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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ The Lusty Month of May!

    in Women

    May has always been a wonderful month for me!  Graduating from high school and college and leaving behind the corporate world to move to Sweden, my first Mother's Day and many more memories were created during this 5th month onf the calendar.

    CREATED, yes, those were the beginnings of my creation of new chapters, and although I'm not graduating, moving abroad and not celebrating Mother's Day for the first time, I'm still celebrating all that is coming forth this month.  Mother energy is about co-creating, nurturing, caring for and holding close that which we hold dear...not just our children, but all of our initiatives, enterprises, seeds and dreams.

    Let's celebrate and co-create and collaborate all of our Mother energy this month!   It's time for a new world where we share the responsiblitiy, joys and successes, and growing pains too!   We need each other to do this and it takes a village...


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    Lighting the Path to Transformation with Phyllis E Leavitt

    in Spirituality

    Phyllis E. Leavitt, MA is an author and artist who shares deeply about her Soul's journey here on Earth. Her personal story is one footprint on the long road we have all walked as human beings, a small opening into a vast inpouring of Light on the Road Home.

    Phyllis and co-host Deborah Brown will discuss the communication with the Divine Phyllis experienced at the darkest time of her life and her startling journey to a new understanding of what our souls are doing here in human form and where Soul wants to take us.

    Ultimately, the Light on the Road Home Show is about the Divine meaning and purpose of all human struggle and opening your mind to your personal place in God’s Love and the evolution of human consciousness.

    Read Phyllis's first book The Road Home.

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    power of perception writers with DeBorah

    in Motivation

    DeBorah is a retired homeschooler who writes poetry that is published on several web sites over the internet including naturalpoetess.com. Currently DeBorah is writing a book about her NDE and how anyone can use the power of gratitude and positive spiritual affirmations to not only change their consciousness but heal those hidden scars. During her reign as Miss Wheelchair Ohio 1997 she spent time advocating for moms and  all persons with disabilities. She was interviewed by her local media and several magazines some of which you can still find online such as New Mobility magazine. DeBorah has appeared on Huffington Post and  is on the cover of Accent on Living magazine. Currently DeBorah can be heard weekly on a  talkshoe radio show entitled the Indigo room. You can also hear her poetry on Speakeasy Cafe, hear her many interviews, laugh with her on every third Friday of the month on Get answers to life's questions as she is a certified laughter Yoga leader and hear her voice over work on several radio  shows all here on Blog Talk Radio. You can also find her poetry on inspirational storytellers.com Cosmo funnell.com and poem of the week. Co.Uk and articles that she has written on for Harriet.com good enough and Purpose Fairy.com with more 

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    Philanthropy as a spiritual practice - With Deborah Quilter

    in Spirituality

    Today Deborah will talk about how philanthropy can be a spiritual practice using the principles of yoga.

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    Deborah O'Brien: Wicked Addictions: Guest, Mariana Costa

    in Pop Culture

    Mariana Costa stayed on Cape Cod alone at 17 with $100 in her pocket. Her mission then was to be a living example that you are all you believe you can be. Today she's living her dream, currently leading the top real estate team in all of Cape Cod representing Keller Williams Realty while pursuing her singing, songwriting & speaking career paths. Her passion to inspire others to be the best they can be feeds her everyday she gets to wake up ready to make a difference. 

    About The Host- Deborah O’Brien is the author of Bliss: Behind The Mask, the raw and candid memoir, about her struggle with alcoholism, which ultimately led to a spiritual transformation. Deb hopes to DE stigmatize addiction by sharing her personal experiences. She is a former model and current Image Expert. She focuses on transforming living spaces and clothing styles to empower your inner transformation. She understands that by releasing your limitations you can embrace freedom. Learn more at www.DeborahOBrienBliss.com

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    How to choose a chair, with Deborah Quilter.

    in Health

     Unhappy with your chair? If you spend long hours sitting, you know how important good seating is. Find out how to choose an ergonomic chair. What are the most important elements? Why do they matter?

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    Step Up and Speak Out with Trish, hosted by Trish Springsteen - Episode 4

    in Motivation

    Trish’s Special Guest will be and Author Deborah Fay Principal Publisher MJL Publications. Deborah will share awesome information on stepping up and speaking out with publishing and books.

    Trish always gets her guests to step up and share insanely valuable information usually reserved for paying clients. If you have a book in you (and everybody does) and have dreamed of being an author, don’t miss Trish and Deborah on this edition of Step Up and Speak Out.

    In addition to being publisher Deborah is also the author of 6 Keys to Happiness, creator of the 21 Day Body Love Challenge and one of 15 authors who contributed to the book, Domestic Detox.

    Deborah recently published the book Parenting a Child On the Spectrum which brings 25 authors together to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

    In this episode, lean the ins and outs of becoming a published author, plus,

    The Fern process from her book 6 Keys to Happiness

    A four step process that dramatically enhances and promotes self-awareness and communication which it works well for everyone, but is it particularly good for children and adults on the spectrum.

    The value of finding your story and sharing it

    This will be a fascinating episode of Step Out and Speak Up with Trish. Don’t miss it. 

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Sovereign Boundaries with Desires: Men, Money & Magic!

    in Women

    I"ve been playing with my own boundaries these past few years and talking about them in these past weeks.  In this last week of April, we explore Boundaries and Desire. 

    How much do I want to contain?  How much of me do I want to be transparent?  Is it safe to radiate my Brilliance?

    Energetic, emotional and psychological boundaries are something I experiment with on a daily, maybe hourly basis.  I love discovering what is more attractive and where and when I am repelling - especially around those areas of my life where I am most sensitive...

    Do you project your desires?  Or protect yourself from them?  Join me as I share a few of my tips to hold them, then let them go...

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    How to choose a chair

    in Health

    Your chair can support proper sitting - or sabotage it. Find out what a good chair is, and isn't.

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    Let's Talk Too! Author Deborah Brandon

    in Books

      I'm your host

    Author Sharnel


    Author Deborah R. Brandon,

    She is married to her best friend Alex Brandon and they share three beautiful children. They reside in a small town in South Carolina. Deborah is a student at Piedmont Technical College earning a nursing degree while also minoring in Human Services. She, along with Tywanda Brown and Shonda Wade own and operate Loyalty Reigns Publications.

    Loyalty Reigns Publications goal is to establish a publishing company that delivers a quality product, over multiple genres one book at a time. We are building this company because we wanted to be in charge of our dreams and direct our own careers. It’s also about leaving an inheritance for our children. Hopefully because we dared to dream this will be the last generation of children who experience lack with our respective families.

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    Liquid Lounge Radio 97.3 Presents world renounced Author Deborah Cardona

    in Entertainment

    Liquid Lounge Radio 97.3 will be streaming live on Friday April 22cnd 2016 @ 10 Pm Est From Sapitos located at 172 E 106th St NYC we will be live on Periscope & Facebook live 

    This is a casting call networking event for the movie chained inspired from the book Chained written by the world renounced Author Deborah Cardona 

    Hosted by So Unique with Co-Host Usef IamRem 

    Deja Vu Publication made it’s debut in 2007 headquartered in New York’s East Harlem where it remains today. It’s founder, Ms. Deborah Cardona envisioned a publication company that would attract talented authors as well as give her the freedom to bring her urban tales out to the general public. Chained, Two Fold and Butterfly, her first publications were ground breaking books that first established the company. Ms. Cardona decided to enter into the publishing field when she found that her stories were not only thought provocking, but it also showed it’s readers that there are choices one can make in life for the better. Now the main goal is to guide other authors who come into the Deja Vu family to achieve it’s highest potential through knowledge and keep the readers in mind to bring forth the best books that will thoroughly entertain them. In the very near future we will be publishing many books with different aspects of the urban lifestyle as well as books to entertain audiences of all ages. It is our goal to provide avid readers with books that they can relate to whether they live in the projects of the big city or within the manicured grassy home in the suburbs, we want it’s story lines to grab the readers and take them into the lives of the characters in it’s books. Our main objective in publishing is to concentrate on the quality of the books we publish. We most importantly would love our readers to critique our books and inform us on how they feel