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    FantasticFrank with Debra Kasowski, The Millionaire Woman

    in Self Help

    Be Rich from the Inside Out with Debra Kasowski, The Millionaire Woman!
    Debra Kasowski –The Millionaire Woman is a passionate success driven inspirational author, motivational speaker, energetic leader, founder of The Millionaire Woman Club, a networking group in Edmonton, Alberta, who helps highly motivated individuals and organizations to achieve the success they desire.
    Debra believes that richness begins from the inside out. She enjoys celebrating the passions of women (& men) and feels that every woman can be a Millionaire Woman.
    Debra Kasowski has also been known as the “mamarazzi” – she loves to take pictures, one of loudest and proudest mothers on the bench at the arena, and knows that life is about endurance through her experience as a triathlete. 

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    Debra Kasowski~Women in Business~LGRCC

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    Tonight we’ll be chatting with Debra Kasowski; she is a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council, a transformational speaker, she has a BSc in Nursing and has practiced nursing for over 17 yrs. She is the co-author of GPS Your Best Life and is launching a solo book this spring called, “The Entrepreneurial Mom’s Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love!” Read her bio on the guest page; http://letsgetrealchattinwithcatherine.com/

    We’ll ask her about what inspires and motivates her and how she moved from a career in nursing into these other aspects of life. She’s a very busy woman and I think it’ll be fun to find out how she does it and why! We’ll also find out more about her new book too. This should be a fun exploration

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    Rich from the Inside Out with Debra Kasowski

    in Entrepreneur

    The Feminine Soul Radio Show welcomes the founder of the Millionaire Woman Club, Debra Kasowski. Tune in to hear Debra share her secrets for becoming “rich from the inside out.”
    The Millionaire Woman Club is a global community of women who are highly motivated and passionate about helping women become “rich from the inside out.”
    Debra is also a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council and a transformational speaker who inspires her audiences to take action. She is published in Today’s Business Woman Magazine and has been featured on the online magazine Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, as well as radio and television media. She is the co-author of GPS Your Best Life: Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style with Charmaine Hammond released by Bettie Youngs Books fall of 2012. Foreword written by Jack Canfield. Debra's newest book is: "The Entrepreneurial Mom's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love!
    Debra and her husband started the “Spirit of Christmas”Shoebox program from one of her bucket list ideas. The pro­gram has recently doubled in capacity and provided gifts and breakfast to more than 1,200 children.
    Connect with Debra at www.themillionairewoman.com
    And grab your free copy of the Divine Feminine Messenger’s Success Kit at www.femininesoul.com

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    Millionaire Woman - Rich Inside & Out: Debra Kasowski

    in Women

    Debra Kasowski,  Founder & CEO of The Millionaire Woman and best-selling author, join us to discuss top tips from her newly released book, "The Entrepreneurial Woman's Guide to Growing a Business, Raising a Family, and Creating a Life You Love."    Debra is an RN, tria-athalete, and mome, who believes women need  to make changes in their lives by focusing on being  "rich from the inside out."   Debra is committed to empowering women in the business world and helping individuals move through what holds them back from achieving the success they deserve and desire.   Visit  http://debrakasowski.com   Connect with Deb at:  Facebook  Twitter    Website    

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    The Prospect Profiler™ interviews Debra Kasowski

    in Marketing

    Self-limiting beliefs will be the topic on this broadcast with Debra Kasowski –The Millionaire Woman -- passionate success driven inspirational author, motivational speaker, and energetic leader who helps highly motivated individuals and organizations to achieve the success they desire. Debra believes that richness begins from the inside out. She enjoys celebrating the passions of others and feels that everyone can be rich from the inside out.

    • Producer of the Secrets of The Millionaire Woman audio series, in which extraordinary female entrepreneurs share the secrets of what makes them so unique

    • Featured expert author on
    • Co-host of the Align Your Passion, Power & Purpose for 2010 conference, featuring Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Hines and New York Times bestselling author of The Passion Test, Janet Attwood

    • Co-author of GPS Your Best Life™: Taking You from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, to be released 2011

    • Featured on Shaw TV, CTS-TV, CTV, Global TV for her personal and professional involvement in the community

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    KIngdom Focus with Debra A Jackson Live

    in Radio

    Good Friday with Debra Jackson Live!

    Be Grateful you're alive.

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    A Time of Encouraging Words with Pastor Debra Tate

    in Religion

    Who Is the Lord that I Should Obey His Voice?

    The word “who”introduces something or someone, in order that we may get further information about a person or people previously mentions. Who is a pronoun, a possessive pronoun, when speaking of a person.  Who implied a question, therefore, when we ask ‘who” is God, we are saying we do not know and we are inferring and trying to understand God and what it is that He does, where did  He come from and how does He relate to us as we are.  

    Some people may claim that they know God, and who He is, however, does their behavior and the things they say and do, says “I know God” and I know who He is, that is another question.  In addition, if we know Him, are we obeying His Word or His “Voice” However, if we do not obey His Word, which is God’s Voice, then the Bible say we do not know Him and we are not His. 

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    Jeffrey Hayzlett,Rob Pennington,Debra Jason,Del Weston

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    Jeffrey Hayzlett  www.hayzlett.com
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    Debra Jason http://millionairemarketingonashoestringbudget.com/
    Del Weston Top 100 Indie Filmmakers In The World https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/top-100-indie-filmmakers-in/id949807534?mt=11


    Beam Life www.EvaAngvert.com
    Barbary Insurance http://barbaryinsurance.com/

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    Parents and PARCC

    in Education

    Next month school districts across New Jersey will begin administering the PARCC (Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) tests. What are these tests and how are they different from previous state assessments?  How have school districts prepared for these tests?  Please join host Ray Pinney, NJSBA director of county activities and member engagement, as he discusses these and other questions about PARCC with Dr. Robert Price, director of curriculum and instruction for the Northern Valley Schools Consortium, and Debra Johnson Dahrouge, an English teacher from Neptune High School.


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    Debra L. Butterfield,Carried by Grace and Mystery on Maple Hill

    in Books

    Debra L. Butterfield, Author | Editor | Writing Coach

    Debra is the author of the soon-to-be-released book Carried by Grace: A Guide for Mothers of Victims of Sexual Abuse. She has been published in numerous anthologies, as well as magazines. In addition to writing nonfiction and fiction, she does freelance editing and one-on-one coaching for writers.

    Debra loves reading cozy mysteries, romance, and historical fiction. She enjoys being outdoors and actually likes the smell of skunks.

    Connect with Debra at http://www.DebraLButterfield.com

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    The Science of Happiness Listen to a Survivor tell how this community helped her

    in Health

    My name is Lori Purdy Faitel and I am your host for The Science of Happiness. I will be joined tonight with Tonia Wittkower my ongoing co-host. I am a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor. I was in a car accident back in 1986, I was almost 25 years old. I was in what now is seen as a mild coma for 7 days, then for about 6 years I attended therapy and did a lot of self study before I began to feel like a regular person in society.Today I am a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant/ COTA and I have worked in Metro Detroit Since 1992.  I went to college for OT with one thing in mind and that was to work with the brain injured.  Since 2011 I have been blessed to do so.My guest host Tonya Wittkower is also a survivor from the 1980’s Our guest,Debra Osborne says she called in to an earlier show, perhaps few years ago. Debra says: “On that first podcast when I broke down I realized I was unable to help anyone until I got some help myself. I read a good book called: An Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. On the website for this book I met a special man his name is Joe  (he will join the radio show), and we became each others biggest cheerleaders.In a nutshell, I talked and listened.Started working out lost weight.Uncluttered, got rid of heavy burdens.Started getting into Church. Changed my relationships. I no longer put up with negative people. I Moved on..got fresh start.

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