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  • 01:03

    Overdose Prevention - DBT

    in Self Help

    Our first guest is Sharon Stancliff MD of the Harm Reduction Coalition who will be discussing overdose prevention, naloxone (aka narcan), and Good Samaritan laws.
    Our second guest is Lisa Dietz who operates the DBT Self Help website who will be discussing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

  • 03:01

    DBT Goes Major w/ HipHop Artist/Producer Clef Majorz

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we get familiar with a rare and extraordinary talent who isn't too far away from blessing the entire world with his musical knowledge and gifts he is willing to bear to your eardrums. Richmond, VA's own Clef Majorz joins us to introduce himself, his hustle, music, movement, and many talents to all listeners. Is there anything this brother can't do yet? Find out and follow him on IG/Twitter: @clefmajorz.

    The Super Bowl is right around the corner this Sunday as the Seattle Seahawks battle the New England Deflatriots....*ahem* we mean, the New England Patriots in Arizona. Joining us to talk about deflated balls, the Super Bowl, and more is former professional NFL linebacker Tim Johnson. 

    As always, we bring you great segments such as:

    - The Gabulous Life Update by Miss Blog God

    - On This Day In Sports History w/ Diamond

    - The Red Lipstick Report by Jay Fancy

    - What's Gossip w/ Pretty Locs

    - Random Thoughts

    & more!

  • 02:51

    The 2nd Annual DBT Awards

    in Entertainment

    Musician/Entertainer/YouTube sensation Phill Wade joins to co-host a three hour party train we title The 2nd Annual DBT Awards  - an awards show dedicated to honoring our favorite and best guests, memorable moments, and funniest material of the year of 2013.

    Joining us as a special guest is hilarious all-star comedian, host of RVA Has Talent, and creator of the Micah Bam Bamm White Show - Micah Bam Bamm White himself. He joins us to speak about his latest movements in 2013 and whats shaking for him in 2014. (Twitter: @comedianbamm

    We welcome back a cast member that we have adored throughout our short tenure. Representinv Birmingham, Alabama is the lovely and hilarious ZooKesha.


    Sport Your Stuff Model of the Year - Chelsea Lee (IG

  • 01:00

    YMHR - Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

    in Entertainment

    DBT is a therapy program that is used to help people suffering from many different mental health disorders. Ms. Bobchin, Director of the DBT Center of New Jersey will join us to talk about this revolutionary treatment option



  • 03:09

    Independence WinsDay

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we cover the hottest headlines and topics that are rocking the sports and hip-hop world!

    - Diamond gives her review and thoughts on the 2014 BET Awards show.

    - Miss Blog God gives us the low-down on whats circulating in the urban news and gossip world with TheGabulousLife.com Update"

    - Host Mike Jay, B. Eazy, and DJ Ree breakdown where Melo, LeBron, and other free agents should go.

    - This week, we get you ready for some football with our NFC East breakdown.

    - Mr. B. Eazy has his hands ready for one hell of a hilarious Slap Yo Self segment; you have someone in mind thats done something dumb in the sports and hip-hop world this week? Call us up LIVE or tweet us @DaBlackTopRadio with who and why that person should be slapped.

    We give you information on our new LIVE broadcasting location, time, and date for us. Plus, we inform you on our NFL.com Fantasy Football League, other promotions, and more.

    "Like" our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/dbtradio

    Follow us on Instagram: @blacktopnation

  • 03:06

    DBT Speaks w/ Mogul John Dabla

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, Da Black Top Radio goes 1-on-1 with a very special guest and proud supporter of THEE WILDEST radio show on prime time - writer, enthusiast, actor, media personality John Dabla joins us at 9:15pm ET for an interview that spotlights his background, hustle, current movement, and his opinions. Follow on Twitter: @JohnDabla

    Eazy has the world famous Slap-Yo-Self segment where he honors three of the craziest and dumbest mistakes made this week in sports or hip-hop. You have someone or something to nominate as the dumbest thing you've heard or known about this week? Call us up TOLL-FREE and give us your #SlapNominee, or tweet #SlapNominee to @DaBlackTopRadio on Twitter and we got your shoutout LIVE on the air.

    Miss Blog God has the latest updates and rumors with her added opinions in the popular "thegabulouslife.com Update" - Follow her on Twitter/IG: @missbloggod

    Hosted by Mike Jay (Twitter: @MikeJayDBT; IG: @hostwhodothemost)

    Diamond: (Twitter: @frugalfrazier; IG: @diamondbfrazier)

    B. Eazy: (Twitter: @MR_B_EAZY; IG: @man_b_eazy)

    DJ Ree: (Twitter: @djr33; IG: itzdjree)

    Flo: (Twitter/IG: @deathgottabez)

  • 02:45

    Black Top LIVE: Director Walter Latham

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, THEE WILDEST sports radio show on the net kicks off our first installment of "Black Top LIVE" in downtown Richmond, Virginia at Carry100 Bar (100 E. Carry Street Richmond, VA).

    Our guest tonight is director of one of the best LIVE stand-up comedy films ever made - The Original Kings of Comedy. Walter Latham dials in to discuss his experiences working with the best comedians in the world today and he gives us insight on what he plans to make "Kings of Comedy 2015." Follow him on Twitter: @walterlatham.


  • 03:00

    Comedian Bobby J on Da Black Top

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, all-star comedian Bobby J  joins us to give us his thoughts on the new installment of BET's Comic View and we get his ideas on the comedy game today.

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is our very own co-host representing the DMV - Ms. Diamond B. Frazier.

    Follow us on Twitter: @DaBlackTopRadi

  • 01:31

    The TD Experience w/ Actor TeDarryl

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we welcome our special guest of the evening that is rising with local and regional notariety. He is an artist, a great stage presence, and admireable young actor - TeDarryl joins us to discuss his background, hustle, and fills us all in on his new film premiering this Saturday entitled "What, When, How!" Follow him on Twitter/Instagram: @TheTDExperience .

    With Melo and LeBron choosing to be free agents this summer in the NBA, our roundtable of Diamond, Mr. B. Eazy, Mike Jay, and you - the listener - weigh in on where they should go and what would be the best fit for them.

    Uproar about the Aaliyah movie? Latest on Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta? Miss Blog God has you covered with "The Gabulous Life Update" - giver her a follow on Twitter/Instagram: @missbloggod and check out the latest everyday on her blog site: www.thegabulouslife.com

  • 03:10

    WinsDay Nite Return

    in Entertainment

    After a week's time, we are back to providing the best source of primetime entertainment available through the airwaves. Host Mike Jay, B. Eazy, Diamond, DJ Ree bring you laughs, insights, and opinions on sports and hip-hop headlines, uncensored. This week, we are covering:

    - Tichina Arnold vs French Montana

    - The NBA Finals, thus far

    - Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Update and thoughts

    - Race in Sports

    Miss Blog God joins us to bring the latest rumors and trending news in sports and hip-hop with her "thegabulouslife.com Update," Follow her on Twitter & Instagram: @missbloggod.

    Follow our IG page for more updates, news, and greatness: @blacktopnation

  • 03:24

    Happy Birthday, Black Top!

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, We salute the wildest sports and hip-hop radio show with hilarious clips and special moments of our two-year existence. Of course, we have to do this in a unique way, so we launch our 2nd Spoken Word Freestyle Challenge amongst our Black Top family and we ask you to be the judge. During this segment, we welcome spoken word artist and creator of his latest EP "Heartbreaks & Hangovers" (available on soundcloud.com) representing Richmond, VA - Jamil Jasey (@JamilJasey on Twitter). Also, joining us tonight is host of 365 The Grind Radio Show - DJ DMV The Don (@DJDMVTHEDON on Twitter), media personality Jasmine Wells (@redradiovixen on Twitter/IG), & CEO of V.A.S.K./Drive Over Everything Entertainment - Mell Graves (@VASK_FOE on Twitter). During the Spoken Word Challenge, hosts Mike Jay, B. Eazy, Diamond, DJ Ree, Miss Blog God will give their freestyle, off-the-top-of-the-head short spoken word poem. They will be judged by our guests, but will also be judged by you - the listener. Whoever you think had the best poem, call us up toll-free or tweet us @DaBlackTopRadio and tell us who you think should win. There may be a special prize for a certain caller.

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is a Bowie State graduate, model, and humanitarian - Koco aka Courtney Halsey (@Koco_Kissed on IG). She tells us about her modeling movement, volunteer efforts, and accomplishments thus far in her hustle. Her photo will grace the cover of the slide show for this episode, so please follow and support her as she rises to become a household name.

    Special thank you to you - the listener. You have given us so many opportunities to be great and to entertain you with the best of our ability. Providing sports and hip-hop headlines with the best sounds in hip-hop music and artists, introducing buzz-worthy guests and stars, contests, laughs, and more, it couldn'tt be done without the most important part of our family - you.