkle" to the Debt Ceiling Stand-Off is the invocation of the $1-Trillion Coin.  I say - go ahead and mint it.  Take that John Boehner + Mitch McConnell.


    in Education


         T.H.O.R. a/k/a/ THE HOUSE OF RESTORATION MINISTRY is a Private Ministry Association Membership Group which consists of Men and Women (not Persons) of all walks of Life.  As fellow Kin and Love Ones do we discuss situations publicy that may serve to protect others in the Community. One of our most popular Topics is "Debt Collection" and the Debt Buying Arena.

         THOR is a major advocate of the Consumer Protection Laws, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, and state consumer laws. We advance strategies and tactics many can employ and deploy that will protect themselves from the unscrupulous debt collectors.

        TODAY, we will discuss a variety of Topics. Our Master Teacher BROTHER SHARIF will bring forth a Lesson on words, meanings, terms, phrases. "BROTHER SHARIF" will expound upon recent news and updates.

        Additionally we will discuss recent Foreclosure and Debt Collection news, and testimonials. Come join us for a some Fun, Entertainment, Laughs, and Edification.

        This will be ANO-THOR explosive show and the Lion of Judah will be let out his Cage to roam Babylon.