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    political animals, Jordan Johns--Mayor Frank Jordan's single use public toliets

    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--"JORDAN JOHNS"--San Francisco Mayor Frank Jordan established single use public toliets years ago--and more businesses and public buildings have single use toilets

    ***Radical  Gay-Lesbian Left advocates public sex--glory holes-parks and toliet

    ***MANSON CASE Connection to San Francisco Public Corruption--Corrupt San Francisco Legislator Mabel Teng claimed on a Political campaign report that "The Manson Plumbing had made a political campaign contribution to her

    April 18th Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    Lucretia Borgia--Hillary clinton imitator---Willian Rufus Devane King--Vice President  Buchanan Administration--first gay Vice President according to Andrew Jackson--Charles Darrow  Criminal lawyer  historical audio extract


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    The H.A.R.V.A.R.D. Effect with John-Leslie Brown

    in Entrepreneur

     John-Leslie Brown joins us for this episode of On The Dean's List. 

    Brown is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and business consultant. He has authored a new book, The H.A.R.V.A.R.D. Effect, where he will help us discover The H.A.R.V.A.R.D. Mindset and astonish the world with our unique skillsets. If you listen to the end, you will learn about a special offer how you can get parts of this powerful program and it's as close as your smart phone or tablet!

    Brown speaks internationally to groups of all ages, inspiring his audiences to reach for higher achievement. His core original message is, "We must be more dedicated to our destinies than we are to our distractions.”  To enjoy more content and order his books: www.john-lesliebrown.com/

    Inspiration and empowerment is truly in John-Leslie's DNA - He is also the son of Les Brown, the accclaimed speaker and trainer. 

    Join us for an empowering, uplifting and entertaining episode. 

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    Crafting And Mastering Your Platform With Lyn Cadence

    in Entrepreneur

    Lyn Cadence joins us On The Dean's List to talk about Crafting And Mastering Your Platform.

    Cadence is a Public Relations Strategist, Publicist and Coach for Authors, Publishers and Aspiring Writers. She will help us as business professionals and experts in our field to develop our  abilities to capture our message, present it to audiences and promote our expertise. Her strategies will enable us to rise above the crowd  and connect with our audiences, influencers and peers. From understanding the scale and scope of developing our platform to creating supporting media, Lyn will take us on a journey of personal and professional self mastery. 

    Lyn Cadence has 25 years’ experience promoting book publishers, authors and other influencers. Various publishing, Public Relations and media professionals work with Cadence to share their stories to targeted publics. 


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    Copyright, Patent and Trademark Protections With Attorney Avery Goldstein

    in Legal

    Our guest during this episode of ON THE DEAN'S LIST is Avery Goldstein, J.D., Ph.D.

    We will talk about our legal responsibilities and rights around our creation of intellectual property. This includes such areas as copyrights, patents, trademarks and other legal designations for registration and protection. We will also discuss scenerios and ask him what should be done. We will also talk about enforcement of our rights and what needs to be done to pursue a claim.

    Goldstein is a partner in the firm Blue Filament Law, which specializes in intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, domain names, brand protection, brand management and enforcement, risk assessment, Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings and dispute resolution.  

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    Branding for Small Business with Bill and Linda Kleist

    in Entrepreneur

    Bill and Linda Kleist join us for this episode of ON THE DEAN'S LIST.

    The Kleists are the lead partners behind Identity Creative, a firm dedicated to assisting business owners and professionals harness the power behind their logos, visual look and feel to achieve powerful results in marketing and selling one's products or services. They advocate that this is a Remarkable Advantage for each business and can assist their clients to achieve their ultimate goals from this. 

    This episode promises to be both informative and enlightening. 

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    Podcast 479

    in News

    Midnight Moonlight Talk. Spring is here. A lunar eclipse is hours away, so the time has come for a midnight walk and talk in the full moon light. The rules of the walk and talk are, no prep, no notes, just walk and talk. That's the agenda for Midnight Moonlight Talk. The origins of the 'walk and talk' are probably the walks with my grandfather and grandmother back in Ohio on hot summer nights when I was a little kid. We talked about everything on those walks. I learned a lot, and became a night-owl. After the mega-cast about media in Podcast 478, I promised some discussion about coping. Given that there is no prep for this podcast, listeners get a glimpse in how we prepped for shows back at KSTP around 2000, how that has changed, and how the media has changed. How do you cope with the onslaught of highly partisan, snark-media these days? You start by cutting the cable, keeping your WIFI so you can watch what you want, when you want it, and you don't have a constant, twenty-four-seven audio track of people telling you what to think. Every now and then a news cleanse is necessary. If you're reading books, or newspapers you'll find that your analysis will actually get better, because your powers of discernment will improve. Why? Because you're actually reading the news rather than skimming, and you'll start to recognize how much of today's news is gleaned from other websites and rewritten. Getting out and doing whatever it is that you do outside, and perhaps some kind of exercise that teaches you how to breathe -- martial arts, CrossFit or Yoga -- or even just walking whenever you can, clears your head and deglazes all that nonsense. It doesn't hurt to stand outside, drink a cup of coffee (or whatever it is you drink) and take in the night air and the moon on an early spring night. Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul, Pride of Homes and Luke Team Real Estate and X Government Cars.

    The post

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    Your Small Business with Rex Hammock

    in Entrepreneur

    Marketing and communications consultant Rex Hammock joins us ON THE DEAN'S LIST to offers us his wisdom on how to grow our business and use the tools of digital marketing more effectively.

    Rex Hammock is the founder and ceo of the customer media and content company, Hammock Inc. based in Nasvhille, Tennessee. His company works with large companies and associations to develop direct-to-customer media that ranges from print magazines to innovative online resources. Additionally, Rex was also a pioneer blogger-- his personal blog, rexblog.com, is 15 years old and his Twitter user name is @R.

    One of Rex's passions, both personally and professionally, is SmallBusiness.com, a platform of several web-based media approaches that are designed to help small business owners and managers get to the information they need to solve problems or get answers throughout the day. It includes a steady flow of help on the Twitter account, @SmallBusiness and a website that you can access from SmallBusiness.com called The Small Business Wiki, which is often described as the Wikipedia of Small Business.

    From the vantage point of managing SmallBusiness.com, Rex is a keen observer and analyst of the the everyday challenges and rewards of running a small business. Rex will offer his ideas and insights from his rich and diverse career. 

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    Kick-starting our sales with Don Zavis

    in Entrepreneur

    National Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Award Winning Sales Coach Don Zavis returns for a visit to ON THE DEAN'S LIST.

    Don is an accomplished executive with a successful history of taking private and public organizations to new levels of sales and profitability. His outstanding record of assisting the highest level of sales achievers, training them to their fullest potential and consistently coaching them to perform in the top 10% of their industries. He has an unique ability to create a “sales organization” across the entire scope of the company while fostering an environment of mutual achievement and reward. His professional education includes over 5,000 hours of practical, actual training.

    Join us for a fun and engaging time. 

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    January Jones- Time Travel-The Boy From Shady Grove Road-Clyde McCulley

    in History

    Meet Clyde McCulley, the author of The Boy From Shady Grove Road.

    Time Tavel with Clyde and January

    If Mark Twain had lived on Shady Grove Road, this would have been his book.

    January and Clyde discuss growing up in the 1940's and 1950's, Saturday night baths, radio shows, Christmas

    Clyde had no supervision and there was no family car so, there was no Cub Scouts or Little League. The McCulleys had no plumbing or electricity and only a wood stove for heat. Clyde’s weekly bath was taken in a galvanized tub in the kitchen. Meet Clyde McCulle, author The Boy From shady Grove Road



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    One Degree Principle with George Haralampopoulos

    in Entrepreneur

    George  Haralampopoulos stops in this week ON THE DEAN'S LIST. 

    Haralampopoulos is a business, personal and leadership coach, consultant and entrepreneur. He believes that we are all far more capable of achieving greater results than we have been conditioned to believe or to think. We have an exceptional, but often hidden, ability to gain a higher level of fulfillment and contribution in our professional and personal lives. He coaches leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals to discover how to free their hidden potential, improve their performance and live in alignment with their values, vision and purpose. 

    Prepare to be inspired, motivated and move forward after this broadcast. 


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    Paranormal popcorn hour

    in Spirituality

    Join us while we talk all things creepy, eerie, scary, or just down right normal. Yes sometimes those sounds may just be the plumbing. Give us a call and ask any questions you may have regarding your home, are you experiencing anything paranormal? Please share


    Host - Charity Oswald Intuitive Life Coach 

    Guest co host- Joe Vitale 20+ years of paranormal investigations