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    Round Rock Texas adventures

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    Has I get ready to leave Round Rock Texas, I just share a few thoughts about the adventures I had here.  We spent Christmas day with my son and his family. Having a grandson with special needs make life a bit more challenging but still does not lessen my love him.

    Christmas is so much more special when children are there.

    The day after Christmas My son and I took the Boys over to Austin to Harbor Freight and Fry’s to run some errands. Then I took one of my Grandsons over to Piranha records trying to find some Willie Nelson music for a future show. Normally they carrying everything but today was not one of them.  Shopping with my Grandson makes me a proud Grandpa

    Saturday Morning my wife went to visit some of our favorite haunts The Book Spot, Half Price Books, because both were having sales and of course we had to go

    Saturday  afternoon my son  and took the boys out one a mini-history  trip around Round Rock, First we went out to the White –Lime  Mc Neil Post office because Richard had never been there

    While we there a train passed by which gave Brandon a big thrill, From there we actually found the Round Rock in Rock Texas, and then onto the Round Rock Memorial Park because they have a WWII torpedo one display to honor all the Submarines lost in that war, of course this leads me to this question “Why a Torpedo in Central Texas honoring lost submarines”?  Perhaps a research question for another show

    We also got a picture of the Christmas Ornament at the Water Tower

    Every time we come out to Texas we always have a new set of adventures highlighted by the time we get to spend Richard, Sara, Brandon and Ryan

    I would be Remiss if I did not mention this  but Sara made homemade Cinnamon rolls that out do anyone or any chains, or independent bakery  they are the simply the best


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    (148) Old records, new stories, some history and a look into the future

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    (148) Old records, new stories

    It has been a couple of months since my last show, and has we start the fall I thought I would spend a couple of minutes with you to let you know what I have been up to and what my (OUR) future might hold. I started the summer with a reading list of about 13 books and I proud to report a current to read list of 7 different books and 4 that I still have not read but I did read about 13 books

    August was spent traveling to /from Texas and of course School started at the end of August.

    I have been so involved with some school issues that production has slowed down. However

    We did a show last night with Garth Kline and the future of high school electronics.

    I have a show Thursday to launch a new Podcasting network hosted by two former students (this will be my third Launch of former student’s podcasting

    I have a railroad Museum show Saturday, Future shows in the pipeline?   A show with a Vintage Guitar technician, Navajo Code Talkers, TechShop CEO, and Cupcake Girls

    I also received about 200 old 78 RPM records that I am trying to track down any stories, history, Value, collectors, and or Music Historians. SO if any of you out there are OLD music Aficionados or has any leads out there please let me know

    HAS always the future is bright for S3productions BUT I do ask for YOUR help, ideas, thoughts, and leads



    DC Hahn

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    Christmas Eve in Kent Texas

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    My buddy Bob Mc Glew suggested a story line that was visit a ghost town and to do a short story about what you find there. So has we were traveling to Austin Texas on December 24  we stopped in Kent Texas just to see what was there and do a share some reflections . There is not much there but I did learn some valuable lessons. (1) the batteries in my digital camera fell out and promptly disappeared, (2) we were not sure what we would find but do the research first This show is dedicated to Robert Mc Glew my S3 productions foreign reporter for giving me the idea

    COMMENTS: Kent. A ranch town born to supply the needs of the long x Cattle Company. The most famous of the west Texas ranches. Owned by the Reynolds brothers, prominent west Texas ranchers. Their holding consisted of several thousand acres extending from north of us highway 10 to several miles south into the Davis mountains. REMAINS: Lots of ruins but a lot still standing. http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/tx/kent.html

    The town, once called Antelope, was founded in the early 1890s.

    A post office was granted in 1893 and by 1914 the population was a thriving 25 persons. The population doubled in the mid-1920s and remained at that level for 40 years. The post office was reported closed in 1960 but has since reopened.

    Kent had a population of sixty-five in the late 1960s - falling to 60 by the mid-1970s where it remains today.

    Today little is left to interest a tourist - but the juncture of the two roads provides a sense of place. The lone telephone at least looks comforting but its condition is unknown. The overpass of I-10 offers some relief from the scorching sun but it will be sometime before Kent becomes a destination.


    A special thank you to Excutive INN Best Western Round Rock for their help

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    thank you for Thanksgiving

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    just want to offer some thoughts about the Thanksgiving and what I have to be thankful for

    please feel free to call in and share your thoughts or pass along your favorite Turkey story.


    nothing special

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    Joseph N. Velasquez and helping students succeed

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    I was part of a show with Joseph N. Velasquez and Armando Sanchez discussing high school student’s general lack of study skills and the amounting amount of remediation needed at the college level to make up for. I was so fascinated that I wanted to invite both gentleman back for another show

    Joseph N. Velasquez, with 20 plus years combined government and private practice experience in corporate/general counsel business law, international law and civil litigation. Joseph is also the founder and CEO of OjoOido.com PBC and OjoOido-Academics.com LLC, enterprises exclusively dedicated towards overcoming the obstacles that inhibit the academic success of the Latino youth in our country.

    Joseph has extensive experience in K-12 education and higher education. He was a member of the California Mini-Corps Program; an elementary teacher in the Los Angeles School District’s Bilingual Program; an elementary teacher in the Culver City Unified School District's Spanish Immersion Program; peer counselor in the University of Southern California's Learning Skills and Development Center; and, Joseph has been a university administrator of campus-based programs at both private and public institutions. He served as the Director of the USC Norman Topping Student Aid Fund and the Director of the Academic Support Referral Center at San Jose State University.

    Joseph holds a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Southern California, a Civil Litigation Mediation Certificate from the University of Texas at Austin, and a California Multiple Subject Bilingual Teaching Credential (expired) from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

    Thank you to Armando F. Sanchez productions for letting me use the show Description  

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    Struggle Nation and Antonio Robinson

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    where you begin. We are all more than conquerors and there's nothing that can stop any of us from achieving our goals. No matter where you started in life or where you are now, I want to encourage you, through my story, not to stop. Don't give up. Stay positive in a world of negativity. Let God lead you. Be strong. Be Courageous. 


    I Am Struggle Nation


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    Luv 4 the Locked Down Radio w/ Jimmy DaSaint

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    Join us tonight on Luv 4 the Locked Down Radio Show as we dedicate each and every show to our sisters and brothers on locked down.

    Tonight our special guest will be Jimmy Dasaint. We will b e talking to him about his journey through the prison system as well as his contributions to the urban lit genre.

    347-215-8932 press 1 to talk to the host

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    Luv 4 the Locked Down Radio w/ Jimmy DaSaint

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    Join Cali Kim DaBoss & Godfather on Luv 4 the Locked Down Radio Show each and every Sunday as we dedicate our shows to our sisters and brothers on locked down. We give away FREE Books to our listeners donated to us by authors and publishers around the globe!!.



    Join us this Sunday December 28, 2014 @6pm pst & 9pm est as we talk to our Special Guest

    Jimmy DaSaint  about his journey through the prison system and his contributions to the Urban Lit Genre

    This is a show that you DON'T want to miss.....

    THE CALL IN # **********347-215-8932********** press 1 to talk to the Host

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    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW – TONIGHT FROM 10:00PM TO 12:00AM. (EST) – If the truth be told there are many things that really could have us down for Christmas. You know better than we know what those things actually could be so we won’t name anything to give the enemy something to agitate your spirit with. Tonight we are going to give you a spiritual uplift so you can go into this right. Join us as we take the time to uplift each other, it will be well worth your time.  

    Join us tonight at 10pm (EST) with Kelsi M Arceneaux, David Massey Sr., Tony L BWord, Storm Harris, LaToya M. Newton, Veronica Lifestyle Making Changes as we follow the star to worship our Lord and Savior. You can listen to our show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet by clicking here:

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    Jessica Reedy live on MRTR

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    Celebrating Over 100 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio Interviews Singer/Songwriter: Jessica Reedy

    Jessica Reedy first came to our attention on the national TV competition BET’s Sunday Best. She attended the Season 2 Sunday Best audition in Washington DC on a whim to support a friend. She quickly found herself in the Top 20 onto the show’s main stage performing for judges Mary Mary and Bebe Winans. Reedy made it all the way to finals eventually being named runner up. Throughout that process and the subsequent loss, self-doubt crept in. While Reedy never thought she had the talent to make it, God used the totality of the experience to bring her into her call as both an artist and minister of music. 


  • The News In Review - Barrett and Guests

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    Lots to talk about this week. Another missing plane. What will DC bring us in 2015? Sony and The Interview.

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